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How to say you are beautiful in Russian and pay other compliments?

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If intend to start a romantic relationship with a Russian woman, it’s important to know what sort of compliments she is bound to like. Dating cultures in different countries differ, and something casual and ordinary in your homeland might not be appreciated in Russia. Paying compliments is an important part of dating ritual in Eastern Europe that can’t be ignored: it will help you find a Russian wife much faster. The majority of women do love with their ears, and Russian ladies fall into this category as well. And it will be especially impressive if you learn how to say you are beautiful in Russian.

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This way a woman will see that you bothered to take some efforts over learning a few words in her mother tongue, which proves you’re serious about winning her affections. Russian is a complex language for a non-native speaker to master, but learning a few phrases and some useful words is within everyone’s grasp.

So, to say you’re beautiful in Russian, you have to learn two simple words – Ty krasivaya (ты красивая). You can also add the words ochen’ (очень), which means very. Ty ochen’ krasivaya (ты очень красивая) – you’re very beautiful.

It can also be used as an opening line if you don’t know how to start a conversation with a girl. She is likely to be charmed by your foreign accent as much as by your flattering compliment. In any case, it will put a smile on her face. That said, if you focus too much on her external beauty, it will sound very close to objectifying her, and this is something that no woman with self-respect is going to like.

So here are a few tips on how to compliment Russian women.

Make sure it doesn’t sound lecherous

It’s nice to know how to say you are beautiful in Russian, but you shouldn’t end up sounding too lustful or lecherous. And one sure way to avoid that is to diversify your compliments. Don’t focus solely upon her external looks, no matter how gorgeous she is. Make sure to acknowledge some prominent qualities that define her as a person.

If you’re trying to establish a special connection with a woman over the internet, read her profile and see what her priorities in life are. If she is all about professional growth, say something nice about her career choices. If she is a creative person, compliment her achievements in painting, sculpting, paper crafting and what not. If she likes sports an indoors, show your appreciations for the healthy lifestyle she’s living.

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There are so many things to comment upon! A beautiful woman knows she’s beautiful, and hundreds of men told her about that before you. Moreover, is she’s registered on a dating site, foreign men send her the very same messages every day, commenting on how beautiful, sexy and lovely she looks. You need to come up with something more substantial in order to make a difference.

Make sure to sound genuine and let her know what exactly you appreciate about her personality. Let her know why you think the two of you have a chance for a happy future together. She should see that you are really a man who is looking for the woman of her dreams. It’s not just about playing games like all those guys who send her one line emals and cheap compliments. You have to stand out of the crowd in order to impress a clever and gorgeous Russian girl.

Sexy comments shouldn’t take place at all until you meet your girl in person. Even if you find her very alluring, avoid commenting upon her seductive looks and physical aspects.

Praise her mental capacity and character traits

Now when you know how to say you are beautiful, it’s time to learn how to praise other qualities of the object of your affections. A typical Russian woman is not only god-looking, but also intelligent, good-natures, sociable, kind and compassionate. Show your appreciation by learning these phrases in Russian:

  • Ya voskhishhayus’ toboj (я восхищаюсь тобой) – I admire you.
  • Ty horoshij sobesednuk (ты хороший собеседник) – You’re a great person to talk to.
  • Ty ochen’ milaya (ты очень милая) – you are very sweet.
  • Ty ochen’ umnaya (ты очень умная) – you are very intelligent.
  • U tebya otlichnoe chuvstvo yumora (у тебя отличное чувство юмора) – you have a great sense of humour.
  • S toboj ochen’ legko i priyatno (с тобой очень легко и приятно) – it’s so easy and pleasant with you.

There are much more things you can say in order to make her feel good. There are plenty of apps and programs that you can use – in the world of today learning languages is easier than ever. You can always acquire the right pronunciation and spelling of a phrase you’re interested in. Apart from learning how to say you are beautiful in Russian you can easily learn a heap of other useful phrases.

Learn how to say you are beautiful in Russian to please your girlfriend

Make sure your compliments are tasteful when you comment on her looks

Even if focusing solely on her appearance is a big no-no, you can’t go without praising her external beauty – most contemporary Russian girls are too gorgeous to ignore their appearance. What you should do is avoid generic and meaningless compliments like “you look good”, “you’re very pretty”, or “I like the way you look”.

It’s much more appreciated when you notice a particular detail about her appearance She shouldn’t think you compliment all the girls exactly the same way. So make sure to let her know you like her hairstyle, especially if she changed it recently. Or point out she looks particularly beautiful in her new dress. It’s also nice to comment upon her voice, her eyes, her smile or a particular gesture.

Also, if you feel she took trouble to look particularly great to please you, make sure to acknowledge her efforts. Let her know you appreciate everything she does for you.

And here are a few useful phrases that are sure to put a smile on her face:

  • Mne ochen’ nravitsya tvoya pricheska (мне очень нравится твоя прическа) – I like your hair-do.
  • Mne nravitsya tvoya ulybka (мне нравится твоя улыбка) – I like your smile.
  • Tebe idet jeto plat’e (тебе идет это платье) – this dress suits you.

