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15 signs that Russian woman is in love with you

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It is a well-known fact that almost every young man asked yourself a question: “Is she feeling the same towards me?” Of course, there is nothing wrong as to ask your partner directly. What if you are not confident and there is a change to create an awkward situation?

The fact that a Russian woman fell in love with someone can be seen right away. She changes externally and internally. Her eyes shine, she looks beautiful, as if she was going on a date. In such situation Russian woman focuses only on her feelings, likes to listen to love songs, watch romantic films. She is interested in talking about lovers and romantic stories. Everything in life fades into the background. She is no longer so responsible and attentive at work, meets with friends less often, and changes her daily routine. Although everything may be bad around, but Russian woman is in high spirit.

Her cheeks turn red when you are together

When it comes to love, people can startlingly change, moving away from their familiar self. Some become romantic, soft and sentimental, never before having found such qualities in themselves, others open up, and previously being constrained by introverts, they begin to express openly all passionate feelings.

Red colour has always been associated with love, feelings between two partners. Naturally, Russian woman is very shy; however, she will try to confident and look amazing. She can appear weak, embarrassed, she can hide her eyes on the first day. As soon as she will understand that her feelings are mutual, she is transforming in a self-confident woman, which knows exactly what to do.

She likes and tends to become your best friend

Russian woman is convinced that friendship takes the first phase for the most honest, long-term and happy relationship. Remember, you can always have her support especially if you have mutual sympathy. Of course, she can dispute, even say stupid stuff, but will not leave you in bad times. Russian woman tends to be closer with you as possible!

She starts the conversation first

There is a myth in our world that the function of initiating a conversation is always up to the man, and it is not the woman’s “duties” to do this at all. Her business is playfully blinking and languidly waiting. In fact, if a Russian woman never takes the initiative to talk with you, to find out what is happening in your life and how you are doing, it simply means that she is not interested, and it is not a matter of gender roles.

Another thing is if she likes to talk with you and strives for this in every way. She can even send you some nonsense and say: “Oh, I was mistaken.” Just because she is trying to start a conversation with you.

She has intention to spend time with you

In any relationship, spending time together is necessary! If you do not spend time with each other, you really do not know anything about your partner. Russian woman does not hesitate to take your time, loves to invite on dates, and loves to watch movies together. In general, the first who comes to her mind with plans for any activity is you!

She shares your time, value and hobbies

Her gaze is directed at you

Do you catch her eyes on yourself while being with a big company of friends? Check how often it happens. If it happens more than three times – be sure she is definitely interested in you and really want to talk.

Maybe she is just too shy to start conversation first. Russian woman thinks that man needs to do the first step, even if they are both interested in each other. In most of the cases, she is just afraid of refuse.

She pays attention to all the important events in your life

Russian woman keep in mind the most important days for you: your birthday, your first day at new job. All special days she tries to make as holidays. Moreover, she prepares gift and does not wait anything in return. No excuses, just you to be happy!

When having a date with a Russian woman pay attention on her poses. Unconsciously she tries to copy the behaviour of the person she is in love with. In café she can sit in the same position, put your hands on the table as you do – do not worry, these are signs of mutual sympathy.

She wants to know everything about you

She likes to listen to you. Russian woman in love will ask a million questions about you, your family, friends, job, and all spheres of your life. She tries to understand you and see if you can really be a great team together or have a lot of things in common.

She loves hanging out with you

Wherever Russian woman goes, she asks you to go with her. She wants to explore the world, experience and see the new only with you. She wants to hold your hand and embark on an adventure where you alone are alone: whether it is a nearby street, a cafe or another part of the world.

She is jealous

There is nothing good in jealousy, and in general, it is a rather destructive and self-destructive thing. However, he who does not feel feelings is not jealous. So if your chosen one decided to be jealous, know for sure: most likely, Russian woman is in love!

She can be jealous because of the love feelings

She remembers everything you say (at least a lot)

Be careful what you say: Russian woman remember everything. If she is not interested in you, then she will not pay special attention to your words, but if she is in love, she will remember every detail that you told her.

Russian woman is always nervous at the meeting with her object of love. Be very attentive at this moment, there are a lot signs that will prove her sympathy and feelings for you. When a woman is in love her cheeks turns red, her breathing is frequent; she does not know how to calm down and where to put hands. All these signs are visible from the moment when she enters the restaurant.

Private space

Have you noticed if a Russian woman reacts calmly about your actions into her space, when you do not try to change her personal borders; this will also be a sign of strong feeling towards you.

What is privacy intrusion? It happens when you tries, without her permission, to touch her head or face, if you nibble a piece of her favourite food, or you take her phone from her bag, when a message came to provide it to her. Is she angry about your actions? If the answer is no, that means she is truly in love with you and ready to share this feeling.

Russian woman is a big coquette

She asks about your plans for future

If Russian woman is in love with you, she wants to know how you see your future. If she finds herself devastated by the thought that you are leaving or getting a dream job in different part of the country, because she will not see you often, perhaps this is more than just a sympathy.

Asking your partner about plans for future definitely shows a different level of relations, not just sympathy.

If you catch Russian woman saying “we” in the same sentence along with plans for future, that’s a true sign of love.

She is your biggest fan

Whether you play video games with your friends or cook food, it cheers you up, cheers for you and is as involved as possible. A partner who loves you will try to make everything possible and impossible for support you in realizing your dream, even the most seemingly senseless one.

She flirts with you

Perhaps, the easiest ways to determine whether a Russian woman likes you the way you like her is to take note to the flirtation on her part (and to understand if there is one at all). Is she flirting with you? Does she seem shy or embarrassed? If so, then she is definitely in love!

Russian woman is likes to flirt. Flirting with you, she shows her feelings, sympathy and interest in you. An exact sign of flirt is compliments. She can tell you that the T-shirt fits you very well; you have beautiful eyes and smile. The compliments can be direct or not, like: “This is the best outfit I have seen in a while”.

Sometimes when Russian woman can joke with you a lot, or even teasing you. Please, do not get offended. She is not trying to upset you; this is another way of saying of her interest. She can be nervous, give her some credit!

Sign language

A Russian woman in love will be searching for physical touches, not even understanding it, unconsciously. When she is in love with you, she will try to sit closer in the restaurant, in park, in cinema. Will you ask why? It is simpler than you think, she just wants to touch your hand and hold it.

Just watch her gestures. If Russian woman tries to straighten your outfit, hair, put her hand on your shoulder or remove invisible dusk – take it as a recognition of her mutual feelings.

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