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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be for accessing this site?

We highly recommend and insist that our users are 18 y.o. and over.

What kind of help can I receive on this site?

On our site, you may find the well-checked solution for the conflicts, troubles, violent situations, doubtful situations in your personal life / family life. 

Can I find a mate with the help of this site?

You may find a mate online or offline easier after getting the dating tips on our site. You may also find a mate through the advertisement given by the third parties, our partner sites but it is completely your initiative and responsibility.

How can I post my own materials on this site?

If you’re an author of the articles or an expert, you can write to us through the Contact form and include your personal contacts and short samples of your works or the links to them. We’ll examine the data you provided, at our convenience and let you know our decision. You should be aware that we may not contact you back in case we aren’t interested in extra materials at the moment.