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Russian girls versus American girls

I have had a lot of experience dating both Russian and American girls and these experiences have given me a lot of insight into the difference between the two.

While my current love interest is Russian, the Americans do have a lot to offer. Here is my break down Russians versus Americans ; the romance edition.

Russian girlfriends versus American girlfriends

American women are completely turned off by traditional gender roles and this leaves American men slightly confused when courting a modern American women. Should the man pay or should he not. Should the man plan the entire date or should he let her make all the decisions. Basics manners can be considered sexist to American women and here in lies the confusion. The rules are blurred and American men are pretty much playing Russian roulette with every courtship move.

Thankfully Russian women are traditional and enjoy the ease of clearly defined gender roles. Men should be protective, strong and in control. If a man is taking a Russian girl out on a date, he will be expected to court and romance her. He should make all date arrangements, pay for the entire date and take her home at the end. He should also follow all the basic manners, pulling out her chair, opening the door and telling her how beautiful she looks.

Russian wife versus American wife

Most American women strive to be completely independent and want to make sure everyone knows they are independent. American women love making bold statement such as; I do not need a man to make me happy. And for the most part this is true. American women really want a partnership, equal division of home responsibilities and equal pressure to contribute financially.

Russian women are not as independent as the Americans. Russian women lean on their men much more and usually ask for their opinion and blessings before they act on anything. Russian women also put their husband’s careers and goals before their own and do not have the need to contribution equally to the family finances. Russian women also tend to pick up more of the slack in the home life.

Going the distance

America highly respects women who have high powered jobs and accomplished careers. The American culture also puts pressure on women to have a successful personal life, which means a strong relationship with her partner. Due to the cultural pressure to be successful in every area of their lives, American women generally spend more time thinking about what others think and less time tending to their husbands needs.

Conversely Russian women love to tend to their man. Russian women usually create traditional families where the wife does much of the domestic work and ensures her husband is well taken care of. The husband is responsible for providing for the family and not required to do much house work.

In conclusion the choice between the Russian and the American is completely subjective. If you want a mega power house that shows you little attention, go with the American. If you want a housewife that requires you to support her, choose the Russian.

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