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Looking for a wife with old fashion values? Marry a Russian

Trying to find one person you want to spend the rest of your life is a tall order. If this search includes finding a woman with traditional values can be even more difficult. The domestic, nurturing type of women seems to vanishing by the minute. Well no need to worry I have found the perfect women for you, a Russian girl.

Russian women are not only sexy, outgoing and passionate they also play the nurturing and traditional role in a marriage very well. So if this sounds like the wifey you want, here is the step by step guide to finding and securing a Russian wife.

The girl you want to aviod

Generally there are two types of women, gold diggers and hustlers. The Russian gold diggers have no interest in finding love or creating a healthy relationship. They want the money, power and freedom rich guys have to offer. These girls are easy to find, they are usually dressed like sluts and grinding over everyone and anyone they can find on the dance floor. And once they start talking it becomes even easier to spot their gold digging ways. They will often ask things like do you have a lot money, what do you for a job and what kind of car do you buy. Yes they are that blunt.

The girl you want

The other type of Russian women is the hustler. The hustler works three jobs, goes to school and has a ton of goals and objectives she is trying to accomplish in a short period of time. This is the Russian women you are trying to marry. She is hard working, invested in creating a secure financial future for herself and doesn’t need you to make it possible.

Get the girl

Once you have a hustler that you would really like to get into a relationship with go straight for the jugular and ask her out. Be confident and upfront. Russian women do not see anything sexy about a man who can’t ask for what he wants. If she says yes to going out, plan a date that has some aspect of glamour and excitement. You do not have to break the bank but Russian women like to dress up and socialize with good food and drink. Avoid taking her out for a $2 coffee date or a free walk in the park.

Live happily ever after

After you have been successful in getting her to start dating you continue to be yourself but more important let her be herself. Russian women are passionate and easily excited and very opinionated. These means private arguments may be shared in public places. Or a mistake by a restaurant server may turn into a heated fight where your Russian girl storms out. These are things you will have to cope with when dating a Russian, because trying to settle down a Russian lady is pretty much impossible.

Marriage is for life, well sort of, regardless you need to find a woman that will take care of you for the long run. Russian women really have everything needed for a lifelong partner and for this reason they are the perfect girl to wifey down with.

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