If you feel self-conscious and nervous when trying to pronounce words in Russian, you can simply pay your compliments in writing form. Praise her looks or character traits in a mail, or over a messenger. You can also text her something sweet – generally speaking, texting each other is a great way to stay in touch when dating online. It brings a “real life” element to your long distance relationship.

Compliments you shouldn’t pay

There are also a few things to remember when paying compliments to a Russian girl. when you learn how to say you are beautiful in Russian, avoid using this phrase under following circumstances:

  • To say she looks beautiful today. This is one of the clumsiest things to say to a woman. It implies that usually she look miserable, but today, strangely enough, she looks good.
  • To say she looks as beautiful as a famous actress, model, singer and so on. Women don’t like to be compared to other women, period. Even if you compare her to the icon of beauty, it cheapens the compliment.
  • To say she looks better than your ex. Mentioning your ex wife or girlfriend is taboo when dating a Russian woman, unless she asks you a question on her own accord. You present relationship is only about the two of you, and no one else. It’s also considered inappropriate to say she looks more beautiful than your ex. Slavic women don’t approve of men talking badly about their previous relationships.

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These were some thoughts on how to pay compliments to a Russian woman whether you date her online or in real life. Now you know how to say you are beautiful in Russian and other sweet words and phrases. Feel free to come up with your own original compliments – this way you’ll stand out of the crowd and improve your chances in making it work with a Russian girl. But if you find it extremely difficult to say all those things in Russian, there is no harm in praising her in English or any other language – it will still count.

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  1. Bradley

    Do you wish to realize how to say you are beautiful in Russian and pay out other kind comments? In this post I’m gonna disclose the techniques to truly be attractive and have a spouse! Here’s how to say you are stunning in Russian and pay out other kind comments.

    • Cain

      I really like to reply by using a very genuine thank you, like “hey, many thanks, I truly value you expressing that”

  2. Palmer

    Now you are aware how to say you might be gorgeous in Russian and spend other compliments, but have you also know that you need to end criticizing her and consider a enhance as an alternative? Why? Mainly because whenever you criticize her, you’re sending the wrong meaning to her!

  3. Ruiz

    Occasionally I tell a woman. Hi there I enjoy the hair. It reminds me of my grandma. They don’t usually speak to me afterward.

  4. Elsie

    So why do women are actually excellent wives if they’re less attractive them selves? Nicely, the truth is, stunning ladies can be simply sidetracked by awful behaviours from males! They become obsessive about the man who offers them what they really want, therefore the a lot more they have an perspective of their own, the greater interest he or she is obtaining from her.

  5. Morrison

    ! i noticed i needed the majority of those blunders in me and so i have finally fixed them and attempt on practicing it too. Lord bless you 🙂

  6. Jimenez

    Nevertheless, within a perfect planet, you’d never need to be envious of a young lady as being gorgeous. Your all-natural excellent frame of mind will probably get her in becoming less jealous and more drawn to you, so she’ll be ready to agree to you sooner than should you just abandon her dangling.

  7. Flowers

    You are right. Everybody loves a real smile, and i always tell men and women always remember to mention many thanks, even when it’s the smallest issue

  8. Carolyn

    The very best reply i’ve ever offered was each time a good lady told me she liked my footwear. I considered her and mentioned “I’ll get that from a woman by using a great smile.” I can’t even explain how effectively that did the trick, so give it a try yourselves!

  9. Polly

    So, that’s how to say you will be stunning in Russian and pay out other kind comments! Just keep your normal excellent frame of mind, modify a couple of things about you, and the relationship will flourish!

  10. Stevens

    That is certainly how natural charm is captivated to each other. In a natural way, women would rather invest their day-to-day lives with someone who has a positive perspective towards daily life, but women don’t always are aware of it. It’s just anything they don’t understand!

  11. Robert

    In the event you really adore a girl, she’ll be very enthusiastic about you, especially if you tell her you adore her, and you then must take the effort to speak to her. Question her out to get a drink, or at best a meal particular date. Tell her you’d like to meet her with a bar in town.

  12. Floyd

    Once you enhance a lady, you happen to be informing her that you want her on her uniqueness and her becoming special. Now, I’m not implying you must never criticize her that’s exactly what a excellent lover will work!

  13. Garrett

    So, how to say you will be stunning in Russian and spend other words of flattery? Just explain to the girl that you want her by natural means wonderful appears, instead of due to the jewelry she’s putting on. The right way to say you will be stunning in Russian and shell out other words of flattery is usually to complement her in her uniqueness.

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  15. McCarthy

    In the event you really appreciate a girl, you ought to let her know you admire her natural charm. She might then go for you personally, but bear in mind that becoming a good listener can create a big difference in this case. Discover what she claims and simply alter how you answer when she asks you to do something for her, as this is how to say you happen to be gorgeous in Russian and pay out other words of flattery.

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  17. Hill

    Don’t be shy. Girls want a person who’s confident, so that you can’t be tense or timid. That’s not going to entice a female. Provided that you have got a natural, great frame of mind, the girl will be interested in you.

  18. Ora

    So, how to say you are gorgeous in Russian and pay out other compliments? Nicely, it’s really quite easy if you use the best terms! You need to simply alter some things relating to your personality, notably relating to your frame of mind to other individuals, if you’re heading to experience a successful romantic relationship.

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