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Russian cities with most attractive women

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Russian women are the most attractive women in the world, such an opinion is a broadcast by all foreigners (including those who know about Russia only in the “Putin-bears-balalaika” band). However, those who have learned the mysterious girlish Russian soul a little closer can tell about the Russian women much more. Ladies from Russia are high-minded, powerful, with strong character. It is well-known fact, that Russian women are smarter than any other women, especially in high technology. They easily can handle the usage of two or more gadgets or various applications, always ready to search new, updated information. However, it is a paradox, but frequently; these modern most attractive women have old fashioned and archaic opinions different things.

If you think, that with Russians women is everything the same like with others women, you are totally wrong my friend. You need to be very attentive with them because nobody knows what to expect from them. They are unforeseeable. Sometimes they do not have limits in their mind and imagination. Russian women believe that everything is possible: you can quit your job and start something else, outside the professional domain, pack your suitcase two hours before the trip, write a bestseller or make a movie. They are very flexible and have no barriers.

Moscow –city of most self-confident women

The capital Moscow is full of many interesting points. In the capital, life is in full swing so that every day can be unpredictable. The most attractive women live in this city. Moscow, thanks to its beautiful places and sights, allows girls to take beautiful and at the same time sometimes funny pictures. Every beauty is trying to stand out from the crowd. In the capital, you can meet girls in stylish or retro clothes, with bright or insanely black makeup, with red or purple lips.

Beautiful, strong, self-confident and most attractive women come to Moscow. Moreover, the choice, in general, is becoming greater. When there are beautiful and unattractive girls, the first are better known, because the unattractive ones are not noticed. This is a psychological effect. When there are few beautiful ones, it starts to seem so, even though in percentage terms they can be in equal numbers compared to a place where there are fewer girls in the total mass.

Many Russian women seem to be arrogant, a slight contempt in their views penetrates, apparently, they believe that living is a great achievement in life. Adult women mostly make a favorable impression; there are many intelligent women, with smart faces and good speech.

She is smart and very attractive

In the first place, men always have an assessment of unconscious reproductive potential: chest, buttocks, waist, eyes, healthy hair, and so on. Men thus unconsciously determine how healthy a girl is and what her ability to have a healthy baby is. On the other hand, if we take Moscow exactly, then competitive ability matters, that is, what Russian women can achieve. Now they are interested in what position the woman can occupy, how courageous she is, where she managed to visit. Women also value their achievements. Such features have been observed more and more often in recent years.

Saint-Petersburg – city of most intelligent women

There is an opinion that each city has its own females. So what are the most attractive women of St. Petersburg? Do they have one thing in common, according to which one can proudly or not say that this lady is from St. Petersburg?

Petersburg women always dress as if they leave home for about a year. Blouse, sweater, coat, hat, scarf. Simpler shoes are sneakers; you do not get high heels. It became warm – threw off the coat, it became warmer – pulled off the sweater, it became very hot, can remain in the t-shirt, right on the bare chest. Yes, everything is possible for St. Petersburg ladies. They are free, like gulls over the city. Freedom is their maiden creed.

She reads tones of books every year

They dye their hair in such wild colours that they are escorted by the Hermitage Atlanteans with thoughtful looks. They can walk with shabby manicure and not hide the fingers of their right hand in their left glove. By the way, they can wear gloves of different styles and tones. On one hand is green, on the other is scarlet. And of course, a fan to wear. As if it is very hot there.

However, it is striking that Russian women are not predisposed to any acquaintance with men. Even with a cursory glance, everyone (without exception, which is extremely surprising) in St. Petersburg most attractive women have a “position “written on her face,” I am confident and self-reliant, I do not need anyone.”

This is an extremely fundamental difference between St. Petersburg society and other cities. In the same Moscow, the transmitted “subtext” looks at least like “I want a man, but so that he is rich, beautiful, sexy, and that he runs after me.” Here the position is just one: “I do not need anyone.”

Samara – the city of most beautiful women

There can be no objective evidence. Moreover, why in Samara the most beautiful women, no one knows. There are, of course, very strange versions that Catherine the Great exiled beauties to Samara, because of her incredible backwoods, who seemed to her rivals. Most attractive women, but nothing more.

Already in the 19th century, Samara beauties were spinning their heads. A remarkable story is with the young playwright Ostrovsky, whose eyes were burning of Samara young women who convinced that his first play was good and he should continue to compose. The young women, by the way, persuaded Ostrovsky to read the play, because the author was too shy. He naively believed that he sings well, and fooled the girls with singing, but Samara girls are not only the most beautiful. Ostrovsky was persuaded to read Bankrupt, the play was very warmly received, and he believed in himself! Samara girls set him on the true path much earlier than they set the great Gogol, to whom they attribute mistakenly a large role of Ostrovsky’s fate on the true path.

Russian women are everywhere. However, smart and most attractive women, such as in Samara, you probably will not find. Therefore, girls marry so well. Among them, most now live outside of Samara and Russia. In England, Italy, France, USA, Colombia, Germany – a lot of European and only countries.

Even more men from all over the world will strive to get to Samara, because here the most beautiful girls. That means the best wives. This is a two-part story. The first is an element of the local brand, which continues to attract men from all over the world to Samara. The second is girls who become wives. They bring Russian culture to the world. This sounds pathetic, but most attractive women of Samara who have married and left abroad not only continue to return to their homeland and bring their children there, but also promote a positive image around the world. The fact that they are from Samara.

Krasnodar – the city of slender women

Krasnodar is the administrative center of the Krasnodar Territory. The city has many luxurious attractions; here is the birthplace of delicious fruits and vegetables. From here, the annually obtained crop is exported, delicious wine is made here. The same as the juicy fruits here and the local Russian women. Krasnodar is full of most attractive women who attract the eyes of men. In the city, in which you can meet girls driving, trying to elegantly park, fashionable women in short skirts or a neckline, as well as impregnable women with red lipstick on their lips.

You can drown in her eyes

Men are ready to fall at their feet, and girls dream of being like them – successful and beautiful divas. The fertile land of the Kuban was brought up by them, they are proud that they spent their childhood in the region where wheat is earning, two seas are splashing – Black and Azov, and the sun has been warming almost all year. They manage to not only keep the family hearth, cook borscht and cut salad in the kitchen, but also make their dreams and desires true.

Only the Russian women of the Krasnodar Territory can fully demonstrate the true feminine beauty of the southern type: dark wet eyes under curved eyebrows, thick fluffy hair, a slender figure, and the outstanding development of mammary glands. Also in this agricultural region, there is one expression denoting a ridiculously small plot of land: “There is nowhere for most attractive women to sit.” As you probably guessed, this endemic phraseology was widely used precisely because of the particular physique that a significant part of the female population of the southern capital shows with age.

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