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New ways to date a Russian girl

What do people imagine in their heads when they say: “Russian girl”? A stunning lady with Slavic beauty that is, in my opinion, rarely and incredibly attractive. Personally, I was the one who had a neutral attitude and didn’t even think it was actually possible to date a Russian girl. People say they are very clever and open-minded to new abilities and opportunities life provides them.

I was interested in having a casual friendship with such ladies but then I found out they were actually good, or literally perfect, as wives. So why not to use the situation, discover new culture and country in order to build an international family? So I went online in order to discover as many ways of online communicating with single Russian ladies as it even possible and managed to read lots of reviews of This dating service gives people the chance to meet their half online despite the fact there may be a big distance or even language problems.

How did they manage to solve all these things that can potentially make the process of online dating complicated for foreign men or the ones who got used to having relationships in real life?

• Translation service. It is not a secret that most of the Russian women don’t have enough knowledge in order to have a proper interesting conversation when it comes to more serious and deeper topics. It is no longer a problem with the assistance of a professional translator. How does it work? Before you get the letter from the single match you are dating with it is been translated into your mother tongue. The same with translating women’s correspondence.

• Full profile – from professionally taken photos to short descriptions. Due to having all necessary details on the profiles of single Russian girls men can find the one they think could match them perfectly. At the same time, I was a little bit lazy to go through all the accounts so I used search engines to help me to reduce the women I wasn’t interested in. However, if you take a short look at the profile of a lady you will see plenty of professionally taken photos and lots of descriptions that are actually the key to search engines.

• Appearance. What I liked about was its simple but, at the same time, beautiful appearance and design. Minimalistic white style with minimum unnecessary details – this is what online dating websites should look like in order to avoid being an eyesore for visitors.

• Online support for both members of the systems and just visitors. Due to 24/7 live support, that I found very useful, I managed to solve some issues I had at the very beginning of my online journey. The team of professionals knows how to find out what the problem is and how to reduce it from A to Z.

• Major breakthrough – how I managed to stay in touch with my Russian lady. Another innovation on the Internet when it comes to dating on the distance – video and casual live chats. Due to having both these features, I found it easy to communicate with my lady when she was online. Furthermore, I was even able to see her.

• Sending special gifts for different occasions. Whilst I was having chats with a girl from Russia I found out that her birthday was going to be soon. I decided to make a surprise and somehow make her happy on that special day. I used the feature that is known as sending gifts which can be seen in the single women’s profiles on

All in all, it would have been a long and boring story about how I met my wife if I hadn’t chosen this online dating service at the right time. My advice is, do not to be afraid of trying something new in your life, even if you have never tried it before. I think people haven’t got used to online dating services but seeing the amazing results of such services will definitely increase the fans of a new era of dating.

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