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7 Reasons you should date a Russian woman

I have always been fascinated and turned on by Russian women. How could you not, they are smart, attractive and aggressive. All the things I love in a woman. While I have dated many other nationalities and races none have impressed me like the Russians.

I have compiled my list of the best qualities Russian woman have to offer and why you too should jump on the Russian train.


Russian women are extremely passionate lovers for a few reasons. First you can tell they truly enjoy sex and it is not a chore. They are completely present and in the moment while taking part in sexual activities and that makes for even more enjoyable experience. Lastly they are eager to please their man and how could you not love that.


At times women that are upfront and straight forward can come across as harsh or bitchy but it really is a good thing. It keeps you honest and you always know where you stand with your girl. No wasted days trying to figure out why your girl is giving you the cold shoulder. Instead issues are worked out right away so you can get back to the passionate sex quickly.

Dressed to kill

Have you ever met a scruffy, overweight Russian girl? Most likely the answer is no, because undesirable Russian woman are far and few between. Most Russian woman and extremely focused on their appearances and see great value is always looking their best.


Russians are extremely loyal to their families. The saying blood is thicker than water was pretty much created with Russians in mind. This means through thick and thin your Russian girl will defend and support you till the bitter end.

7 Tips How to Impress a Russian Woman


Russian is still very traditional when it comes to gender roles. Russian women really know how to take care of their men. This means cooking, cleaning and making sure any other needs the man might have are taking care of.

Hard workers

Russian woman are extremely hard working despite the common misconception that they are all gold diggers. Of course some Russian woman are only after material things, most are really hardworking women who are willing to take on multiply jobs to support their families.


Date Russian women grow up in a culture that does not trust or respect the police or authority. This means Russian women have an us against the world mentality and this can be a great quality when things go down. Russian women are willing to fight for what they feel they are owed and get through it on their own. Now this is the type girl you on your side when shit hits the fan.

In my humble opinion Russian women are the best women to date. And after reading my 7 favorite qualities I am sure that you are in agreeance. But hey, don’t take my word for it try for yourself. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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  1. Christina

    Will be so stimulating to discover a young lady to fit effort in a partnership. United states ladies want the attention, the cash, but don’t make the energy. Oh yeah, and don’t make an effort evident. When they can tell you’re attempting then you appearance clingy and so they don’t want that either hence they will discover someone who doesn’t need them and strive to get them to put energy in and recurring the cycle.

  2. Clarence

    You did not remember to say additionally, you will be my accountant/banker whilst keeping me on a tough allowance so that you have more rubles for your personal wardrobe & expensive jewelry.

  3. Effie

    Have a great time for your needs, many thanks for the recommendation. I necessary advice for that on the web Russian internet dating sites

  4. Curtis

    Wait, you possess only done one particular video and its particular been more than a season. Managed you find yourself getting married?

  5. Eliza

    Russian moms-to-be typically hang on for several weeks before they become pregnant for them to be equipped for the simple fact they will give arrival soon. A Traditional western lady may think she is going to put out an infant per week, but a European mother recognizes that isn’t going to take place. When you have a European woman that will allow you to maintain her baby, then this is great.

  6. Sanchez

    If you achieve to find out her sufficiently, you will see a grin that will deliver tears to the eyeballs and she will reveal all of her sensations and her desire to offer you soul mates. There may be nothing at all more essential into a woman than that and she will never fail to show it. Russian girls really like guys who make sure they are feel good.

    • Jack

      You are going to never end up pondering their learning ability. A woman through the former Soviet Union is just as intelligent just like any other female. If you happen to have a problem with their being brainy, then it’s most likely the guy, not the lady.

  7. Stephens

    Really gorgeous ladies you happen to be… You must make another about the one that is just not European will come across when dating a Russian…

  8. Nannie

    as well as the funniest component is the fact that with all this exaggeration and sarcasm the men inside the review area will still be into get married to a Russian woman)) exactly what are your ladies doing to you personally folks)

  9. Adelaide

    This can be a tough move to make when you find yourself very first reaching a Russian girl, but should you get to learn her over a few simple talk, you may be surprised by how straightforward it really is. She could respond to questions about herself and her life in an instant. You will know a lot about her in those couple of minutes.

  10. Irene

    When you take some time off to tend to your family members, you will not have all the money to utilize by yourself, particularly if you are working outside the property and getting to raise your parents’ money. A Russian mother is aware of what she has and therefore can make her rather less stingy together cash. Traditional western ladies tend to benefit from that and won’t supply you with the exact same.

  11. Charlie

    In order to discover soul mates, you will have to get to know her before getting actual together with her. In the beginning, you will have a lot of asking yourself and asking questions and you will question if she is the next woman about the streets or not. You can get the love of your life on the internet having a European lady.

  12. Henry

    The women will almost always be comfortable about themselves. They can be never concerned by criticism or need to show something to anybody. This can be a great self-confidence increaser if you believe a little self-conscious.

  13. Andrews

    A lot of females ask me why they need to date a Russian lady rather than a American lady. The reply is because they girls are beautiful and provides you with soul mates.

  14. Lucinda

    I’m European as well as in Russia females covers almost everything , however, if they are available to Europe or US they count on it from guys

  15. Summers

    Hence they over supply men and then they coach them to remain shape, … good prepare i am going to follow this one xD

  16. Kelley

    and the funniest component is that with this exaggeration and sarcasm the guys within the review segment continue to be directly into get married a Russian young lady)) what exactly are your women undertaking for your needs men)

  17. Atkins

    It may possibly noise weird to express that a number of beautiful ladies would be rich, but it’s true. In case you are visiting a European female, you are visiting a great mommy. Those are the sort of women who appreciate their children and take care of them and do their very best to ensure they already have almost everything that they need.

  18. Lawson

    I’m in total Really like with females who definitely are that way…they don’t take place in America anymore henceforth why I stay solitary on goal

  19. Wilkerson

    internet marketing searching for the black colored lady nevertheless she enjoys Russia the European males are polite and they also give a hands for every little thing she explained she actually noticed particular but she also got her white colored close friend they had the ideal practical experience ever

  20. Phillips

    Ok thanks, it absolutely was helpful. I’m online dating a Russian woman this weekend break let’s see how it works 🙂

  21. Anthony

    Nevertheless I really like European woman’s greater than almost every other , I delivered I Soviet Union ,my family is not Russians but we get older much the same way ..I know every little thing on them yet still prefer them ,

  22. Raymond

    A Russian girl is happy with their girl. If you are online dating a Russian lady, you will observe her daughters continuously. If you want a mom who values her daughters, then this is actually the type of lady for yourself.

  23. Eric

    These women reside by strong ideals and that should assist you to stick to the exact same. They are living by a pair of beliefs and may value you a lot more should you the same. Should you do that, you can expect to sense a lot more protected about yourself.

  24. Duane

    When you are going to a European girl, they will probably offer you real love. They may have more hours to pay making use of their kids, do things they like doing and they are generally more grateful. In addition they don’t require just as much cash as Western females, to allow them to look after their people in more ways.

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