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How to check whether gorgeous Russian girls on dating sites are real?

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If you’re registered on international dating sites, you may wonder whether all those gorgeous Russian girls are actually real. Internet is full of heartbroken men’s stories about scammers and frauds they had to deal with when corresponding with beautiful Slavic women. In some cases, scammers would use pictures of pretty models they found on the net. They would write sweet love letters to men and end up asking for money.

After getting what they wanted, they would simply stop writing or even delete their profile from the site. In other cases, women used their own photos, but those were either taken fifteen years ago, or heavily edited to look more attractive. And while it may sound very discouraging, you shouldn’t let such wicked people stand between you and your dream. By taken simple precautions, you can easily make sure those gorgeous Russian girls you’re writing to are real.

Beautiful Russian woman on an international dating site

Go for trustworthy dating sites

Before joining a dating site, read some reviews from its previous clients. If the majority of people are happy with the service, go for it. There are many respectable sites that take online dating very seriously. They have a standard approval procedure to exclude all the frauds at the earlier. Administrators go manually though all the submitted profiles and check the provided information. They make phone calls to newly registered women to make sure that they have access to the service in order to respond mails and messages in timely manner.

Also, they check whether a woman can communicate on her own or she’ll need translation services. Some sites also ask their members for an ID proof – they can either scan their passport or driving licence, or show them over Skype or Viber messenger. This way, there is no chance to appear younger on the site than their actual age.

In spite of all these precautions, it’s still not recommended to share sensitive information with gorgeous Russian girls you’ve just met on the site, no matter how trustworthy they may appear.

Just like you wouldn’t share your credit card details with a stranger in the bus, cafe, library or night club, you shouldn’t do that over the internet either.

Video chat on Skype, Viber or WhatsApp

The best way to make sure that a person on the other side of the screen is real is to video chat with them. There are plenty of apps available these days, including the most popular services like Skype, Viber and WhatsApp. Also, there are inbuilt video chats on dating sites for those members who prefer exchanging letters, sending messages and video chatting in one place. There is a added advantage of talking through a site’s chat – if a girl you are interested in doesn’t speak English, they’ll have a professional interpreter to help you communicate.

If it’s not allowed on a dating site to exchange Skype Ids, emails and phone numbers with women, consider leaving this service and joining another one. A decent site would encourage its members to communicate directly instead of creating obstacles.

Attractive Slavic girl for online dating

Avoid PPL sites

PPL stands or pay per letter, and it’s not difficult to guess that they are geared towards getting you to pay for as many letters as possible. Very often such services hire paid writers who would contact foreign men using fake profiles of gorgeous Russian girls. Of course, they would avoid chatting via Skype making phone calls or meeting you personally if you happen to be in the city. Instead of PPL sites, go for services with monthly paid membership and use all the means of communication. If a woman asks you to switch to a PPL site in order to continue your correspondence, we would recommend stopping anything to do with her at once. Consider meeting someone else, a woman who will be more interested in you than in your cash.

What should you do if a woman says she can’t video chat?

Sometimes a man gets involved with one of the gorgeous Russian girls and everything goes well. They exchange letters, messages and SMS, but when he asks to video chat on Skype, she always finds a reason to say no. What is he supposed to do in this case? Well, he should definitely explain that video chat would enrich your communication and give an idea of what it’s like to talk face to face. If she keeps refusing, he should search for love and romance elsewhere, no matter how he likes her.

Contemporary Russian girls possess smartphones these days (and if they don’t, it’s their personal choice). It’s not difficult to install Skype or similar app and to talk a few minutes in front of the camera. Even if she is not a scammer but a genuine person, it’s not very pleasant to realize that a woman wouldn’t do something as simple as talking on Skype with a man she supposedly likes. But if she is a scammer, there is only scenario a man can expect. Sooner or letter, she will suddenly have a lot of financial problems to deal with, and you will be the only person in the world who could possibly help her. Our advice – don’t send a cent.

What you should do is discontinue any communication with this person whatsoever. There are other gorgeous Russian girls on dating sites that would be interested in you, not in your hard earned money. Also, report a scammer to the administrators of the site – they shouldn’t try their tricks with other men who joined the site in searches for love. It’s the stories of scammers’ victims that stop people from registering on dating sites and saying good-bye to loneliness.

Gorgeous Russian lady for a romantic relationship

Why would a real woman refuse to talk over Skype?

If you’re absolutely sure that a person you’re writing to is real, but she consistently declines your offers to talk in front of a camera, there could be a few reasons for this behaviour:

  • She is too apprehensive and shy. Perhaps a woman is afraid of disappointing you. Maybe she prefers to express herself in letters and messages rather than in direct communication. If this is the case, you should explain o her that it’s impossible to correspond forever, and if both of you are serious about this relationship, it’s time to make the next step.
  • She is already in relationship with a local man, and she’s using dating sites to boost her self-esteem and feel wanted. Unfortunately, there are people who gain confidence this way. They wouldn’t go for a real affair as it’s considered cheating and this kind of things would make them feel guilty. But a virtual relationship with someone thousands miles away helps them feel the gap and provides an easy outlet. Needless to say, if you suspect something like this, don’t waste your precious time on this person.
  • Some women look much more attractive on photos than in real life, and they don’t want you to see the difference. If their photos are heavily enhanced, it would be difficult to match the image they’ve created. Well, if this is the case, it’s hard to recommend anything. Appearance is not the most decisive factor in a romantic relationship, but it’s still important, and it’s up to you whether to continue writing to her or not. One thing for sure, a lifelong relationship shouldn’t start with lies.

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But whatever the reason is, if a person keeps refusing going on a virtual date with you, it’s highly unlikely she’ll go on a real one. And that makes the whole interaction via the site meaningless and futile. A dating website is not a place for playing games – this is where people get to know each other in order to find a life partner, someone special to start a family with. And talking over Skype is a sure way to keep the fire burning in when dating online. There are plenty of gorgeous Russian girls who are serious about meeting their soul mate. Just keep your eyes open and don’t get easily discouraged. Good luck in your searches!

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