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Are Russian girls’ pictures genuine?

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You can name thousands of reasons why overseas guys so actively and enthusiastically seek Russian girlfriends and even wives. Their appearance is frequently the very first feature that makes lads go crazy. Guys, most commonly, judge about gals by their looks. That’s why girls do their best to draw lads’ attention while posting their best pics on Instagram or other social networks that nowadays so widely-sped.

Russian girls’ pictures increasingly attract funky young men. It is quite often the beginning of sort of relationships that can gradually grow into a romance or even something far more serious. However, seasoned daters give some helpful advice to inexperienced guys not to overestimate their power to fascinate sharp-nosed Russian young women.

Men’s risks and apprehensions

Most of the overseas guys try to find their soulmates due to some of the reputable international dating websites. The very first step they usually take is to create their own account. Men’s profile pictures should be 100% genuine without getting photoshopped or corrected in any other way.

The information given in the guy’s profile should be true but a little provoking with maybe some humor hint to draw curious girls’ attention. Otherwise, just bare facts whatever they could concern biography, character or enthusiasts, they wouldn’t get gals to pay their attention to a commonplace profile.

While signing up for international dating sites even the most reliable of them, men should remember that they can get faced up with some risks. The list of those dangers with which guys more often can come across isn’t too long:

  • Different sorts of swindlers: on dating websites, they are more often called scammers
  • Gold diggers who first of all seek for the victims amidst well-off elderly men
  • Men that hide behind female profiles: their target is the same as the female swindlers have.

Guys quite often feel apprehensive about some troubles at the very beginning of their relationships with a woman. Therefore, it’s absolutely necessary to realize what apprehensions you as men in the search for Russian soulmates have and how to get rid of them.

Girls’ profiles

Profiles of girls from Russia

The very first feature men encounter on any dating site is the girl’s profile. It is doubtlessly fairly vital to look into the information given and draw some conclusions. A normal question guys just at once often put as sort of a rhetorical one sounds whether the pics posted true or merely fake.

Some helpful advice and simultaneously a warning: while having signed up for a dating website, try to communicate with those female members of the society whose profiles strictly verified.

As a rule, women’s profiles include not only just Russian girls’ pictures but some more or less detailed information on the woman’s biography, her interests, personal attributes, hobbies, and occasionally even drawbacks.

If the gal’s profile lacks a lot of facts and has only some suspiciously photocopied pics, you ought to be wary of contacting such a female user. In most cases if not in all of them, it indicates that the owner of the account is a swindler.

Verification and other security features

Russian girls’ verified accounts

In fact, at present, the website administration normally works out an array of special measures to prevent male users from turning into scammers’ victims. One of the very first and the most important the process through which virtually all the female users go is verification.

It means that the main pics posted should be confirmed. Any girl should also give the identity card scanned or another document to acknowledge her personality. Some dating sites require even recording the girl’s image on a computer or laptop video camera.

Therefore, for any man, it will be fairly easy to check out whether the woman he gets in touch with is real or just sort of a bot or merely a suspicious female dating site’s user. The less pics, the less the man’s trust can be. The lack of background on most photos should seem suspicious.

Photocopied images are often easily distinguished. Stolen pics of other real women what occasionally happens can be made out with special services like, for instance, Google Search by Image.

Types of women signed up for dating sites

Men encounter various kinds of the fair sex on websites. In most cases, it promises pleasant communication or at least a nice chat. It’s really quite important to know beforehand who you can come across while trying to find your soulmate.

Women with serious intentions

Young women intended seriously

Most of the Russian women on dating websites have a positive frame of mind and seriously set themselves for finding a dream man: a husband, partner, boyfriend or just a pal. Contemporary girls from Russia are so much various that any overseas guy will finally find his soulmate if he makes efforts:

  • Sports addicted gals
  • Park strolling lovers
  • Affectionate bike riders
  • Calm library visitors
  • Admirers of art masterpieces
  • Gym rats dedicated to everyday sessions at fitness-centers
  • Imaginative lyrics authors, etc.


Scammers from Russia

The most often occurred danger lads encounter is fraudulence. Dishonest women are doing their best to deceive guys in various ways to swindle money out of them. Some gals put on to be deeply in debt. The others tend to ask some financial help for health reasons: an expensive operation or treatment at a prestigious clinic.

Warning: Keep in mind that most scammers you can come across are young women from Russian provinces. Therefore, you need to be particularly careful while getting in touch with such gals.

Gold diggers

Russian girls as gold diggers

The particular group of scammers that don’t tend to decrease is gold diggers. It’s not astonishing in a consumer society when financial stability is doubtlessly very vital for both men and women whatever their age could be.

Therefore, the pursuit of money that had already turned up centuries ago and had existed even in the Roman epoch survived in the modern era when consuming grew into sort of a desired lifestyle especially young women are striving to keep up with.

Therefore, gold diggers are occasionally turn up among dating sites’ female users. Although their number isn’t huge, the damage is quite noticeable. Their usual victims are the following men:

  • Elderly guys with huge profits
  • Middle-aged businessmen, in particular, millionaires or billionaires
  • Young promising yuppies
  • Wealthy old men who tend not to hide how prosperous they are and frequently enough are in the search for a very young lover
  • Blokes with money from American or European provinces
  • Oriental moguls.

Fake pictures: how to make them out?

Men who are active in chatting and just communicating on websites can easily find some reliable ways to avoid scammers. The very first object they are often eager to single out is to decipher fake Russian girls’ pictures. They have worked out some techniques that help them out to achieve positive results:

  • To check whether the girl’s profile is verified
  • To use such services as, Foto Forensics, and the like
  • Not to start any communication without swapping pics or even videos
  • To chat regularly and in a variety of ways.

Genuine photos: how to define them?

Russian girls’ authentic photos

When Russian girls’ pictures are authentic, it is often quite understandable as soon as you took a look at the pic:

  • The photos are normally without any bright colors
  • Gals without too much expensive make-up
  • There is fairly often some background
  • The girls are in natural postures.

If you encounter a profile with a picture of a famous fashion model, in 100% cases that’s a fake. As a rule, celebrities don’t tend to turn up on any sort of popular sources like dating websites, or forums.

Although some exceptions can occur. Therefore, it’s quite necessary to keep staying always on alert but not to focus on precautions too much. Some excessively suspicious lads can scare off potential partners, girlfriends, wives or brides.

Recap: Risks are quite possible to overcome

Unfortunately, the Internet overall hides plenty of dangers as well as risks. That also concerns international dating websites the number of which is constantly growing up. However, present-day cutting-edge technologies and along with men’s carefulness and security protection allow overseas guys to go through any obstacles and successfully achieve their targets.

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