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How to meet Russian woman online

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Act as if you will meet her at least once in your life
Do not hurry, take your time
Online Dating services
Dating sites

How to meet a Russian woman or a guy on the Internet? Nothing easier. There are many Dating sites, and their audience is truly huge. The most famous sites have millions of users. Every day 2-3 million users turn on the computer and go to Dating sites in search of their halves. Many sites are turning into social networks, where people do not just browse profiles and hope to meet someone — they are public, communicate on forums, record podcasts.

The sites — a large-scale community, uniting people with the same interests. How serious are online Dating? There are no exact statistics, because people who met online do not report the results of the meetings. Therefore, you can only rely on the data of surveys that Dating sites regularly conduct among their users. There is an interesting statistic that claims that only in our country about 400 marriages between people who met on the Internet are registered every day. At the same time, the percentage of divorces among couples who found each other in the Network is slightly lower than among those who met offline — the difference is about 2%. In internet there are more than 5,000 Dating sites, and their traffic is growing by an average of 12% per year. It is necessary to dispel a few myths about Dating sites that Their audience can’t all the single ladies.

Act as if you will meet her at least once in your life

Men and women on such sites equally. Dating sites — this is not the last chance for those “who for…”. Half of the visitors of such sites are people aged 18 to 35 years, that is, those whom sociologists call youth. Online Dating is not only interested in shy people who can not meet anyone without the help of the site. More than 60% of people at least once in their lives have used the opportunities of such sites, and about 30% are their active users — that is, those who have never tried to make friends on the Internet, remain in the minority!

In this situation, there is nothing surprising — Dating on the Internet have a number of advantages: Each Dating site registered a huge number of people — from several tens of thousands to several tens of millions. And with each of them you can chat. Even the most sociable people do not have a couple of hundred friends. So the choice on Dating sites is much wider than “in real life”. You can view as many questionnaires and write only to those people who are pleasant to you both externally and — as far as personal data allow to judge it — internally.

Do not hurry, take your time

It is possible to choose slowly, compare and think about everything. Communication can be started at any time, without coming up with any excuse to meet, and just stop if it turns out that the person is not right for you. Online Dating saves time — it is not necessary to go on a date with every person you like on the site. You can start to communicate online at any time and only then, if the sympathy will grow stronger, make a personal meeting. Of course, online Dating has its drawbacks, which should be remembered: On Dating sites there are not only decent people, but also scammers. They write sentimental stories and try to force their online friends to transfer them money.

Remember: never, under any circumstances, send money to people you don’t really know.

Not all visitors to Dating sites are honest — some lie about their external data (graphic editors today can use almost everyone, and many embellish their pictures), work, income and lifestyle, others hide the presence of family. Treat new acquaintances is critical — however, this applies offline too. Disadvantages of Internet Dating do not scare away users — on the contrary, the traffic of Dating sites is growing every year, and sociologists say that today 45% of couples met online. So online Dating is a real chance to find your destiny.

Online Dating services

Where do online Dating take place? If you decide to look for your love in the network, you have several options: social networks were originally invented to communicate and maintain contacts, today social networks are often used for Dating. They expand our circle of communication. In social networks, dating algorithms are as close to real life as possible:

  • you meet people, communicate with them,
  • maintain interest in your person with the help of bright statuses and interesting photos,
  • join thematic communities.

Dating on social networks — such as Facebook — is very comfortable for introverts who feel free in front of the computer screen, but a few are lost in personal meetings. If on Dating sites you choose applicants for a variety of parameters, then it is the complete opposite of such resources. Here lonely hearts are connected by a random number generator — you connect to the service and do not know who will be on the other end.

Dating sites

The most convenient and reliable way to make online Dating. The principle of operation of such sites is familiar, perhaps, to all. You create an account, answer questions, post your photos, view profiles of other participants, send them messages and respond to offers to get acquainted. Popular resources such as I, interesting and new site, where you can find people of a certain profession.

Approximately 66% of Dating site users actively go on dates with virtual fans. And a third prefers a virtual novel to the real one — most often because it is already in a relationship. So if you are interested in a serious relationship, and your new friend does not dare to translate communication offline — maybe it’s not in shyness, and in the presence of his family.

Here are some tips for those who are looking for a lady of the heart in the vast Network:

  • Statistics show that women show the greatest interest in those men who use the words “love”, “romance” and “heart» in their own description. Yes, most of the girls are romantic, and this should be considered.
  • Do not forget about the photos. Most men choose to design an account completely inappropriate pictures: group photos, which is difficult to immediately find the main character, fuzzy and smeared pictures, photos in dark glasses (where you can not see the face).
  • The worst option — photos from parties at which the person involved is drunk, or pictures with ex-girlfriends.
  • Never post half-naked selfies, in which the guy shows the press and biceps, at all frightening.
  • Smiling face close-ups, pictures from travel, photos like “me and my snowmobile” attract much more attention — it’s statistics.
  • Slang, rudeness and spelling errors scare off almost 70% of users.
  • Jargon and strong words are better reserved for meetings with old friends. This applies to both account registration and personal correspondence.
  • Show imagination and interest. “Hi, how are you, you’re pretty” — every attractive Russian woman gets dozens of such messages.
  • Find a more original way to start a conversation. Look for clues in her interests, in the photos.
  • Ask questions, because any person loves to talk about yourself more than to listen to a monologue about someone else’s life.
  • Do not abuse “cute” appeals like “Bunny”, “pussy”, “baby”. Girls like them only when they come from a loved one, but not from barely familiar guy on a Dating site.
  • Don’t be Intrusive. Do not go to sleep Russian woman messages, don’t ask “why are you silent?” 10 times a day and do not go on insults, if she refused you to continue Dating. No one here owes anyone anything.

There is a pattern: the older the site, the more people there, but more scams. Those who are looking for an adventure for one night, girls of easy virtue, advertising their services, and just jokers who came to inquire. Is it worth looking for your love on such resources? There is always a chance, but also the risk of disappointment. If you are interested in where and how to meet a Russian woman or a guy on the Internet, look for relatively new sites, preferably those where you need to pay for some of the functions — their cost is small, but this fact alone eliminates a lot of unreliable visitors.


Serious online Dating, which subsequently lead to a strong relationship, based on the similarity of interests. This rule is valid in the Network and in real life. The more you have in common, the higher the chances of a long and happy life together. Therefore, we have created a Dating service that allows you to choose applicants based on their profession. Colleagues always have something to talk about! The audience of our website is young successful professionals who have achieved a lot in their work and now want to find the same successful life partners”.

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