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How to create a winning profile when trying to land a Russian girlfriend

The invention of the internet has made dating easier than ever and finding the perfect match starts with the perfect profile. Unfortunately for most people this seems to be the place they spend the least amount of time. Too eager to start connecting with other signals, the profile gets less attention than it truly deserves.

In order to find success with online dating a profile must be strategically crafted. Here are the four basics to creating a great profile.

The picture

Have you ever heard the saying “a picture says a thousand words?” So, why do have a lame photo of you and your dog up for all the Russian women to see? Or a selfie capturing you from all your worst angles? Listen the profile picture is truly your power move and this means you have to make a first impression that is irresistible. Here is what you need to do. First, have someone else take the picture. Second, include your entire body in the photo. People want to know what they are working with, besides no point in hiding an offline meeting is inevitable if you are trying to find a long term partner. Lastly, make sure you are dressed nicely. Oh and no one else should be the picture, not even a cute furry animal.

Spill it

Most men don’t want to hear about a woman’s past marriages or relationships. Women on the other hand want to hear all about. It is in your best interest to mention if you are divorced or have kids in your profile. Of course do not go into detail about every crazy ex-girlfriend but make sure the basics of your situation are out there. Also, keep your profile light and fun. Russian women find confidence and assertive behavior highly attractive. Avoid verbiage such as “I am very lonely” or “seeking to find happiness again.” Instead say something like, “excitingly, interested in finding a new relationship.”

Be cool

When it comes to online dating women want to take it slow. Do not message her right away and ask for an offline date. Meeting strange guys can be intimidating for women and they need some warming up before they are ready to go offline. Russian women do like assertiveness but you do not want to come off too strong. Work on getting to know her and letting her get to know you. After multiple chat sessions you can then ask her if she is willing to meet up in person.

No slang

Written text can be much harder to understand than the spoken word. And when your potential love interest is from a different country understanding each other can be even more challenging. In order to reduce miscommunications you should make sure all write text is done coherently and has no misspellings or left out words. Also avoid using abbreviations or slang words, not everything will translate to your Russian lady and in order to reduce confusion stick with plain english.

Online dating is an easy and fun to meet single Russian women who are looking to connect. By spending a little extra time to make sure your profile is clean, crisp and irresistible, the experience can be even more fun and fruitful.

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