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Patrick Grimes & Co. Solictors -Legal Services in Lane Cove – Legal Services in Lane Cove



Buying or selling a residential or commercial property is a significant event that requires specialist advice. Patrick Grimes and Co. Solicitors is uniquely positioned to assist our clients with all property transactions.

Wills & Estates

Your will is an important legal document, stating how you would like your assets to be distributed. Patrick Grimes & Co. Solicitors offers an easy and cost-effective way to obtain a will in Lane Cove and the Sydney region.

Commercial Law

We work with commercial clients at all levels, from SMEs to corporates. Our Solicitors offer pragmatic advice on a wide range of matters including commercial agreements, guarantees and security documents.

Commercial Leasing

Whether you’re a tenant negotiating terms to rent premises, or a landlord leasing a commercial property you own, Patrick Grimes & Co. Solicitors can negotiate and advise on terms of your commercial lease agreements.

Debt Recovery

When disputes happen over debts that are owed to you, it can be difficult to approach the parties to recover your money. Patrick Grimes & Co. Solicitors can act on your behalf and take action to assist in recovering outstanding debts.

General Legal Matters

Servicing the Lane Cove community for almost 50 years, our legal experts have great experience in handling general legal matters. Our team has worked with businesses and the local community to serve their best interests.

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An estate lawyer can make a significant difference in a person’s future. If you live in Illinois and are looking to move away, it is important to look for an estate attorney to handle your affairs for you. There are several differences between a normal lawyer and an estate lawyer, and they should be taken into consideration before making a decision. Here are some of the most common differences:

The first difference is that the lawyer is not required to take a course on wills & estates. This is often a requirement for a lawyer who wants to practice in the state. If a lawyer does not want to take a course, he or she will have to choose a different profession. A good estate lawyer can be found without taking any courses, as the profession of this field does not require any courses. This is why it is so important to do some research into a lawyer’s past before making a decision about their future services.

The second difference is that lawyers work exclusively for the benefit of the estate of the client. This means that when a client dies, the lawyer only gets paid if the client has a last will and testament and everything else that is required to make sure that everything goes according to plan. The lawyer is usually paid by commission. This means that a lawyer has to make money to help his or her clients, so it is not a very good job.

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Because a person does not have to give up his or her assets to a person called a will-maker, it can cost more to find the services of an estate attorney. A typical lawyer will charge around $100 for consultation services. This is a standard fee, but it can be increased if you feel that the case you need advice on is one that is especially complicated. A regular lawyer will likely charge slightly less because he or she will be able to save you a lot of time and effort on this type of case.

Another huge difference between estate lawyers and normal lawyers is that estate lawyers have a lot more power. They can make legal decisions on behalf of their clients based on their own judgment and their knowledge of the laws of the state in which they work. If a person needs to make a decision regarding the financial affairs of his or her estate, a regular lawyer might not be able to make a decision in the best interest of his or her client. An estate lawyer, however, can take up to eighty percent of the estate, meaning that the estate of the client will go to him or her after death. if the person decides to divide his or her assets.

Estate lawyers also have the power to take possession of a property that is owned by the client. In order for a person to get legal ownership of a home, he or she must go through the courts, or the courts to get the house appraised and assessed. An estate lawyer can help his or her client to do this on the client’s behalf and take possession of the property.

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Estate lawyers have a lot more information than just the basics for making estate decisions. They also can help a client decide whether or not to put an insurance policy in place. This includes looking at various insurance plans that will cover your loved ones’ funeral costs and medical bills in the event of your death. Most of all, they can help a person establish a trust in his or her will, which will provide some sort of financial protection against creditors in case of a death.

A good lawyer can help you take advantage of the many options that are available to you as a person that is no longer living. If you are not planning to move away, a good lawyer can help you determine what sort of support you will need. in case you die and you do not have anyone to pass your savings down to. This way, even if you pass on with your money still in your pocket, your family will be provided with the funds that you have provided for them.