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Really do Russian women like Americans nowadays?

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Russian and American men have significant differences in mentality. Americans know how to treat a woman as a fair sex, not expecting in return that his woman of the heart would gladly take up washing socks and ironing shirts. However, Russian men expect this from a woman. There is a stereotype firmly in Russian minds that a woman should pull on herself both work, life, and children, and sometimes her husband. Americans prefer hired workers to do their homework. If opportunities do not allow you to use the services of a housemaid, then an American man, even in this case, will not put all the housework on fragile female shoulders.

In the United States, the male population is about 52 percent and continues to increase compared to the female, mainly because most of the migration flow from Mexico and Southeast Asia is made up of men. Besides, the American man is not threatened by such diverse life dangers as the Russian one.

American men through the eyes of Russian girls

The idea of America of most Russian women, and therefore of American men, consists of continuous myths. We look at the Hollywood beauties, and it seems to us that American men are the most beautiful, sexiest and, of course, the wealthiest. Yes, the magic word “American” alone imposes a seal of exclusivity on a person. There are several common features to understand really do Russian women like Americans:

  • Bouquets of flowers are sold for a penny in all supermarkets, but men rarely give them to women. A bouquet brought on a date will make the girl think that the person is a loser and is desperately trying to win her favor.
  • Americans are incredible workaholics. If you arrive at the office at 6 a.m. or sit at work until midnight, no one will appreciate it. That is how many work.
  • It is not customary for Americans to make friends on the street. If someone came up to you, get ready to hear a foreign accent.
  • Americans without hesitation talk about the bed and the anatomical structure of both women and men, as if it were a conversation about the weather.

Where can Russian woman meet an American

It is only in false Hollywood films that the characters easily meet on the streets, immediately fall into each other’s arms, and their passionate love continues until the happy end. But in real life, Americans are very closed people. The most difficult step in finding an American husband is where exactly it possible to meet a US citizen. Here there may be several options:

  • at work;
  • in the Internet;
  • at a party or cultural event;
  • on the street or in the bar;
  • on vacation abroad.

Of course, ideally, it is best to get to know a person personally, and not on the Internet. This will allow deeply examine the man for whether he is suitable for you or not. According to statistics, almost 20% of newlyweds in the USA met via the Internet.

Marrying an American

America is a country in which dreams become reality, a country of free people. So many of Russian girls think and dream about American, with pockets stuffed with dollars, offers a hand and a heart. Further, according to Russian girls, there is a paradise on earth!

In fact, of course, this does not always happen. The fate of each couple develops in its own way. Someone is lucky and he is in conditions much better than before the wedding. Someone trapped and living in poverty and eternal economy. Most women, most of them, leaving the border, try to provide themselves with a safety net, immediately find work or go to study.

American men and money

Most people in US live on credit. It is practically socially approved model. A loan for study, for a car, for a house, many different credit cards – government build the entire financial model in such a way that it is practically impossible to remain indebted to anyone. Russian women like Americans for practicality.

Do Russian women like Americans for practicality and their attitude to life on credit?

An American man always thinks that at the end of the month he will have to pay bills and loans anyway. In addition, there is nothing worse for an American than being late in paying and ruining his credit history, as this can lower the standard of living he is used to. Therefore, to ask your future husband about annual income is simply necessary.

Career and family

It is generally accepted that all Americans are careerists. It is a reality. The most important thing for most of them is their social status, which is most often acquired through systematic career advancement. The American man, of course, appreciates the family, he considers it a reliable rear, and all his aspirations are aimed at gaining recognition at work and in society. Moreover, most often, American men believe that in this way they take care of the family, create a reliable material base for their loved ones.

A common occurrence among Americans seeking Russian wives is a single father (who for various reasons has lost his spouse). He purposefully seeks a new wife, who would become his children and mother, and a nanny in one person, so as not to spend money on the services of babysitters, cleaners and cooks.

Attitudes towards children

Do Russian women like Americans because of their attitudes towards children? Americans consider having children a must for a harmonious family. They treat their children with great trepidation and most often create large families. However, it is worth remembering that their mentality and methods of education and training may not coincide with yours. It seems to Russians that American children are quite licentious and spoiled. They can scream at their parents, demand the impossible, disobey, do whatever they want. In addition, when you try to scream at or spank a child, you can hear threats to call the police, both from the child and from strangers who have witnessed the incident.

In most large families, women, as a rule, work as a “mother”, they do not earn money themselves. In the case of divorce of all children to the age of majority, the husband, who did not obstruct himself with a marriage contract, loses most of his property and income.

Juvenile justice in the United States is more developed than in Russia. They explain to children from a very young age that no one has the right to beat them, raise their voices, force them to do something, including their parents. This is a good practice, but it does not always lead to the desired consequences. However, unfortunately, not everyone knows how to negotiate and, accordingly, can teach this to their children. They then pass on such destructive behaviors to others. However, many Americans are confident that this develops leadership skills and allows children protect their interests in adulthood. Perhaps this is indeed so.

Children from a previous marriage

If your future husband already has children from a previous marriage, then you should discuss in advance the policy of interaction with them. This topic can be complex and sensitive. In addition, given your cultural differences and ignorance of some local realities, you need to be very careful in this matter. Do not try to become a second mother for babies – be neutral and keep a polite distance.

Divorce with American

Divorce in America is a long and costly process. American divorce usually takes at least a year. The case should be considered in court, often the process is delayed and a huge amount of money is spent on lawyers.

Of course, if there is a prenuptial agreement signed before the wedding, or if the family has no children and no complaints against each other, then everything can end faster. However, most often a divorce is accompanied by an unpleasant clarification of relations and disputes over children, real estate, cars, etc. Sometimes, in order to avoid all these legal difficulties, spouses who have maintained normal relations come to the decision to simply live separately from each other.

Do Russian women like Americans because of their attitudes towards the law when it comes to divorce?

«As a rule, after a divorce, a woman has the right to continue to reside in the United States, if she has not been noticed any gross violations of the law. Children are likely to be left to the one who earns more and can provide them with better living conditions. In this case, the second party will be required to pay child support. »

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