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7 Reasons you should date a Russian woman

I have always been fascinated and turned on by Russian women. How could you not, they are smart, attractive and aggressive. All the things I love in a woman. While I have dated many other nationalities and races none have impressed me like the Russians.

I have compiled my list of the best qualities Russian woman have to offer and why you too should jump on the Russian train.


Russian women are extremely passionate lovers for a few reasons. First you can tell they truly enjoy sex and it is not a chore. They are completely present and in the moment while taking part in sexual activities and that makes for even more enjoyable experience. Lastly they are eager to please their man and how could you not love that.


At times women that are upfront and straight forward can come across as harsh or bitchy but it really is a good thing. It keeps you honest and you always know where you stand with your girl. No wasted days trying to figure out why your girl is giving you the cold shoulder. Instead issues are worked out right away so you can get back to the passionate sex quickly.

Dressed to kill

Have you ever met a scruffy, overweight Russian girl? Most likely the answer is no, because undesirable Russian woman are far and few between. Most Russian woman and extremely focused on their appearances and see great value is always looking their best.


Russians are extremely loyal to their families. The saying blood is thicker than water was pretty much created with Russians in mind. This means through thick and thin your Russian girl will defend and support you till the bitter end.

7 Tips How to Impress a Russian Woman


Russian is still very traditional when it comes to gender roles. Russian women really know how to take care of their men. This means cooking, cleaning and making sure any other needs the man might have are taking care of.

Hard workers

Russian woman are extremely hard working despite the common misconception that they are all gold diggers. Of course some Russian woman are only after material things, most are really hardworking women who are willing to take on multiply jobs to support their families.


Date Russian women grow up in a culture that does not trust or respect the police or authority. This means Russian women have an us against the world mentality and this can be a great quality when things go down. Russian women are willing to fight for what they feel they are owed and get through it on their own. Now this is the type girl you on your side when shit hits the fan.

In my humble opinion Russian women are the best women to date. And after reading my 7 favorite qualities I am sure that you are in agreeance. But hey, don’t take my word for it try for yourself. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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