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Russian dating site – how many women should you write to?

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If you’ve just registered on a Russian dating site, you may be wondering how many women you should write to. In the ideal world, you would see a woman of your dreams the moment you came to the site. You would contact her immediately, and she would return your affections. After a brief correspondence, you would make a trip to Russia and meet her face-to face. Your feelings would grow even stronger, so you would marry without any further delay and live happily ever after.

But the truth is, such stories are rather exception than the norm. Most men on international dating sites have to go through hundreds profiles and meet many wonderful Russian women online before they find someone compatible and things start working out.

Is it fair to write to many women at the same time?

You may wonder whether it’s fair to write to more than one woman on a Russian dating site. And the answer is yes, there is nothing wrong about that. At the initial stages of your online dating experience all the women you write to are no more than just panpals – you get to know each other, exchange thoughts and ideas, discuss your views on family, romance and marriage. Just like you write to a few women at the same time to increase your chances for success, each of those women write to more than one man. And this is absolutely normal.

Find Russian girls for love on a dating site

When you want to rent a house, book a holiday or find your dream job, you don’t stick to the very first offer that comes your way. You read many adds, you make many phone calls, you negotiate, you reject and get rejected. After a lot of effort and hard work you eventually get what you want. And you know it all depends on a great deal of luck. Same with finding your soul mate over the internet. You read profiles, contact women, start many correspondences, and keep many connections. You search and search until you’re fortunate to find a woman you could call your life partner. Hard work always pays off.

How to contact women you like

But before you start writing to women on a Russian dating site, there is a bit of home work to do.

Take trouble over your profile

Firstly, make your profile presentable, interesting and engaging. Start with selecting photos – make sure your face is clearly visible, and you look cheerful and friendly. If you don’t have a picture you could use on a dating site, make sure to take a lot of photos either with your smartphone camera or with a dedicated one. If you’re not sure you can take a good snap of yourself, go for a professional photo session. Having a good picture means you’re halfway to success. Then fill in the profile form, providing as much information about you as possible. Make sure to keep it cheerful and optimistic.

Select the women you like

After that, do a quick search on the Russian dating site based upon your general criteria – age, education, English level, number of kids, height and weight, hair colour and so on. Bookmark all the profiles you like and start reading them all one by one. If you find a profile interesting, keep it in the list. If you feel you’re not compatible with a person – delete their profile at once. After you’re done with this task, you should have no less than 15 to 30 profiles that you liked the most.

Going through many women’s profiles on dating sites

Start contacting girls

Now our should contact each of those 15-30 women you’ve selected. Make sure to write more than just “hi, how are you” or anything of this sort. It shouldn’t be a quick message, but a thoughtful letter. O course, it will take time and effort to write thirty personal letters, but this way you’re sure to increase your response rate. To make it easier, write a generic letter about yourself, and then personalize this letter when contacting each woman – mention things they specified in their profile, discuss thing you have in common, or tell a joke.

When a woman receives a personal letter on a Russian dating site, it immediately gives a man much higher chances of getting a positive reply. Generic letters are usually frowned upon – in most cases, they’re simply ignored. But if a woman feels you took trouble to read her profile and write a mail specially for her, she’s generally inclined to respond.

In a few days, you’ll find out how many correspondences you’ll have to deal with. If it’s around ten, keep writing to these women and see what’s going to happen. If you get less than that, keep going through profiles on the site and contacting other ladies. Of course, it sounds like a lot of work, but all your efforts will be rewarded when you find the woman of your dream. It takes lots of patience and dedication to find a suitable person through an online dating service.

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Contacting Russian girls on a dating site

Why you shouldn’t talk to only one woman

Of course, in the end of the day you’ll end up dating and marrying only one woman. But in the process of searching for someone special it’s important to get to know Russian women in general. By talking to many girls, you’ll become more experienced. You’ll get to know what Slavic ladies are like, what they expect from a partner in a romantic relationship, what are their likes and dislikes. When you meet your soul meet, it will be easier for you to talk to her and to avoid possible clashes of cultures. Talking online to members of the opposite sex is no cheating, so you shouldn’t be worried about moralities. Eventually all the women you wrote to can become your good friends.

Don’t get discouraged if women don’t reply

A low response rate on a Russian dating site is one more reason to contact as many girls as possible. If you write your beautiful personal letters and get only two or three responses, don’t lose heart. You shouldn’t blame yourself or feel like a loser. There are quite a few reasons why women don’t respond on dating sites:

  • Negative experiences in the past. It may happen that in the past a woman sent a polite refusal to a man, but his reaction was overly negative. Some men can’t bear being rejected and start abusing a women they were interested in, calling her names and even threatening her.
  • She’s no longer active on the site. It’s not uncommon for both men and women to register on a Russian dating site but never actually use it there are various reasons for doing so: some people are simply curious, other just wanted to look through the photos of registered members, yet others were serious about finding a partner at first, but later changed their mind.
  • They’ve already met someone. When a person is in a serious relationship with someone, they usually remove their profile from a dating site. But if they still have some doubts, they may choose to keep it for some time. So, even though a woman is available to contact, she may not respond because she’s interested in someone else.

If you choose to contact one woman at a time, it may be discouraging and heartbreaking if you never receive a reply no matter how charming your letters are. However, if you write to many women at once, you’ll always get a few replies. It will boost your self esteem, give you some confidence and make you believe in success.

When should you reduce the number of women you write to?

Of course, writing to many women on a Russian dating site is acceptable only when you get to know people. When you actually start a romantic relationship with someone and you feel that both of you are serious about your future together, you may want to focus on a correspondence with this girl. But if you’re equally interested in a few women, keep writing to all of them until you meet them face-to face. In this case, we would suggest you avoid making any promises or giving false hopes.

These were some thoughts about how many women you should talk to in a Russian dating site. But of course, everyone’s love story is different, and it’s up to you whether to follow any advice. But if you feel like writing to more than one woman, you should know that it’s perfectly acceptable.

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