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Contemporary Russian girls: what are they like?

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It’s hardly possible to imagine a foreign man wherever he lives disagreeing over that Russian girls are smart, beautiful, family-oriented and timid. Yet times changes. Therefore, it’s quite important to overseas men to find out what contemporary Russian young women like and what to expect from them while trying to get in touch with future partners, brides or wives.

Famous girls from Russia

Men tend to judge about Russian as well as other foreign women, particularly, by female celebrities. They are internationally famous and easily recognizable. It’s a generally accepted fact that Russian girls have conquered different spheres of life worldwide. Without effort, you can find famous female athletes, fashion models, politicians, singers and even scientists from the Russian Federation.

Russian girls in sports

Russian girls in sports

What Russian people are proud of besides achievements in science or culture are the excellent results of young women in different athletic disciplines. Girls from Russia have won loads of championships and tournaments in tennis, long jumping, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball and even golf. Such names as those given below are familiar not only to sports fans:

  • Alina Kabaeva
  • Maria Sharapova
  • Yelena Isinbayeva
  • Yevgeniya Kanayeva
  • Anna Kournokiva
  • Maria Verchenova
  • Ilona Korstin
  • Marina Kirilenko and many more.

Famous Russian female athletes frequently appear in popular talk shows on TV and are regularly involved in commercials as well as social advertising. The gossip spread by mass media is the evidence of their tremendous popularity.

For instance, there were a lot of rumors neither denied nor confirmed that A. Kabaeva, a former gymnast, was the Russian president’s lover and even had given birth to their child. She got once spotted wearing a too loose dress what was reported by some tabloids as the proof of her pregnancy.

A couple of years back the gossip about A. Kournikova’s and E. Iglesias’s love affair stood in the spotlight of mass media throughout the world. Now they are a happy family with two cute children. Nevertheless, so far nobody has known exactly whether the world-famous tennis player and the top pop singer officially married or not.

Russian girls in show business and cinema

Russian young women in cinema and show business

Unfortunately, movie stars and female singers that are extremely popular with the audience in Russia are not as famous worldwide as their American rivals. Nevertheless, those foreign men who sincerely takes interest in Russian motion pictures and pop music are familiar with the creative work of such talented film actresses and female top singers as:

  • Kristina Asmus
  • Nyusha (Anna Shurochkina)
  • Yulia Snegir
  • Zemfira
  • Marina Alexandrova
  • Pelageya
  • Svetlana Khodchenkova
  • Olga Buzova
  • Anastasiya Stotskaya etc.

Young Russian women in politics

Russian young women in politics

It’s perhaps hard to believe but Russian female politicians are a lot more world-famous than singers or movie actresses from Russia. For example, Ksenia Sobchak who started her career as a TV anchor was involved in Presidential election 2018. It made her world-renowned.

Due to the recent political events in the Russian capital city, Lyubov Sobol, an opposition activist, all of a sudden rose to international fame. She attracts men not only with her bold speeches and activities but also with her stylish intelligent looks.

The beauty of modern Russian girls

Nobody doubts that not only celebrities but also most of the average Russian girls are smart, beautiful and stylish. To be convinced of that it’s fair enough just to go for a stroll down main streets in any Russian major city quite apart from capitals.

You’ll see many stylishly dressed and high-heeled young women with natural make-up and in design outfit, short skirts or smart jeans. You will hardly meet girls in folk costumes or wearing wide-width lace-up boots.

Contemporary Russian girls put much emphasis on their daily looks even just leaving home for work in the morning. What makes them remain attractive throughout life is not only appropriate make-up but also genes inherited from ancestors as well as climatic friendly environment with long frosty winters and mild summers.

Attractive Russian young women

Interests of Russian girls

The list of hobbies and pastime activities to which Russian young women take interest is endlessly long. Yet their first interest has always been fashion. While strolling down bustling streets in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow or any other Russian city, you’ll come across girls wearing stylish pants, dresses, caps, low or high-heeled boots, coats, hoodie tops, jackets, and cardigans.

The recent two decades, such international brands as Hugo, Lacoste, Kenzo, Dior, Givenchy, Versace, and many others have become as a matter of course for fashionmongers in Russia. Even small-town girls contrive to follow their lead from peers in capital and major cities.

When it comes to general interests, pastime, computer and language skills, sports, and fashion, contemporary Russian girls don’t stand out from European young women.

Apart from work and study, girls’ daily routine always includes sports activities or visiting health and fitness centers. Physically weak men risk being disregarded by Russian girls that are aware of their worth.

Russian young women are movie- theater- picture gallery-goers. You shouldn’t also wonder if you see girls at the overcrowded stadium among football fans.

Russian girls have a variety of interests

Russian girls’ personality traits

Since Russian women are as fairly complicated human beings as ladies in any other country, it is really difficult to describe their typical attributes. Each woman is actually unique in a certain way. However, contemporary Russian girls can be conditionally divided into three types:

  • Family-oriented
  • Pursuing their careers
  • Being on a hunt for well-off husbands.

Family values are still doubtlessly vital for most Russian women even for some of those who are preoccupied with their career. Girls of this type stand out because of the following personality traits:

  • Outgoing
  • Peaceful
  • Sincere
  • Cordial
  • Amiable
  • Good-hearted
  • Thoughtful
  • Motherly
  • Clever.

The number of ambitious girls who focus on their successful career is constantly growing. Men should be ready for overcoming obstacles on the way to their hearts. It isn’t easy to meet the expectations of young women with such personality traits as the following:

  • Ambitious
  • Goal-minded
  • Sophisticated
  • Advanced
  • Intelligent
  • Quick-witted
  • Educated
  • Obstinate
  • Assertive.

Although the recent 5 years the proportion of state ownership in the Russian economy has been increasing, the consumer society still affects girls’ desires. Quite many money-minded young women dream of making their acquaintance with a well-off husband or at least a wealthy lover.

Overseas men who are in an active search for Russian brides or wives via online dating should aware of the risk coming across gold diggers.

You can find plenty of tips available on dating websites on how to avoid a scam and dishonest women. The most important advice to foreign men: “Keep in mind that you yourself should be frank and sincere with a woman from the very beginning; try to know your date better without jumping to conclusions.”

Russian girls vs Western young women

There are some stereotypes about Russian women widely spread abroad:

  • They get dressed to impress
  • Take much care about their looks
  • Sound too patriotic
  • Believe in superstitions
  • Put family above career.

Some of the stereotypes are still true. However, women who live on the vast territory of Russia are very diverse. You can meet girls brought up in the traditions of old-fashioned morals and those who can be characterized as transgender women. The last two decades the lifestyle of most people in Russia has significantly altered.

Therefore, the difference between Russian and American as well as European women has essentially decreased. Quite many modern Russian girls are perfect at driving cars, using cutting-edge gadgets and devices, playing sports and running business. They have such personality traits that give them common ground with Western women:

  • Confidence
  • Determination
  • Business sense
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Efficiency.

Yet there is a single attribute typical of most Russian girls that still stand them out from Western young women. That is their dedication to family values. Even most of the businesswomen and career girls don’t strive to get rid of dreaming of a happy marriage and children.

What kind of men do contemporary girls in Russia prefer?

Types of men Russian girls prefer

For foreign guys who are actively seeking for Russian wives, brides or partners and are willing to succeed in their quest, it’s useful to sum up the information given above and to do their best to be at least equal to women when it comes to qualities and interests.

Contemporary Russian girls, especially in capital and major cities, expect men to be not only physically strong and well-built, but also well-groomed, stylishly dressed, intellectual, ready to make headway and to perfect themselves.

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