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Why do foreigners seek for hot Russian women and girls?

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What is Russia worldwide famous for? The reply to this simple question is obvious. Most foreigners would first of all name vodka, ballet, hard winter frosts, the enigmatic soul or extremely long distances.

Men will definitely add female beauty to this list. Guys throughout the world know about hot Russian girls and women. Many of foreign men dream of meeting them.

Russian beauty

Every nation has its pride. The Japanese and the Koreans are proud of cutting-edge technologies, the Greeks and the Italians – of ancient architecture. The Russians also have a lot of ultimate claims to fame. One of them is female beauty.

Attractive models from Russia

Female models of Russian descent

The percentage of hot Russian girls involved in the international modeling business is quite high – about 30%. Men and not only they all over the world are attracted to their striking appearance:

  • Healthy fair skin
  • Chiseled body figure
  • Beautiful laughing eyes
  • High cheekbones
  • Shiny and thick hair
  • Delicate glossy lips.

Models of Russian descent took over world fashion capitals long ago. Nowadays fashion and style connoisseurs can see them walking the runways in Paris, New York, Milan, Toronto or London. The list of top models from Russia includes scores of famous names:

  • Masha Novoselova
  • Tatiana Kovylina
  • Sasha Pivovarova
  • Natalia Vodianova
  • Katya Shchekina
  • Oxana Zubakova
  • Irina Shayk
  • Tatiana Sorokko and a lot more.

Russian models work for international agencies, get involved in beauty contests, do commercials, fashion shows and print advertisements. They participate in different fashion and charity campaigns. Models of Russian descent dominate the headlines as well.

Due to all these facts mentioned above, they attract the attention of foreign men and unintentionally encourage them to seek for beautiful Russian brides, wives or partners. Guys expect average women in Russia to be not less attractive than models.

Are ordinary Russian girls truly beautiful?

When foreign men come to Russia, they always get astonished at seeing a lot of attractive young women casually strolling down the town streets or park alleys. Some of them seem to look like true fashion models. It’s indeed typical of most Russian ladies to look well-groomed, stylishly coiffured, with stay-true make-up.

The recent two decades, international clothing, shoe and perfume brands have become part of everyday life all over the country. Unfortunately, due to economic hardships, this tendency has slowed down in the last 5 years.

In spite of economic problems and financial troubles caused by them, quite many Russian women can still afford to buy high-end cosmetic goods, footwear, and apparel of world-renowned brands. Girls keep actively visiting various salons – spa, tanning, and beauty.

Foreign men are often eager to find out from local guys how different girls in capital cities from those who live in the Russian provinces. The frequent reply is the following: “Young women from such major cities as Novosibirsk or Ekaterinburg can successfully keep up with their female rivals in Moscow or Saint Petersburg”.

Russian women famous for their natural beauty

Hot average Russian girls

It’s really hard to imagine a Russian young woman leaving home for work or socials occasions without at least slight make-up. However, ladies in Russia can successfully do without expensive clothes and cosmetics to look beautiful.

Foreign men highly appreciated their natural beauty long ago. There are plenty of factors that allow Russian women to look attractive:

  1. During quite a long historical period, different nations inhabited the vast territory of Russia what has gradually brought to the intermingling of races.
  2. Slavic beauty is the result of a medley of races. Many contemporary Russian women inherited distinctive features of East Slavs, European nations as well as Asian nomad tribes.
  3. Thanks to severe climate with frosty winters and hot summers across much of Russia, the skin of women remains elastic, healthy and fresh without signs of aging quite long.
  4. Russia grows various sorts of herbs that girls use to make fresh juice and different beauty aids to slow the inevitable aging process.

Physical activity has been typical of Russian women in all historical periods. Connoisseurs of the painting are familiar with portraits of peasant women made by famous artists. Russian females were not ever scared of hard manual labor.

Nowadays women in Russia tend to be active throughout the day. The number of girls who regularly visit fitness centers is constantly growing up. Most young women look fighting fit due to swimming, fitness, cycling, dancing, and playing various games.

Advice. Men who are seeking for hot Russian young women should also be physically active if they are willing to succeed in their search.

Personality traits typical of Russian women

Hot Russian women are very different

Except for attractive looks, hot Russian girls are also famous for the attributes that even nowadays still make them stand out from most Western women. Like Oriental ladies, they are dedicated to their families.

Even if the career is quite important to them, Russian women try to spend as much as possible time with their children, husband, friends, and close relatives. Weekend picnics, going for a spin with family members and friends or barbecue in a grove or park – all this is a vital part of the lifestyle of Russian women.

However, ladies in Russia don’t focus only on their families. Even homemakers are quite active in different areas of life. Nowadays Russian women are at the forefront of a healthy lifestyle movement. They encourage their beloved husbands to at least cut down on smoking, start doing sports and give up drinking alcoholic beverages.

However, the number of women who tend to follow the lead of Western ladies and try to be equal to the sterner sex is growing up, especially in capital and major cities. This just means that the stereotype that all Russian women would rather be submissive to men than equal is gradually disappearing.

Yet women in Russia don’t try to assume the dominant role in relationships with the sterner sex what is a lot more typical of Western ladies. They remain quiet, laid-back, ready to discuss all problems and look for resolutions to them together with their husband and family members.

There are some other common traits that foreigners appreciate in Russian women. Ladies in Russia are:

  • Educated
  • Polite
  • Sentimental
  • Confident
  • Sensitive
  • Traditional
  • Modest
  • Friendly.

In spite of education, quite many Russian women remain superstitious. To be successful with dating ladies in Russia, foreign men should take into account their superstitious beliefs. For instance, guys must give bouquets with flowers arranged in odd numbers as even order is meant to the case when you visit a cemetery.

Online dating

The websites to meet hot Russian women

Nowadays it’s pretty easy to get to know hot Russian women. The Internet is overwhelmed with plenty of dating websites.

Advice. Foreign men should be very careful while trying to make the acquaintance with girls online and sign up only for the dating websites that top authoritative rating-lists.

Some criteria help men not make mistake while choosing a proper website. First of all, women’s profiles must be verified. Men should make sure they chat with real ladies. The administration of reliable platforms usually uses cutting-edge technologies to check the profiles and to prevent members from a scam.

The list of reliable dating sites is quite long. Sophisticated experts usually point out several popular platforms:

  • CharmDate
  • Russian Woman Dating
  • AnastasiaDate
  • Loveplanet
  • Russian Cupid
  • Elena’s Models
  • Russian Hearts.

Testimonials of dating websites’ users on independent platforms will also help men to find out beforehand whether the exact website is credible or not.

How to behave on dating websites?

After having signed up for a dating site and creating a profile, any foreign man should keep in mind that hot Russian young women are extremely popular with the sterner sex throughout the world. That is why guys should do their best to be up to the ladies’ requirements and expectations.

If men follow some simple rules, they will definitely succeed in dating Russian women. The most important of them:

  • Try to be sincere and honest from the very beginning
  • Do not pretend to be better than you are
  • Show your sincere interest in the woman’s life pattern and social circle
  • Try to be a perfect listener
  • Do not hurry up with your first date with her offline.

Some final tips

Handsome men for hot Russian girls

Russian women don’t expect men to be a perfect match or a toned, bulked and brawny fellow. On dating websites, they want to meet foreign guys who are at least:

  • Intelligent
  • Physically vigorous
  • Well-educated
  • Open-minded
  • Generous
  • Hard-headed
  • Intellectual
  • Honest
  • Resolute.

Young women also appreciate the male sense of humor. Resourceful, witty and cheerful men who are in search of Russian hot ladies have much more odds of success.

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