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How to chat with Russian woman on free dating sites

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Oddly enough, but Dating sites also have their own rules of conduct – ID-etiquette. Of course, they are unofficial, but all those who want not just to flirt, but actually getting to know someone and find a mate for regular, meaningful relationships, we recommend you to read them.

The information in the questionnaire must be reliable. Of course, if you have a lot of free time, and you do not know what to do with it, but about anything serious in terms of relations, you do not even think, then, of course, on a Dating site you can become some kind of fairy-tale character or non-existent animal, and accordingly fill out your profile. But if you still want to meet someone in order to find a couple, to spin a stormy and passionate affair, or to create a family, then in the questionnaire all you need to specify as it really is, without embellishment. Many sin that underestimate age and weight, overestimate the growth and level of education, but this can not be done in any case. For most users, extra centimeters, kilograms and years are fundamentally important, and the deception will hide only until the meeting in real life. Hopes that he won’t notice or it would not turn on the deception of attention – not worth it. Notice and reverse. The result: lost time and bad mood from a bad date both.

Try to be real – next step is near

To accommodate current and realistic photos. The only way to show yourself online and give applicants the opportunity to look at you are photos. Photos must be uploaded. Not strangers, not 5 years ago and not a collective (let’s play a game: “guess where I am”), and your, good quality and not older than two years. If during these two years you have radically changed your appearance – grew or lost hair, something yourself increased or independently increased in volume, then you need to take photos of a new (new) yourself and place them. No photos – not an argument. Then we have to do it. Ask a friend, girlfriend or relative, or make a professional photo shoot. At worst, take a picture of yourself on the webcam or in the mirror. Most people post their best photos because they want to get more messages, but this is not the most important thing. Dating site is not just a tool and it is a way of Dating. It is much more important to find the person who is looking for you, such or such as you. By the way, the absence of a photo with the text wording “I will send it to the post office” is bad manners. It seems that you are hiding something from someone or hiding yourself. 

Who the first found, the first and wrote. On the Dating site are somewhat different rules than in life. Women don’t have to wait for men to write a greeting. Saw the one who liked it, indicate your sympathy, at least sending a smiley or a boilerplate greeting, because if you do not, a man may think that he is not interested in you, and also will not show signs of attention. On Dating sites, even brutal males become inert and not ready for decisive action, which is also wrong.

Personal data should be read. If you are interested in someone of the users and you start correspondence with him, either wondering one, or the one who wrote to you, take the trouble to read carefully the contents of his (her) questionnaire. In fact, the questionnaires contain very valuable information. It will allow you to find topics for messages and help you better understand the virtual interlocutor. Besides, to ask about what is specified in the questionnaire is considered bad form and a manifestation of indifference, some annoying, and others frustrating.

No mass mailing of greetings and text blanks. We return you to the fact that online correspondence and the number of messages and responses – is not an end in itself. Quantity does not mean quality, so there is no need to send boilerplate greetings to everyone in a row in the hope that at least someone will answer, and then it will be seen. Write messages and you need to answer only those you are interested in and like. And only them. Messages and greetings should be targeted. Perhaps a little not slender and clumsy, but addressed to the one to whom you wrote them. Stereotyped and mass is always be easily defined and valued, not taken seriously.

Don’t close yourself, talk, read poems, feel free

Correspondence in the format of dialogue. Imagine playing ball. Throw you – throw you. Now imagine that messages and questions are the same ball. If “threw” to you, you have to “throw” in reply. Of course, in the event that you are interested in the interlocutor. “Throw” need both answers to questions and counter questions. Ideally, questions and answers should be mixed with reasoning. They will dilute your “interview” and make it sincerer and pleasant. Try not to give monosyllabic answers – they are perceived as a lack of interest. Also, if you have a specific humor or friends say that you simply do not have it – try not to joke online. Virtual contact with a stranger – so fragile that any message that is not liked or has been misinterpreted, can reduce communication to nothing. In General, do not try to shock or surprise and do not write ambiguous messages.

Don’t delay the date. You have to understand that online Dating and correspondence is only the first, short stage of communication, which helps you find a nice person and get some primary information about who he is, what he does, where he lives, what he loves and what he wants in the short term from life in General. If the answers you like, you need to move into reality. You need to do this faster than your imagination will start to draw fantastic pictures, so as not to be disappointed and just do not waste time. Multi-day correspondence can easily keep within an hour date, during which everything will become clear.

“Surfing” hurts relationships. If the person with whom you went on a date you liked, and you felt that this sympathy is mutual, you need at least for some time to stop the endless surfing on the expanses of the Dating site, even if you are not sure that the search has stopped and the second party. Look behind his (her) behavior and feel whether he (she) is drawn to you as you are drawn to him (her). Or he (she) has doubts, and he (she) needs to make sure that you are what you need. That’s OK. You choose and you are chosen.

Sometimes the choices don’t match. Well? If you are not selected, then you can return to the site and continue to get acquainted. But, if you still want to try to build a relationship with this person – your desire and willingness to demonstrate. If the desire and willingness to eat, but you both continue to sit on a Dating site, looking through profiles, getting acquainted and communicating, the feeling of a successful date with a nice person quickly forgotten. And the search for an ideal is a utopia and the prospect will grow old without leaving the Dating site, so it is very important to stop in time. About the characteristic quotes from our chat Dating that will allow specific examples to assess what to write on Dating sites, and what is better to refrain from what Russian girls think about those or other male “approaches” and what men write to make a good impression on women.

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