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Are Russian girls too good to be true?

Hot, sexy, confident, well dressed and willing to date me? This has to be too good to be true. I recently met a super-hot Russian girl and when I asked for her number she said yes. Even better the number was not a fake. If this was 5 years ago, I would have been shocked but I have been dating Russian women for a few years now and usually have a pretty good batting average.

I still remember my first experience with a Russian woman. It was my freshman year of college and she was hottest girl I had ever seen. We dated for a few months and partied ways at the end of the semester. From then on I was hooked on the Russian ladies. When other guys ask me about my dating experience with Russian women they always ask the same thing; what is the catch, the Russian girls seem to be too good to be true. This question is not unwarranted as Russian women have some many amazing qualities and not very many negative qualities. The four qualities that really make them stand out are their looks, their fun nature, their devotion to family and their intense passion.


There is just something about Russian women that is inherently sexy. Whether they are outwardly trying or not, they can’t help but release that sexual energy. This in combination with a cultural that puts immense value on women looking attractive and feminine, a bombshell is inevitable.


Russia women are extremely loud, easily excited and over passionate about everything. This energy is fun to be around, while it can be over whelming it at times, you will always now where you stand good or bad. Plus the best part is most Russian women bring this passion to the bedroom.


Russian women grow up in a culture that does not trust or respect police or authority, so family is where most Russians seek security and protection. For this reason Russians are very loyal people and see sticking up for their family as the ultimate sign of respect. This means if you score a Russian girlfriend she will defend and support you till the bitter end.


Russian women are known for being great fun at parties and usually are the last people to leave the dance floor. I can back this up; every Russian girl I have dated has loved drinking and having fun till the wee hours of the night. And the best part is, they can handle their booze like no one else. You will not be holding her hair at the end of the night while she pukes her guts out.

I can understand why Russian women appear to be too good to be true. Hot, loyal, great fun and passionate in bed, it really is hard to believe there is no catch. But with plenty experience and I can confirm there is no catch, trust me they really are that good.

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