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The 4 essential personality traits to be aware of when dating a Russian beauty

Are you familiar with the old saying; everything worth having is worth fighting for? Well this saying defiantly rings true when dealing with Russian women. While Russian women are strikingly gorgeous and make fantastic girlfriends and wives, they defiantly have an aggressive and combative side that must be tolerated. And if you think you can change this behavior, you are wasting your time. It is better to accept these spicy traits and choose to be happy in the relationship.

So, what are you exactly signing up for? Here are the top 4 traits to be prepared for when dating a Russian beauty .

Aggressive and argumentative

Russian women have no problem standing up for themselves. They are defiantly not the type of girlfriend who can be pushed around and treated like a maid. Even if they think for a second that someone is undermining them, or has dissed them in the slightest, they will go from zero to 10 in a matter of seconds and be sure to let you where you can shove it. This obviously comes off as aggressive, but most Russian’s have been brought up to question authority and usually mistrust just about everything and everyone.

Straight Forward and unapologetic

Most people think they want straight forward honesty from their partners, however when said honest is delivered it usually feels mean and unnecessary. Russian women live by the rule that straight forward honesty is required, so if this scares you brace yourself. Russian women don’t beat around any issue, problem, or disagreement. Instead they will come right out and speak their mind. While this way of communicating can be harsh, Russian women do not see it this way. To them this way of communicating is effective and efficient. And although it may sting, it does save time and energy to get the issue dealt with right away.

Loud and Proud

Russian females are known for their loud voices and gregarious personalities. If you are dating a Russian woman you will find her getting very excited, passionate, and overenthusiastic about all sorts of things, big and small. And if you or someone else pisses her off, don’t be surprised if she flips her lid and starts yelling. Whether it is at home or in public, most Russian women have no shame in their yelling game. Neighbors or people sitting close may think your Russian girl is completely crazy or give you both weird looks. Unfortunately it is best you get used to these looks. You will never be able to stiffen this behavior, so just accept that this is the way it is going be and move on.

Loyal to a fault

Russian women put their family first before anything else. Russian beauties will defend their families till the bitter end, regardless of the family’s behavior. If you try to get between this you can consider yourself done. So in order to keep conflicts to a minimum don’t talk badly about her relatives, no matter how crazy they may be. Even if her family situation looks like a complete mess, restrain from giving an opinion. Plus you should consider this trait a good thing. If you end up marrying this girl, you will be on the receiving end of that loyal treatment.

Russian and Ukrainian Women Dating on CharmDate

Everyone has a bag of both good and bad traits. Dating is determining what bad you are prepared to deal with in order to get the good. In my opinion the good far outweighs the bad when dating a saucy Russian lady.

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