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Advantages of dating Russian ladies online

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Not many people are able to travel across vast portions of land just to quench their feelings. Conveniently, for that our World has invented the Internet. So, there’s no point in travelling to Russia just for dating Russian women nowadays, you can use the numerous dating sites, social network et cetera for that.

Unless you wish immediate physical contact with unfamiliar people (which, to be honest, many would want), you can do almost everything with your girlfriend online. Plus, it’s a good practice, if nothing works out in the end.

But let’s jump into the topic to figure out, whether it’s even worth it. Maybe it’s better to just spend a week or a month to travel to whatever place you want (Russia in this case). And then get some classic love there. We’ll proceed step-by-step.

Places to get acquainted


It’s a complicated issue for both net-dating and physical relationship. Even though there’ll be a lot of ladies wherever you land, it’s not like you can magically start a dialogue with one girl you deem the most perfect, it would be extraordinary luck. To find such a soul mate, you need a place of interest.

And that’s where it gets hard — there are not a lot of places that can reflect the immediate people’s interests. There are cinema theaters, night clubs, sports stadiums, gyms, some other. If you know of some place you and your future second half may spontaneously meet and start an interesting conversation — you may drop by. But it’s not like there’s a lot of places in the first place for this sole purpose.


There is a lot of things real world does better, but the variety of places you may purposely find yourself friends (and girlfriends, for that matter) in is not really big on our planet. At least, compared to the number of online platforms where your socials skills prove critical.

Here are just a few places you can combine to get results:

  1. Forums and social networks. These websites are bound to be divided by interest to get you contacted with like-minded friends. And they are also good for dating Russian ladies, as sites like these are there for people to talk to other people, and that’s it. Get acquainted with a woman you share a lot of common with and then you can get even further. Just don’t search on purpose, do it casually.
  2. Video chats. Spending time talking to people from across the globe face to face is a great time-spender. Even more so, some chats allow users to specifically contact people from certain countries, like Russia. If you make a good impression and loosen up, you should ask, how to contact her later. That’s pretty much how many relationships get built offline, but here it’s easier and being in Net makes people relaxed. Overall, good way to get along.
  3. Videogames. Playing videogames (especially online) is one of those interests that draw together many people from across the planet and make them the closest of friends. Plus, videogames are a great way to have fun together. Unsurprisingly, people find themselves dates and even wives while playing online. The statistics are on your side as well, as Russian is the third most spoken language in videogames. And, considering that Chinese stick mainly to their own servers, it’s the most notable, apart from English.

A piece of advice: you should combine several means of online communication to achieve bigger success, as sitting on just one website together is lame. Have fun.

Picture of a gamer girl

In result

In conclusion to this piece, dating Russian women online is pretty convenient. You’ll probably only establish contact with those, who speak English. And that limits them to the group you’ll have the most fun spending time with.

Having fun in relationship


Taking into account that you still only communicate with your new girlfriend through distance, you may or may not deprive you both of much of the activities you both could have. That means: depending on the person’s socialization, you can have a lot of fun online or not so much. 

If you both spend a lot of time on the computer, there’s much you can do (being the experienced users) together. If she isn’t online that often, you may face problems with your relationship, obviously. That’s why you shouldn’t sink into this environment so deep if you weren’t so deep before. 

You shouldn’t pretend it’s OK with you to be online very long and browse a bunch of sites, because it shows and is not healthy. But it’s really helpful if you have an upper hand in being online. Show her new things that can entertain her online regularly, it’ll strengthen the bond.

But, say you’re just a regular web-user, whose limit is 10 sites you visit on a regular basis. You can still have fun with your girlfriend online, the problem is — the Internet doesn’t offer a lot of different content for inexperienced users. You may need to strain your fantasy (or not, it’s a person-based issue).


Good ole’ physical world as tons of entertainment and leisure, especially in our civilized age. Whereas the online world sometimes may have a poorer job providing with different entertainment (it is controversial, but if you look closer — you’ll understand that you only visited a few websites in the whole Net). 

Of course, it’s not the case, if you spend a lot of time online, you’ll always something to do in this case. Again, experienced users have possibilities only limited by their fantasy. Whereas regulars will need to strain this very fantasy a bit.

The thing is, you can walk with your girlfriend offline. And the words you say in this moment weight more than those you speak online. Why? Because in the Net you loosen up and put less effort into talking. It’s even more meaningful because you are there with her. Talking with the girlfriend (especially while dating Russian ladies — they are gentle souls) is the ultimate leisure there is. 

Sure, watching movies and drinking coffee together can’t be thrown away, but nothing’s like a good talk. That’s why it’s best to regularly walk, talk and have physical contact with her and have fun online. The best from both worlds. 

Is it any serious

The effectiveness of online relationships bugs a lot of people who face the prospect of this. It’s a weird sensation: you said you date each other, but it seems like a joke. Well, most of the time — it’s not. If a girl, especially a Russian, says she dates you — she does. 

If you only desire physical contact or something more serious than just having fun on distance — it won’t work with you. But that’s a wonderful thing — dating Russian ladies isn’t always only about physical contact. Russian teens, for example, rarely kiss or whatever. It’s more often about spending time together. 

And spending it with the like-minded foreign individual is so great. There’s almost something magical about being happy due to the guy on the other side of Earth. It’s pretty serious and extraordinary if you know how to handle such a bond. Hopefully, you know more about it after reading this huge text.

Walking with the girlfriend

In conclusion

Dating Russian ladies online may not be any worse than doing it offline. In fact, considering the oddities of the culture — it’s often even better. Being spiritually alike and liking each other from afar is very strong. Sure, it depends on a character, but if you find yourself a girlfriend who resembles yourself, you’ll not regret it ever (more or less).

But if you want to know, how better to start dating Russian ladies at all, check out this video right here:

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