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How to meet Russian girls online?

Good day everyone! I would like to share the store how to meet Russian girls online. At the end of April I was on a business trip. In the evening, dying from boredom, I decided to sign up to a dating site. As for my future wife, Adriana, she saw the advertise of adventitiously. There was a page of the site and she was offered to sing up. Actually she thought that that was stupid idea, but lately she tried her luck and was not mistaken. She arranged her page and put a very pretty picture! In such a way I saw her profile. I started correspondence with that beautiful girl and offered her to celebrate the 9th of May together. But she answered only 10 of May. I sent her my phone number and asked to call, while talking we felt as if we had been good friends for a long time. We decided to meet on 13 May. On the first date I gave her a huge bouquet of red roses, which was forgotten when leaving the restaurant. We had to go back, and once again stayed there until closing. Then the working week began, and we called each other every day. Over the weekend, we met again, walked in the parks.

Beautiful woman having a glass of water before breakfast

On summer, I decided to propose her. It was really crazy summer, we moved to the new apartment, than we were preparing for the wedding. The wedding was decided to celebrate on October 14. We wish all who are looking for their soul mate, do not lose hope and believe that it will come soon. Love and be loved!

Although it is said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, we found a common language and could cope with all the problems. But if we are so different from each other, then why so passionately we desire to be close? The answer is simple: each of us tends to get something that he does not have! That is, one can understand what a man wants, if you know what qualities he possesses.

• According to psychologists, the most important trait of a man is his desire to be first in everything, to dominate, to be a leader. It does not matter how much a man is successful in his career, what role he plays in society. In order to be a leader it is enough to have at least one slave. The woman, who can play along with the man listening to his opinion and agreeing, causes the desire to be close to her. We can confidently say that the main thing that men want – is to be respected.

• Men’s reasoning about the strangeness of female logic also makes sense, because all men have logical thinking. For example, imagine the following situation: a young couple chooses the table for the living room. A man looks versions with wide counter tops, in order to put a lot of guests. And his wife is delighted with the elegant coffee tables, so well suited to the style of their living room. If they buy the table separately, the man would be able to invite a lot of guests, but hardly think about how new table will look next to the existing furniture. A woman would sacrifice functionality for the sake of elegance. As a result, both choices would have been far from perfect. But when they are together they can find a happy medium.

3 Reasons Why Russian Women Want To Leave Russia

• Interests of men, as a rule, are technical, so sometimes lady needs to accept the fact that man will admire the new car more often than her new dress. He’s like a child, he does not stop admiring the new, standing at the window of the store. But this does not mean that his love for the car is stronger than for his woman. Simply men sincerely believe that there is no sense in saying the obvious things. They show their love by deeds, not by words.

If a man and a woman understand all these life rules, they will be really happy together!

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