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How to keep the fire burning when dating a Russian beauty online?

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Perhaps you never quite visualized being in a long-range relationship with a Russian beauty online. It’s never easy to date a girl who is on the other side of the globe. But there are plenty of reasons why you should date a Russian woman. While this situation can’t be called optimal, it nevertheless pays dividends in the long run – the end, as the saying goes, justifies the means. Of course, it isn’t always simple, and such a relationship will call upon your maturity, as well as require you to be both courageous and patient. However, these are all supposed to be the qualities of the ideal man, and the sort of man that Slavic women search for.

Besides, while those are the negatives, the positive aspects of such a relationship far outweigh them. This is especially true when there’s a wonderful Russian woman maintaining the relationship with you, a woman well worth your time and effort. Such a relationship also provides an opportunity to strengthen one’s bond with the other person, and there are many ways to keep each other’s interest and to keep things exciting. Here are some ways in which you can do exactly that…

Keeping a long-distance relationship with a Russian woman

You can still date!

Yes, even though you and your partner are a considerable distance apart in physical terms, this is the digital world, and you can still date each other! Set up a great video call. Netflix allows you to even take in a lovely movie together. Order takeout, and eat while talking to each other – it’ll be as if you are dining across a table. Go all out, and make things romantic when talking to your Russian beauty online. Light up a candle or two, put some flowers on the table. Sip a wine that you both like. It’s so easy to set up a beautiful evening, and beyond that… well, it’s the company that really counts. If the company is perfect, the evening can be too!

Game dates

Online games are a great way to have fun together in the digital age. There’s ‘Second Life’, in which you can explore a whole digital world together. There are a huge variety of online games where you can have all sorts of adventures together, depending on each other. Massively multiplayer games today even allow you to interact with other people all over the world. An infinity of adventures away, adventures that both of you can share with each other. Voice chat as you play, and your online gaming experiences together will all contribute to strengthening your bond.

Love letters

Russian beauty online for dating and marriage

What can bring you closer than even a video call? Sending each other love letters. Buy beautiful and romantic note-paper, and write your beloved a thoughtful and wonderful letter by hand. Talking over a video call is great, but you can put far deeper thoughts into writing, and be a thousand times more romantic. Try it, and you’ll find that you can say things and express emotions in a letter that you might even find difficult to express face to face.

Buy your beloved romantic little gifts, and put them and your letter into a little parcel and send it to her. You’ll find that she’ll keep your gift and letters for years to come.

There’s nothing a woman treasures more than a hand-written letter.

Eastern European women are known to be very romantic, and receiving a real letter will be a pleasant change from chatting to your Russian beauty online.

Surprise her with a visit

While you have to consider the cost of travel, of course, sometimes a visit out of the blue can make all the difference. You may wonder how safe it is to travel to Russia in order to meet a beautiful local girl, but don’t worry; the big cities are flooded with tourists. If the visit catches her completely by surprise, it can be even more romantic. Call her as soon as you arrive in the country, and she will be ready to meet you by the time you actually arrive at her house. Remember to give her time to get dressed and to put on her makeup and get her hair in shape. Russian women take great pride in their appearance, and you girlfriend will definitely want to look her best when you come.

Then you can arrive at her door with flowers and chocolate, and she will be delirious with happiness. Before you plan your trip, try to get a sense of her own plans when casually talking to your Russian beauty online – it will hardly do for you to arrive at her home, and for her to be visiting her aunt in another city at that very time. But if you plan it right, this can really impress your partner, and she will realize just how much you care for her, and even more importantly, the depths of romance in your nature.

Send her little gifts every month

Exchanging gifts is a way to keep the fire burning in a long-distance relationship

They don’t have to be anything expensive – it’s the thought that counts. But there’s nothing a Slavic woman loves more than getting a little surprise in her mail from the man she loves. Make this a regular thing, and her eyes will light up every time her doorbell rings – you can imagine how much joy, excitement and happiness you can bring to her life in this simple way. What can you send her? As I said, it doesn’t have to be anything expensive:

  • you can send her a little teddy bear;
  • you can pick up a little romantic statue that you picked up in a curio shop;
  • you can simply go for any number of small and inexpensive romantic gifts that are available in any shop anywhere in the world.

Don’t forget to put in a little loving note on beautiful paper, and to gift wrap your surprise – unwrapping a present is really half the fun.

Make showing that you love each other a habit

If you both work, make it a habit to send her little message through the day.

Send some funny, beautiful, or romantic pictures when communicating with your Russian beauty online – it doesn’t matter if you lift these pictures from the net. As we said earlier, it’s the thought that counts. There are lots of free digital card sites on the net – send her a card with some thoughtful words on it.

Wish her a good morning, and send her a kiss when she’s going to sleep. In this way, you make yourself an actual presence in her day, and are always in her thoughts. Tell her about different things that happen in your day, as they happen. Make jokes. Show her how well you deal with life – and that, no matter how busy you are, and no matter what life throws at you, that you will always have time for her. And that is something that perhaps matters to a woman more than anything else in the world.

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Talk about your next meeting in real life

This is a very important thing in a long-distance relationship. To keep the fire burning, it’s essential to plan your next adventure together. Think about all the things you’re going to do and discuss them with your special one. By doing so, you’ll reduce the tension. It’s not easy to handle a long-distance romantic relationship. This sort of thing is not for everyone. Knowing that you’re not going to see your beloved one for a long time can drive you mad. Both of you may become impatient and even lose hope. Having a realistic goal ahead will help you go through the long-range relationship with the east negative impact.

Make good use of being alone

Even though it’s rather hard to not be together physically, you can make good use of being away from your Slavic girlfriend. This is the time to improve yourself and to pursue your interest. When talking to your Russian beauty online, it’s important to show her that you’re a self-sufficient person who is never bored on their own. It means that she will never be bored with you, too. Make sure to tell her how you spend your days, what interesting things you do and inspiring people you meet.

One important thing to remember is being in long-distance relationship with a beautiful and smart Russian woman is much better than not having any relationship at all. If you’re persistent and determined, one day things will work out for you and setting up online dates will be a thing of the past. Before that, make use of these tips to make your relationship exciting and interesting. Keep the fire burning for as long as possible!

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