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Discover the reasons behind Russian women looking for love abroad

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There are many dating sites all over the internet with thousands Russian women looking for love abroad. You may wonder what motivates so many beautiful and accomplished Slavic ladies to leave their homes and start a family in another country.

After all, Russian and Ukrainian women are world famous for their attractive appearance and traditional family values. It’s hard to believe that these gorgeous girls looking at you from the computer screen don’t have a crowd of admirers in their hometowns. Well, there are several reasons why a Russian beauty would choose to date and marry a foreign man. Let’s talk about all of them in detail.

Women from Russian looking for romantic relationships

Higher earning scale

Well, don’t jump into conclusion. One would say it’s a rather materialistic approach to searches of one’s soul mate, but let’s face it – a good stable income means security for the family. It has nothing to do with materialism or being greedy. It’s only natural that a person should look for ways to make their future family financially secure.

The Russian economy has been unstable since forever, and although things has improved a lot since the Soviet Union broke to pieces, it still leaves much to be desired. With an average salary ranging from $400 to $600 per month (and we’re talking about qualified professionals’ salaries here), it’s hard to imagine a woman looking for a better perspective elsewhere.

It doesn’t mean, however, that Russian ladies try to take advantage of well-off western men – they’re willing to work and contribute to the well-being of their family, if needed. Being a housewife and taking care of the kids are fine with them, too. And this is one of the most distinctive characteristics of Russian women – they are very flexible and are willing to cooperate depending on circumstances in life.

Russian men vs Western men

Slavic girls dating men from western countries

There are quite a few problems Russian women seem to have with local men. For a number of reasons, the male-to-female ratio in most Slavic counties has been drastically imbalanced for decades, and getting a husband has become equal to winning a mega prize.

With an attitude like that, no wonder Russian men won’t lift a finger in order to win a girl’s heart. Being surrounded with gorgeous ladies in day-to-day life, they don’t consider a beautiful, smart and successful woman anything special.

Russian women, however, are known to have a romanticized idea of old-fashioned courtship. They want to get flowers and small surprises, they want to be taken for romantic dinners, they want sweet words and compliments. All those Russian women looking for love online have a better chance to find a man who meets their expectations in western countries rather than in their own.

Apart from lack of attention from the local men, Slavic girls are no longer willing to tolerate alcohol abuse and domestic violence from their partners. With the advent of the internet and our planet growing smaller and smaller, it’s no longer necessary to put up with nonsense and lack of choices in your home town. If it’s possible to find a better option oversees, why not go for it? It’s so much easier to find a compatible man in the USA, Australia or Western Europe.

Cheating on your wife or girlfriend is considered normal in Slavic countries

Russian women looking for love have very little chance to find a faithful and devoted life-long partner in their country.

Cheating on their wives and girlfriends is not just normal for the local men, it’s a potent way to prove their masculinity. A man who’s never cheated on his soul mate is ridiculed by his friends and often looked at with scorn and disrespect.

Generally speaking, Russian society is rather understanding and forgiving when it comes to male adultery. When a heartbroken wife thinks of divorcing her unfaithful spouse, her mother would often do her best in order to convince her to “forgive and forget”. A woman is expected to put up with her husband’s extramarital affairs if she wants to “save her family”. Girls are convinced to take it easy – it’s just an inevitable part of a relationship.

The most honourable action expected from a Russian man in a situation like this is to lie about cheating, because telling the truth point blank would hurt her feelings. Very often even women’s family and friends would cover it up for the cheating man. A person who lets her know of her partner’s affair is considered an enemy who is actively trying to destroy their marriage and peaceful family life. Generally speaking, if you reveal the truth, the blame is on you, not on the cheater.

In spite of sheer social pressure, many present-day women in Russia are not willing to tolerate such things any longer. Mutual respect, equality, trust and transparency in a relationship – this is what they expect when looking for life-long partners in the USA or Western Europe.

Slavic women choose to marry abroad

Foreign men are excellent lovers

Of course, it would bee silly to draw any general conclusions here as every person is unique. However, according to the Russian ladies who had sexual experiences abroad, foreign men know a thing or two about how to please a woman in bed.

And they are willing to do so, instead of mechanical love making and complete disregard for their partner’s satisfaction. For them, sex is not a favour that a female partner does for a male. Both partners are supposed to enjoy it equally, and a woman is not looked at as a nymphomaniac if she’s genuinely likes love making.

Men from the USA, Australia and Western Europe are better fathers

It’s no secret that women from the Eastern European countries are extremely family oriented. They do pursue education and careers, but still, a common belief that a woman’s happiness lies within her marriage and children still holds true. So it’s no wonder that one of the most important criteria of choosing a life partner for a Russian lady is his ability to be a good father.

Statistic says, in terms of quality time an average Russian men gives only six minutes a day to his kids.

Of course, very often it’s not a man’s fault as he has to work hard in order to provide for his family. But still, the majority of Russian women work as hard as men, with equal or even higher salaries, and they are still expected to do the chores and take care of kids.

After a typical 9 to 5 working day, a woman is supposed to:

  • help her kids with hometask;
  • do their laundry;
  • prepare dinner for the whole family;
  • take a child to the swimming or drawing class, and so on and so forth.

A man, on the other hand, would typically relax on the couch in front of a TV screen. In case of a divorce, the entire burden of childcare is on women. Very often men stop participating in their children’s life completely, and even refuse to pay monthly alimonies, no matter how ridiculously small the amount is.

Given that a Russian woman wants a loving a caring father for her kids, it’s no wonder she would start searching abroad where family values seem to be stronger.

Finding love abroad is an adventure

Yes, a lot of women looking for love abroad are driven not only by their maternal instincts and strong desire to have a family, but also by their adventurous spirit. Finding a partner abroad promises a huge change in life, and women are willing to step out of their comfort zone to live an adventure.

Moreover, when a girl has been fascinated with a particular culture since she was very small, it’s only natural for her to look for a romantic relationship and marriage with a representative of that culture. For example, a Spanish man has all the chances to win a Russian lady’s heart if she’s fond of flamenco, Spanish language and novels of Arturo Perez-Reverte.

However, when getting involved with a girl like that, one has to make sure it’s really you she’s interested in, not just any Spanish man who comes along.

Of course, it’s only an attempt of explaining the phenomenon of so many Russian women looking for love abroad. Every lady may have her personal reasons for doing so, and if you decided to contact her via a dating site, it would be wise to ask her about these reasons.

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