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What makes amazing Russian girl marry foreigners

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Female marriage migration as a social phenomenon appeared in the 90s, immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It took researchers quite a bit of time to understand that this is not just a trend, but also a serious problem. However, to this day, amazing Russian girls marry fiancés foreign countries and leave Russia to become citizens of other countries. How does all this threaten their historical homeland?

Marriage migrations

Sociologists note the ethnic peculiarity of marriage migrations. They believe that ethnic Russians, that is, the main population of the country, predominate in the flows.  It is not surprising, because in the minds of a Western man a strong image of a Russian woman has developed, and in addition to character features, this image also has appearance characteristics – tall, fair-haired, with fair skin and blue eyes, girls are incredibly highly valued abroad. Nevertheless, they are the gene pool of the original Russian nation.

«According to the latest sociological studies, young women go abroad: 60% – under the age of 30; 7% of them are under the age of 20; 30% – aged 30-40 years. The average age of marriage migrants is 28 years. »

The popularity of amazing Russian girls

Russian brides have been popular in the world at all times: they became queens, duchesses, wives of great musicians, artists, and writers. In addition, Russian grooms were also held in high esteem; especially they have become appreciated recently. But not all. Many foreigners claim that Russian women are the best wives. What do they find in Russian?

Amazing Russian girls marry fiancés from foreign countries and leave Russia to become citizens of other countries to be happier

The main reason for the popularity of Russian women among Western suitors was the rejection of feminist values by Russian brides. For a long time, two popular images were introduced into the minds of Russians: a businesswoman and the wife of an oligarch. There were not enough oligarchs at all, and many Russian women could not or didn’t want to become independent business women. A good substitute for the domestic prince on a white Mercedes was the western bridegroom – it became prestigious to marry a foreigner. In addition, here the interests of the Russians coincided with the interests of Western men – those just did not want to see next to them the emancipated compatriots who fought for their rights. Men began to complain about the lack of femininity, lack of tenderness and attention from their women. The amazing Russian girls can give all this, as it turned out, to them.

What does the western fiancé expect from a marriage with a Russian

But what is the portrait of a typical western men coming to Russia for an amazing Russian girl? This is a man aged 30 to 50 years, often divorced and has children. As a rule, average income. From marriage, such a man expects comfort and stability, confidence in his wife. Often wants children. It is not at all against the bride to have children – Western grooms are very calm about the woman’s past life.

For Western men, children – their own, future wife and joint are a life value. Therefore, the mother of three children can find her soul mate abroad. It is almost impossible for her to get married in Russia.

Amazing Russian girls love big families and also want to have many children. For most western men woman with children is just a gift

In many countries, family values are respected, and families have many children. The presence of a woman’s child is considered confirmation of her serious attitude to future marriage and the absence of adventurism. In addition, a man may not have children because of some disease, but want a foster. For such a homely affectionate woman with children – just a gift.

Willingness to raise the children of his chosen one depends on the ability to support a family. Without adequate income and housing, marriage is not common in most countries. Therefore, the young handsome groom with big money is an unscientific fantasy.

What attracts Russian wives to foreigners

Our women do not have pronounced feminist views, are more delicate in communication than foreign women are. They value family and home, are economic and love to cook. “The path to the man’s heart lies through the stomach” – means that the stronger sex appreciates home comfort. Moreover, Russian women remember this and willingly demonstrate their economic skills.

Russians are good-looking, look after their appearance and clothes. Moreover, if a short skirt, impeccable proportions and stilettos for Russian men are often the subject of caustic remarks, but foreigners sincerely admire it. Many Western women treat themselves rather casually; do not refuse food for the sake of a figure. Even French women rely on the notorious charm, not caring about maintaining it.

Amazing Russian girl is fond of delighting her husband’s eye. She is well groomed and combed in the morning, and carefully dressed to go shopping. She uses cosmetics and elegant clothes for walks and meetings with friends, while even French and Italians wear spectacular dresses exclusively for receptions.

A Russian wife hires a house cleaner only in extreme cases, keeping her house from the presence of an outside woman. Coziness and warmth are not only good furniture and a comfortable spacious apartment: the design is thought out carefully – with taste and love.

Moreover, Russian women are romantic, admire the presented flowers, and enjoy compliments. Expectations of expensive gifts are generally untypical for them.

In addition, they are not afraid of winter weather. When a blizzard rages outside the window, it is so pleasant to drink tea with homemade cookies and look at the beautiful mistress of the house, dressed in a bright home dress. Moreover, how not to fall in love with this, if she is always a holiday!

What countries are popular Russian brides

Russian brides are popular in many western countries. Flexibility and the ability to compromise are those traits that foreigners particularly value. Relations with a foreigner is a long, difficult, but interesting way. He can enrich a woman spiritually and culturally, but he can also shatter her hopes for happiness. A foreign husband is not at all a guarantee of solving life’s problems: as practice shows, the difficulties in gender relations are the same in all countries and on all continents. In addition, the recipes for the success of a marriage are the same: to love, respect, look one way, try to understand your man, whatever kind and tribe he may be.

Grooms from Europe

Restrained Norwegians and Swedes prefer foreign wives, because their compatriots do not burden themselves with household chores. The beauty of the bride is pleasant to them, but not paramount.

Practical Germans love order in the house, but also fall in love with beautiful Slavic women very often.

Italians fall for our women of any age, especially those who were married to mercantile compatriots. In their opinion, only Russians can talk heart to heart and show affection.

In addition, our women consider the Spaniards and the British the best European husbands. However, many alliances are also concluded with citizens from the former socialist camp, sometimes not the most affluent.

Oriental grooms

Russians also marry Muslims, Indians. In addition, taking local customs and rules, they are most often quite happy. The Chinese are considered good, reliable husbands, and Russian girls are increasingly choosing them to create a family. You can have more than one child with a foreigner: in China, mixed families do not have a limit on the number of children. For a Chinese, a Russian wife is a real gift: only she can come home from work – and put cakes in the oven. Local women are spoiled for attention, because there are 40 million fewer of them in the country than men are.

In China, they love European appearance and blonde hair, but brown-eyed brown-haired women do not remain without attention. Grooms are often tall, athletic. In addition, of course, those who are wealthy, to go after a wife on a long trip and pay for the services of an intermediary cannot afford the poor.

The Chinese are considered good and reliable husbands, so Russian amazing girls are increasingly choosing them to create a family

True, English is not widely spoken in China – you will have to learn Chinese. Russian girls are increasingly getting education at Chinese universities and can get jobs with such a diploma. There is also a lot of work for English teachers – prestigious and well paid. You can also take a closer look at the suitors.

American grooms

Russia has very high competition among women. Otherwise, there are too many women, and too few men. Moreover, seasoned in these harsh conditions, Russians are better able to compete at international brides’ fair with residents of other countries, competitive conditions in which women can lead a more relaxed life.

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