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6 ways to determine if your Russian girl is only after your money

Over the last few years I have been exclusively dating Russian women. I have had some great experiences and some not so great experiences. Many Russian women are gorgeous on inside and out and truly date foreign men for love. Unfortunately others seem to only want to date foreign men for the freedom and wealth the man’s country has to offer.

If you are dating a Russian woman and unsure of her intentions, here are 6 ways to help figure out where her true feelings lie.

Never pays her way

Let’s start with the obvious. Do you pay her rent? Clothing allowance? Does she ever pay when you go out for dinner or drinks? Does she ever offer to pay for anything in life, even if it is just a coffee? If you answered no to all or any of these questions, bad sign. This is essentially her way of telling you that she feels she should be compensated just for showing up in life. And guess what, you are on the giving end of that compensation cheque.

Supporting her friends

Girls travel in packs and sometimes one guy ends up paying the bill for the entire girl pack. And sure, this is ok once in a while. It is not ok when it is expected for you to always foot the bill for your girl and all her friends. If this is the case in your current relationship with your Russian beauty it is more than likely that she is more interested in the lifestyle you provide, than you as a person.

Dating down

Ok so this may sound harsh, but is your Russian girlfriend way hotter than you? Are even your parents shocked that such a beauty would be dating you? If this is the case, chances are her dating tactic may have little to do with falling in love and more to do with finding a funded lifestyle she enjoys.

More and More and More

I have dated Russian girls who consider a flight to Vegas for dinner and drink a standard date. The suggestion of a night in with popcorn and a movie quickly turns into a heated debate. In these situations you have to be careful of the adventures and experiences you provide because the woman’s expectations only go up and up. Meaning for every date you have to shell out more and more cash. If your woman continually wants more and more from you and demands the best of the best at all times, this is a good sign she is only there for the money.

No conversation

Nothing is more awkward then sitting at dinner with a romantic partner and having nothing to say. The term awkward silence was created for moments like these. If you and your Russian girl have very little in common and are generally left with nothing to say minutes into a date, she is probably more interested in your wallet than your charming personality and looks.

No job, no goals

I have dated plenty of girls who have not worked. And this is not because they can’t find work; it is because they want someone else to foot their expensive lifestyle while they sit around doing nothing. If your Russian lady has no career aspirations and even worse never speaks of getting a job, you can be sure you will be paying her way for a long time.

Russian woman make great girlfriends and wives, but like any nationality or race there are the women with good intentions and the women with bad. As long as you can differentiate between the two, you can create lasting relationships that will bring both pleasure and enjoyment.

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