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Confidentiality of your personal virtual data

This current Privacy policy depicts the user’s rights, regulated by the EULA and GDPR, concerning his technical and non-technical data that we gather.

Your IP address, your device data, your Internet provider’s title, the website you visit before or after our site, and other similar information is gathered and saved automatically.

Every user should be aware that his data, gathered automatically or manually for the site purposes, is completely covered and protected by the EULA, GDPR, and other local and international regulations. Therefore, using our site is safe for you.
Some pages and features of our site can be accessed without gathering any personal information from the users.

You are aware that if you include any personal information or contacts to your comments to the articles or while trying to contact the authors or other third parties, we do not bear any further responsibility for that.

You also acknowledge that any logins, passwords, and other information that helps you to access and use our site, should be kept from others and stored by you in a protected place/folder.

If you are a parent of a child under 18 years old and you want to protect his/her data or other interests, please contact us and provide all accompanying information so that we can help you. However, you acknowledge that we do not intentionally gather the children’s information nor we obligatory verify the users’ age.