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In which summer resorts can you find Russian women?

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Russia is a pretty attractive tourist destination, that’s true. But surely, were you given a choice, you would’ve definitely chosen some of the more Southern countries for your summer vacation (or at least some of the more Western ones). The country isn’t exactly notorious for its beaches and tropical climate. On the other, Russia is an interesting cultural and historical spot. Not that you wouldn’t find Russian women to spend time with were you wandering near the architecture.

But more often people decide to have a short vacation romance in a sunny and hot environment. And you should be surprised to know that Russia has some.

Why are Russian resorts so popular with Russians

There are a few Russian resorts even the more stereotypical Westerner would be able to name, like Sochi or Sevastopol. But when you hear that Russians, in fact, have warm places where one can spend a vacation in summer, you can’t help but ask, why they even bother going there.

Even though these places are warm and comfy, they are still so much far in the North, compared to Mallorca, Sicily or even Turkey. These places are both even comfier and more developed, their respective governments live thanks to summer tourism. Russia can’t compete with that, and that’s actually a common fact among the Russians — the other resorts are better.

So, why do they even visit their own modest resorts? It would be nice to say that it’s because of pure patriotism. Maybe some people really care about supporting the Russian vacation industry, but there are some other reasons for this inconvenient predicament:

  1. They can’t get to that many places without a European visa. The two most popular options before were Egypt and Turkey, but things went to hell in the former some time ago, and the Turks were doing some poor diplomatic decisions for a while. You could find Russian women in some of the largest Turkish resorts a while ago, and you still can, but not to the same degree;
  2. Their own vacation is so much cheaper. Not to say that Russians are general cheapskates, but if you can spend less without much damage to the comfort, you will do that. True, these are trying times, and it affects the tendency as well. In general, it’s so much easier to have a vacation at home. Who cares if it’s not top-notch, it’s still good.

That’s why it would be a lot easier to find Russian women spending their vacation in the homeland rather than any other country. And if you want to have a summer romance with the Russian woman and be comfortable to some point, that’s where you need to go.


You may have some qualms about going to this particular part of the World, as it is currently a disputed area between Ukraine and Russia. You may also have heard something about the region is unstable and dangerous but it is hardly so. As soon as Russians took the peninsula away, they poured a lot of money into it.

That’s why Crimea is a pretty civilized tourist destination at this point. Though, it’s not advised to venture outside of Sevastopol, the largest city, as the outskirts are still a bit shabby. 

Don’t think you won’t get in trouble for visiting the area. Should you have any evidence of ever visiting Crimea in your passport, you may not be admitted inside the borders of Ukraine.

Picture of a sunbathing girl


It’s actually the only place in the peninsula you would want to visit if you worry about your comfort. If not, the rocky hills of most of the area welcome you to try and enjoy the view. The only plains you’ll ever find are at the Northern-most section of the province. So, it’s better to stick to the city anyway.

Don’t worry about the comfort inside the city, however. It’s pretty neat overall, there are nice beaches nearby, the hotels aren’t that bad. If you get bored, the city itself can offer you lots of sights.

But back to the main business: is it even popular among Russians? It’s rather yes than no, but the Russian populace is still a bit skeptical about a new acquisition. Still, there are lots of Russians, the population itself is overwhelmingly Russian. 

You need to visit the place in summer only, though. If you choose to stay here in winter — chances are, you won’t get as nice a treatment. The summer is the season, after all, the Russians flow to the area en masse in June and July, you’ll easily find Russian women to your own taste.


Sochi is one of the most popular Southern resorts among Russians. Unsurprising, considering that it’s one of the few tropical areas in Russia. And, it has a warm maritime climate, making it look like a paradise for its visitors and inhabitants.

You might have heard about the city from the Winter Olympics of 2014, and that’s pretty much the only interesting fact you could’ve heard. The city, however, isn’t boring, it’s the sort of a city that unites within itself the Slavic and the Caucasian traits. 

A lot of Russian resorts have such features, as many of them are located in the European South of the country, some hundred kilometers from the Caucasus. And Sochi is the most civilized among them, far more civilized than the Crimea. Despite this, you’ll only want to come here in summer, too. 

In other seasons, it’s just another Southern city, only the locals live here. But when the hot months come, the populace numbers grow dramatically, almost up to twice the usual amount.

And yes, the summer season is exactly when you need to come here to find Russian women to romance. But be ready for a peculiar reaction because people here aren’t really used to seeing strangers in this city, even considering the former experience 5 years ago. Sochi is unofficially viewed as a Russian ‘backyard resort’, and sometimes it leads to blaming the city for being backward and undeveloped. Which it isn’t.

Image of a posing woman

Smaller cities on the Black sea

Sure, it’s not only these two cities that have beaches in summer, but there are also a lot more resorts Russians like to visit for vacation. But they are pretty niche, and not really intended to host tourists from abroad. They usually choose other countries for recreation purposes. But your goal demands that you know all the possibilities.

You know, if the recreation part doesn’t work out, these cities are actually valuable from the cultural point of view as well. They were once ancient Greek cities, poke around if you like.


There’s a small, neat and nice town alongside the shores of the Black sea, called Anapa. It’s even more of a ‘backyard resort’, but you can surely find a nice hotel and forget about anything that could’ve shocked your delicate eyes.


The same goes for this little town not far from its counterparts. All of the cities on these shores are actually resorts, but the level of being developed differentiates from one place to another. They are not designed for Europeans, rather for the people from the former Soviet Union. These guys have views on what looks and feels nice.

The town is still pretty nice, though.

The rules for visiting these

If you choose to come to any of these resorts, you should, first of all, keep an open mind. Some of the architecture or customs may look backward in your eyes, but Russia is a whole other world. People are less reserved here when they try to relax, and they don’t necessarily like fancy things. That’s why they are called ‘family resorts’.

Here’s how you should act if you’re still not comfortable with the surroundings:

  1. Book a good, but not the luxurious hotel near the beach;
  2. Pick a public beach, or if you couldn’t find any — just pick the regular spot you like the most;
  3. Try to blend in and don’t impose yourself too much on the people you want to get acquainted with

In conclusion

Russian resorts aren’t bad, per se. They are a different kind of place for recreation, they were designed differently. You may have a time well-spend there if you really want it. And, as a bonus, you’ll get a big chance to find Russian women to date in there, as it isn’t very easy to find them outside of Russian anymore.

But if you need some more advice about the subject, you can dive into some other guides on this website. Alternatively, consider watching the short video about some facts you might’ve not known about Russian women:

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