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5 ways to land a hot & sexy Russian woman

If you are a non-Russian looking to date a Russian, having some basic instructions will prove to be very helpful. Of course the general rules of dating are required and Russian women are not that different from any other women, they do have they own little oddities. Brushing up on these things before entering into a relationship is defiantly in your best benefit.

Fashion is important

Russian women like to dress nicely and for this reason they expect their men to dress nicely. Plus Russian men usually dress quite well and this is what Russian women grow up seeing, so to them men should dress nicely. You should aim to look well groomed, have clean dress shoes, fashionable jeans or dress pants and a button up shirt.

Be assertive

Russian men are known to be confident and assertive and even if this seems intimidating, women seek this out in men. And Russian women don’t only seek it out, they expect it. So if you are trying to impress a Russian lady you will need to be assertive. While you do not want to be too overbearing you do want to show her you have a strong sense of confidence. You will also want to avoid acting indecisive or letting her make all the decisions. This shows weakness and Russian women do not like that. Create a balance between being a gentleman and being in control.

Be a nobleman

Russia is a culture that is well versed in old fashioned gender roles and most modern Russian women are still looking for this in a partner. If you are looking to impress a Russian women being a true gentleman and showing chivalry is required. You should make sure you take care of her needs by picking up the tab when you go out, opening doors, driving her home and always making sure she is being cared for.

Be sweet

Unfortunately for Russian women, Russian men are not known for being sweethearts. For this reason Russian women find it extremely refreshing when a man is sweet. Be considerate, compassionate, and make sure she is comfortable. These traits will go a long way in impressing a Russian girl.

Flowers are a must!

Russian men are known to give beautiful flower arrangements to their Russian girlfriends and wives. And if you want to score a Russian woman you should keep up this tradition. Plus what woman does not love a bouquet of flowers. Buying flowers should be done to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, or just because.

Top 5 Russian Women Stereotypes

Getting it right when you are courting and dating any women can be tricky. Russian women do not shy from conflict, so getting it right with them becomes even more important. Therefore getting a briefing on the basic before you dive in is always a good idea.

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