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Don’t be a control freak when dating Russian hot sexy brides

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When you join an international dating website, you’re excited with the idea of having a romantic relationship with one of the Russian hot sexy brides. Slavic women are known around the globe for their stunning looks, impressive intellect and traditional family values, so it comes as no surprise that men from developed countries try to find a wife in Russia. But as you try over and over again, you relationship with Eastern European ladies don’t seem to last long.

Start a healthy relationship with a hot sexy Russian bride

Generally speaking, contemporary Russian girls are rather tolerant and patients, and if they reject you, there should be a potent reason. One type of man that an average Slavic woman can’t stand is a control freak. Yes, it’s expected form a man to be assertive and confident in Slavic culture, and a woman is glad to let her partner play a leading role in a romantic relationship. But it only means he has to possess a good decision making ability and strong will.

Being too controlling to the point of infringing upon a woman’s free will and personal space is unacceptable. No woman with self-respect will tolerate that. Of course, you may have some valid reasons behind the need of keeping things in control. But no one is going to tolerate you getting irritable and overbearing when things don’t go the way you expect them. It’s not the way you can find a Russian wife for yourself.

If a man manages to be a control freak over the internet when dating a woman online, she might be concerned about what it’s like to be with him in real life. But before we give any advice, let’s talk about sings of being a control freak in more detail.

Sings of being a control freak in a relationship

There are several major behavioural patterns that help one detect a control freak. Here are some of them:

You tend to correct her all the time

Whenever you have a discussion on Skype, exchange quick messages or express your thoughts in a long email, you tend to correct her a bit too much. It goes without saying that her English is not perfect, but you can’t sacrifice an interesting conversation for the sake of explaining some complex rules of grammar or pronunciation.

After all, she’s managed to learn a foreign language to a certain level, and that’s why your relationship is possible to start with. Isn’t it something worthy of appreciation rather than criticism? It’s even worse if our correct manners and opinions of Russian hot sexy brides you meet on dating sites.

Avoid controlling relationships with beautiful and smart Russian girls

You always try to have the last word

If you have the slightest disagreement with a woman, you try to win the argument no matter what. Even if it’s about something minor and unimportant, you feel troubled and uncomfortable if you don’t have the last word in order to make your position very clear. Well, with that kind of attitude you can keep your opinions and consider yourself the most practical and logical person around, but this is going to be your only achievement in a romantic relationship.

You spy on her in social networks

It’s not easy to have a long distance relationship with one of the Russian hot sexy brides. You’re thousands miles apart, and it’s hard to believe that a gorgeous woman like this experiences lack of attention from other men. Of course, the only way to find “proofs” when she is so far away is to closely monitor her social media channels. You may even create some fake accounts in order to test her loyalty. Needless to say, this is absolutely unacceptable. Yes, she is hot and sexy, but it doesn’t mean she’s not capable of making a commitment. One thing to remember, it’s impossible to have a healthy relationship without mutual trust, and it’s going to get even worse with a passage of time.

You refuse to admit you’re wrong

One of the sings of being a control freak in a romantic relationship is to continuously blame your partner and other people even when it’s you who are wrong. Is it difficult for you to admit you made a mistake? Are you trying to justify your actions so hard as if your life depends on it? If you answer in the affirmative, it’s definitely a cause for concern.

What should you do to become a better partner?

First of all, you should stop blaming Russian hot sexy brides for your failures on dating sites. Your relationships didn’t work out because of your errors, not theirs. And if you’d like your dating experience to become a wonderful success, perhaps it’s time to admit your mistakes and think of a new strategy to win a Russian woman’s heart. This is what you should do to start with:

Take a step back when things are going differently

Generally speaking, talking to a woman over the internet is your biggest advantage. Even if you tend to explode when things go differently than you’d prefer, you don’t have to show this. Take a moment to combat that treacherous feeling of nagging irritation and come up with something positive to say. After all, when things are going differently, it doesn’t necessary mean they are going wrong. Try to see something positive in a situation you didn’t expect. Laugh it all out. After all, if you manage to put a smile on a woman’s face, you’re half way to success.

Set up reasonable expectations for your partner

When you date one of the Russian hot sexy brides online, it’s important to remember that she’s a real person with her likes and dislikes, preferences and interests. You are not there to mould the woman of your dreams out of her.

You’re there to find someone compatible and build a romantic relationship based on respect and affection. Accepting a person for what they are in one of the sings you’re ready for a lifelong commitment.

Criticizing someone continuously, on the contrary, will not do any good. Besides, if you do have certain expectations for someone you date online, you should at least make sure these expectations are reasonable and your partner is aware of them.

Learn to let things go

You’ll need this valuable skill when dating Russian hot sexy brides. Instead of driving yourself mad and magnifying problems, just let things go. A woman is not a robot to follow your instructions and do things your way. And why should it be done your way to start with? Try to cultivate the habit of praising your partner instead of finding faults in whatever she does. You’ll see how rewarding it is in the long run.

However, if it’s absolutely necessary for you that something is done your way, try to express your wish politely. Let her know how you love it when she writes you a long mail, or comes for the Skype sessions on time, or tries to improve her English. Don’t bombard her with requests and demands, and more than anything else, don’t play the blame game.

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When tables turn

That said, you should be able to recognize when someone tries to be overly controlling with you. Russian hot sexy brides can be rather demanding and manipulating. Perhaps they won’t be as straightforward with you as one would expect a typical control freak to be, but they have their ways to make a person do exactly what they want.

Relationship issues when dating hot sexy Russian girls

If you feel uncomfortable and unhappy about something, you’d better discuss it with your partner – after all, she may not be aware of the problem. Generally speaking, it’s possible to solve any problem if the two of you are genuinely interested in having a long lasting relationship. Having a common goal helps a couple overcome any obstacles.

These were only some suggestions on how to stop being a control freak in a romantic relationship with a Russian woman you met online. Changing your attitude and behaviour is no easy task, it goes without saying. But your potential rewords are worth making some efforts for. All the best with you online dating experience!

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