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Best apps to use when we talk about Russian women dating

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Global digitalization turns online Dating into a familiar way to start a romantic relationship, and the market for such services – a multi-billion-dollar industry. Today on the Internet already 300 million earthlings get acquainted, writes the magazine New Time.

Many women, disappointed in love after a failed relationship, are sure that they simply can not find their soul mate. These mental attitudes interfere not only in the search for personal happiness, but also in many other aspects of life. Therefore, before you use the methods to attract a decent man, you need to free your mind from restrictions.

Step 1. Change settings

After experiencing another breakup, you can not help wondering why it is impossible to build a harmonious relationship. What prevents enjoy each other? Maybe you are with the wrong men? Or is the reason much deeper? Psychologists say that all our problems come from childhood. Perhaps the scandals in the family and the unworthy behavior of his father stuck in your subconscious and had a negative impact on self-esteem.

Before you look for ways to attract a decent man, try to forgive all those who have ever hurt you: father, ex-husband, failed lover. All of them gave you life experience. Mentally thank them for this and let go along with the pain and resentment. Free your heart from unnecessary experiences to fill it with positive and tenderness. You will not allow former mistakes any more, ahead waits for what you dream.

Step 2. Create images

Having said goodbye to the past, you look to the future with hope and fear. Don’t be afraid. Better imagine how exactly you see your chosen one.

Draw a picture of him in your head. What qualities he must possess? For example: strong, reserved, smart, cheerful, generous, etc. If you can not concentrate, all thoughts immediately evaporate, then take a pen and paper and write down everything you would like to see in your man. Do not be shy, the more detailed you describe his image, the better for you. Try not to miss anything and as clearly as possible to imagine the desired image. There are different ways to attract a decent man, this is one of them. The faster you imagine in your head the ideal life partner, the sooner you will meet him in reality.

Step 3. Visualize the ideal relationship

Any thought is material, and it is easier to think about what you see. That is why we will create our own map of love. Try to distract yourself, put aside all business and thoughts and put a piece of your soul into it. Make a large piece of thick paper heart. Choose colorful pictures illustrating your future romantic relationship and stick them into the heart in the form of a bright collage. This simple way not only will help to attract the worthy man, but also will allow to understand to what relations you aspire, whether you need the long-term Union or you dream to come to be in a whirlpool of passion.

Having decided what kind of relationship will bring you happiness, try to look at the collage made every day, draw scenes of a happy future life in your head to bring your dreams closer with bright thoughts.

Step 4. Adjust

Tell us about your dream of the Universe. On first glance stupid and worthless ritual. But only at first glance. In fact, it can have a very powerful impact on your life. Most often, a person gets what he subconsciously asks for in life. Why not use it as a way to attract a decent man? Write a letter, where the most detailed manner describe your ideal mate: his character, habits, Hobbies, mannerisms, appearance and so on. Put the letter in a safe place. Be sure that soon the man of dreams will be on the threshold of your home.

Step 5. We are engaged in self-development

Think about what kind of woman would like your ideal chosen one. Does her image fit you? If not, you have something to do. The desire for self-improvement is commendable and gives visible results. Start with a beauty salon, change the image and update your wardrobe. If necessary, set a goal to lose a couple of pounds of excess weight. Help pool or fitness club. Expand your horizons, read more, communicate with interesting interlocutors, engage in creativity, learn something new.

Step 6. Make a plan of action

It seems to be clear what to do, but the question remains, where to look for a decent man? This is especially true if your life is limited to home and work. Sitting in a chair and doing nothing, the Prince did not wait. Imagine where you could meet a decent man. A handsome athlete can wait for you in the gym or on a morning jog, a connoisseur of beauty — in a Museum or at an exhibition, and an intelligent and ambitious man necessarily attends the meetings of the discussion club.

Timid and indecisive young ladies will be easier to start communicating with a decent man on the Internet or in the company of mutual friends.

Try different.…

Now it is fashionable to be charismatic, bright, joke and be a star. And try not to strive for this in certain situations on dates with a man. Try to the contrary, men appeared around you. If you want to be bright, you can do it in acting classes, you can do it when meeting with friends. Try not to do it with men and see how they react. One last recommendation. Try not to be critical, try not to tease a man, try to agree with him. Try to be interested in him.

Metaphor when compared with the volume of the music. Try to turn your sound down. Try to be quieter and quieter. And look at the man’s reaction. Try it for a week. Look at the reaction of men, look at the reaction of her husband, if you’re in a relationship. Look at the reaction of the men around you. And I guarantee you that you will see that there will be a lot of discoveries for you. And Yes, if you’re bright and cool, what kind of men are you attracted to in the first place? Those men who are looking for stars. But what is the peculiarity of these men? When he is saturated with this star, he gets bored, he is looking for the next star. But he’s attracted to you as a star. Try something else.


Most of our lives are spent at work. Nothing surprising in the fact that people are communicating with them, having office romances, etc. But you must understand that in the event of a breakup, you will either have to change jobs, or even a long time to contemplate her ex.


It’s practically the same job. Surely in your group there are nice guys who are ready to help with training. Common interests, especially cognitive ones, have always United people. It is difficult to imagine how many couples started their relationship in high school or College. Joint preparation for tests and exams always teaches to support each other, help, sympathize and worry about your soul mate.

Fitness center

If you like sports men, feel free to go to sign up for a fitness club. A great reason to get acquainted with a nice coach or just a visitor to the gym and a great way to attract a decent man, because common interests always bring together.


This is what will help to feel the reliability of the shoulder of the chosen man, to know him closer, to understand what he is capable of in a non-standard environment. Plus is the atmosphere: romantic evening around the campfire, beautiful nature, joint activities and conversation. In such a situation, it is very easy to get closer.

Effective ways to attract a decent man in your life via online app

If you are haunted by unsuccessful novels, do not blame fate. It is better to try to figure out what your qualities are exactly those men. What attracts them? Very often sincere, open women are not confident in themselves, in their abilities, in external attractiveness. They broadcast their thoughts to the surrounding men, attracting not those who would like.

To attract a decent man, it is not enough to be a good interlocutor. You must still be able to listen. It is very important to him how you look at him during your conversation. At this point, the man evaluates how he is interesting to you. Behave naturally, do not overplay. You don’t have to watch his every gesture and listen with your mouth open. Just show your interest and coquettishly look away. This will be enough for him to become charming.

Stick to the following tips, and the man you like is sure to be interested in you:

  • try to be sincere, but don’t open your soul completely. Stay always a mystery to him;
  • act reasonably, it is not necessary to always be too available and compliant. This can quickly get bored;
  • men consider sensuality the first sign of femininity. Do not suppress it in yourself, and unobtrusively demonstrate;
  • be independent, keep your individuality, have your opinion;
  • learn the complex, subtle, but very important science — the ability to seduce. With it, you can easily find a way to attract a decent man;
  • and remember — a harmonious relationship is based on love and trust. They have no place for jealousy, total control and interrogation. Each of you is absolutely free and has every right to live as he wants.

Psychologists say that when a man notices that a woman is to him, he involuntarily begins to pay attention to her.

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