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A detailed guide on how to talk to Russian women online

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It’s not a secret, that many people all over the Globe fancy women of Russian descent. A bunch of them are indeed fair and cultured, but when one decides to start dating, he faces an obstacle. How does he talk to Russian women online? How does he say ‘hello’ and, most importantly, where would he start to look for his muse? This enterprise, like many other things, requires a bit of advice.

A few good places to start looking

1. Dating sites

Sure thing, dating websites has been a thing for as long as the Net exists. Hell, this article is on a dating website, but is much better for our special cause. This community is full of young Russian ladies, wishing to find themselves a match from abroad.

However, someone may not like this straightforward ‘looking for a date’ approach such websites offer.

2. Social networks

Instagram and Facebook, for instance, are pretty good at helping establish a relationship between people.

Create a cozy profile and just start taking notice of any Russian gals who like same things you do. Lists of followers and search algorithms will gladly lend you a hand in this. The most useful thing here is that all the information you require to calculate if the person’s from Russia may be found on the front page of a person-in-question’s profile.

To know more, please, check out the topic, explaining, how to meet Russian women online.

Leads you might use

The most obvious leads would be the place she lives in and her name. The most populated cities in Russia are: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhniy Novgorod and Kazan.

But the name is much harder, the classic –ova or –off ending doesn’t always mean the woman is Russian. Try one of the popular first names. For example: Maria (sh. Masha), Daria (Dasha), Alexandra, Polina, Christina and so forth.

Basics of online conversation

Saying ‘hi’

When you’re completely positive that the girl on your screen will make you happy, go forth and say ‘hi’ to her. However, not before you learn some of the etiquette. Here’re some advices on how best to get acquainted to Russian women online:

  • Whatever the first message is, it must not be too long. Russians like to have their messages extremely short. Even if there’s a lot to say, they will probably divide the thought in many single messages. To not seem awkward, use the same technique while talking to Russian women online;
  • If she’s pretty, she probably gets a lot of messages all the time (which stay ignored), therefore you need to intrigue her. The name in Latin letters and a nice profile picture would raise some interest, sure. But try to add some more by hinting that you have a interesting conversation, waiting to be unloaded;
Russian women online say hello
  • Be ready that she might ignore your message whatsoever or give a negative response in this case, do not push it. Don’t say things like: «It will only take a minute», «Please» et cetera, et cetera. You will only provoke a harsh response and waste your time;
Rejection by Russian girls online
  • If a «no» has been received, try to intrigue her one last time. Mention one of the interests you both share and, perhaps, that you’re not from Russia (not so straightforward though).

Things you probably shouldn’t say

No point saying that Russian mentality is quite different from that of a European or an American. The biggest difference is that Russians express their feelings way less actively than other people.

You could tell that a person is Russian by the simple fact that he or she doesn’t smile even as a courtesy or a greeting gesture. The smile needs to be earned, it’s not a gift. Emotions are reserved for friends and relatives. And in those cases the emotion is in abundance.

Same goes for talking to Russian women online. Most won’t hurry to share their thoughts with you. So:

1. Try not to say how beautiful she is or what you want from her from get-go. Messages like:

«Hello, I’m [name]. You wanna talk for a bit?»

…are often considered too pushing and even rude. It may also be troublesome that passionate greetings are also a calling card of many Southern peoples dwelling in Russia, for whom Slavic population largely has a prejudiced attitude.

However, there are always exceptions to the rule, and a lot of people go online for a sole reason to speak with someone. If you can tell that the girl is bored and would like to talk to someone as interesting as a foreigner – go ahead and say ‘hi’.

2. Try not to assume her ethnicity beforehand. Ethnicity can be a very important matter for a young woman living in Eastern Europe. You may not care about differences between a Ukrainian and a Russian. But mixing these may ruin your relationship for good (or simply make your companion’s mood worse, depends on a person).

Solution: learn how Russians, Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Kazakhs (not Cossacks) and other nationalities of former USSR are different from one another.Quick memo: Minsk is in Belarus, Kiev is in Ukraine and Moscow is in Russia.

3. Avoid using words like «baby», «honey» and «beautiful» (as a noun). It would be a good advice not to use them at the start of conversations at all, but Russians rarely use these traditional staples of American culture at all. Just don’t let it slip in. Further in, try something more gentle and sophisticated, or just call her by name. That’s good, too.

4. Do not text her some ‘humorous’ stereotypical nonsense, like: «vodka, matroshka, balalaika»… Unless she finds it amusing as well, that is. But you never know until you’re much closer.

And of course, there are plain and also minor matters, as well as simple cultural differences you might be interested to know before talking to Russian women online, which you may learn of here.

Advices on how to leave a good first impression

Good first impression is the most important in almost every relationship. And here’re some things that can help you launch that relationship faster:

  1. Show interest in her culture or her everyday life (And tell about yours only if she asks). If you have an interest in learning a thing or two about Russia – good for you! If not… well, here’s the challenge. Russian women, unlike Europeans, don’t have a lot of chances to meet and talk to a trustworthy foreigner in their home country. Even in the capital, it’s quite a rarity. It’s going to be a fun experience for her at the very least. You just need to fuel her interest.
  2. Have you picked yourself a match, based on your common interests? You did? Very good. Spice your inquiries about her with something you both love. Example: you like videogames, so does she, so ask her if it’s true that S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (a Ukrainian game, very loved by Russians as well) is a #1 game in former USSR.
  3. It would be advisable if you improved your Russian a little. It will help you understand a culture at least on a level high enough to understand what she deals with everyday. With the language you’ll probably understand some complexities of Russian society and what place a woman has in it.
  4. Appreciate her English, whenever she speaks it. You may think that her skills are pretty good, but she should know that, too. So give her some support. Remember, they don’t speak English that often in Russia, and your future girlfriend is probably nervous.

What to do next

When you both enter the stage, when you’re able to start small talks out of thin air on a daily basis, it’s time you start removing those barriers. There’re a few methods to be there, when she needs you, more often. See here:

How VK looks like
  1. Ask, if she’s got an account in VK. VKontakte, or VK for short is a popular Russian social network. One of the most popular websites Russia ever had. Chances are your new passion uses VK way more often, that the site you got together on. Create a profile there, it’s simple, and the procedure is available in English.
  2. Start studying Russian seriously, if you hadn’t already. Yes, the language is hard, really hard, but you have an advantage – a Russian girlfriend. True, it’s much easier for her to fully master English, than it is for you to master any Slavic language. But imagine how excited she would be about such a gesture.
  3. If you happen to live close to Russia, i.e. in Germany, Scandinavia or Britain – invite her over for holidays. She will probably refuse at first, but don’t hang down the head – Russian women are magically attracted to Europe, especially to Western parts of the continent. You may read about it in this topic, by the way. When you know each other much better, she’ll seriously consider the offer. If it’s the first time you meet in person, do not waste the chance and make it unforgettable. It will strengthen the chemistry between you.

In conclusion

It’s important to remember that most of it applies only to talking to Russian women online, where heads are much lighter and prone to sharing and conversing. But a few of these tricks will work not only on girls in real world, but also on any living person.

And if you want to know more about how to impress Russian women online and offline, here’s the video:

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