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Trying to score a Russian girlfriend? Here is what you need to know

Approaching any female in search of potentially scoring a date or a future relationship, can be a highly nerve racking experience. And when the female is Russian the nervous factor seems to multiply. Russian women are sexy, feminine and full of glamour, but they can also be aggressive, upfront and downright intimidating.

If you are looking to score a Russian girl but scared to death to make the first move, relax here is what you need to know.

First Impressions

Russian women are strong and confident and this means when approaching them you too have to be strong and confident. First impressions mean everything so you need to be on you’re a game from the start. Make sure you stand up start, have your chest out and speak clearly. Any sign of weakness will be sniffed out and most likely result in you aborting your pick up mission faster than you can say go.

The dress code

There is no such thing as a frumpy Russian woman. Almost all Russian women, including the moms and even the grand moms, are dressed to impress. This means you too need to be well dressed in order to impress them. Think nice jeans, a button up top and dress shoes. No sweats, no scruffy running shoes and no stained t-shirts. And make sure you are freshly groomed.

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The date

Russia’s culture still leans towards a very traditional model in regards to gender roles. This means you need to not only ask her out, but also take care of all the details required for the date. This means you are in charge of choosing the restaurant, organizing transportation and taking care of any other accommodations that are required. Once you have arrived on the date, small gestures and basic manners will go a long way. Holding the door, pulling out her chair and taking care of the bill are all mandatory requirements when taking out a Russian lady.

Seal the deal

Russian women are upfront, so if you are interested in keeping her after the first date let her know that. If you want her to come home with you after the first date, tell her that. Being honest and straight forward is a much quicker way of getting what you want with a Russian girl then playing the standard North American head games. Russian girls do not have certain rules for the amount of days you should go before they call or you call. If they like you, they like you.

Dating is a nerve racking experience for most people. However with a little preparation and training you can be sure to succeed with charm. If you are confident, dressed to impress and in control you are already miles ahead of the pack and sure to find success.

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