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Why Russian girls looking for men abroad

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Slavic ladies are distinguished not only by their beauty, inner strength and attractiveness, but also by what women from the West lack so much, namely femininity, humility, tolerance and kindness.

Everything seems to be clear here. However, a quite logical question arises – why do so well rounded Russian girls looking for men in the foreign countries? More and more girls seeking to marry foreigner understand that first they need to get an education and work, and successful marriage is already a consequence of the initial adaptation in a new country. They do not tell their stories and do not shout about their problems.

«The expectation of foreigners for Russian women is understandable; they are very different from ladies of other nationalities. The Russians include all the benefits of representatives of different parts of the world.»

Why do foreign grooms prefer Russian women

If it possible to look deeper into the situation, it will clear that West and Asian men do not give preference to women on any kind of national basis. They only interested in the personal qualities – all the qualities that interest foreign grooms are present among Russian ladies.

The growing need for foreigners to marry a Russian woman still forces them to look for a bride in the Russian Federation. In some European countries, there are many practical exercises where foreign grooms can learn in detail how to write a message, call a Russian woman, agree about her, and get married and how to behave with her after the wedding. So what is the reason? Why are so many foreign suitors of different ages so interested in Russian ladies?

Reasons to choose a Russian woman as a wife

Foreign men want to meet a young woman who will love and appreciate him, and who will belong to him completely, that is, she will agree to marry him. It may sound naive, but these men want to be loved and needed. The very presence of such a woman in his life is valuable to him – no matter how economic she is.

In any case, household chores are divided between spouses: caring for children, cooking, cleaning, purchasing food – everyone contributes, there is no such thing as a foreigner husband lying on the couch and watching TV, and a Slavic wife scurrying around the house. Even if a woman does not work, and a man is busy during the day at the office, he will help when he arrives home until the children are put to bed.

In general, the reason why Western men decide to look for a bride abroad is the same why our girls begin to communicate with foreign grooms: a balance of supply and demand. A person wants to find certain qualities in a partner, is not able to find such a spouse at home, so he begins to look at other options offered in the field of dating and discovers that what seems like a pipe dream at home is available to him abroad.

Reasons to choose a Russian woman as a wife the same as Russian girls looking for man from the West.

What can a foreigner find in a Slavic bride

All foreigners are looking for good looking brides – it is more important thing for them. Russian ladies focus a lot of time to their seeming, even if they are going for a walk or to throw out trash. This is a big plus in the eyes of foreigners;

Foreigners are pragmatists. They are simply afraid of losing their money, which will be exacted from them if the girl inadvertently sues for inappropriate treatment of her. In Russia, it seems absurd if a guy brought a girl to a restaurant, and they pay separately. In the West, this is commonplace.

In European countries, difficulties arise with this – there women are more oriented toward a career, they postpone family ties and having children until a later age. Men do not tend to wait. Russian women are happy to get married, give birth to children, while the duration of the novel before registration at the registry office can be only a few months.

«Most of all Russian women are not satisfied with the attitude to life in Russian men. A rare man does not consider it dishonorable to wash the dishes or prepare dinner. Vacuumed – performed a feat. A man came home from work, lay down on a sofa, and his wife had to serve food, then clean everything up and redo a lot of things, as most Russians think.»

Why Russian girls looking for men? Because it is a balance of supply and demand.

Why Russian girls looking for men abroad

Almost every man wants to be the head of the family he creates. In addition, when he is disappointed in the search for his soul mate in his native land, he decides to look away – in other countries, in the hope that the foreigner will be grateful to him for his choice and of course, he will love and respect for given her the opportunity. This is one of the probable reasons.

In addition, in a more stable state, living calmer and easier to advance in terms of career. The fact that you are not local does not bother you at all, just as the fact that you were not born in Moscow if you moved there to live and work does not hinder your talents. You can earn a high salary for yourself. Even in the most ordinary “female” profession: such as a teacher, educator or nurse.

Western women take things easy

In the West, even a woman of average appearance is not difficult to find a partner for a serious relationship. Therefore, girls are not bothered by everyday march throws in heels in short dresses – they are also loved in shorts with T-shirts, without a hairstyle and without makeup. Western girls leave beautiful dresses and make-up for special occasions.

Any woman can look prettier with makeup, hairstyle and figure-emphasizing clothing. However, Western ladies just do not need it. They already have no problems with men’s attention.

Realities of partner search abroad

In general, the reason why Western men decide to begin to communicate with foreign brides is the same why Russian girls looking for men: a balance of supply and demand. A person wants to find certain qualities in a partner, is not able to find such a spouse at home, so he begins to look at other options offered in the field of dating and discovers that what seems like a pipe dream at home is available to him abroad.

For Russian women, an ordinary Western man is attractive: a house, a car, stable work with a few thousand dollars a month earnings, a desire to start a family. Such men are rarely alone with us – a bride or girlfriend will be found in the moment. Here, one does not surprise anyone with such wealth.

They need the girl to be well informed in the “art of small talk”, that is, small talk (small talk — as people who met each other for the first time talk about), knew how to behave in a decent society.

Western women do not try to look beautiful so Russian girls looking for a man succeed in this.

What do Russian girls like foreigners

Some women like fiancés from foreign countries  because they dislike Russian men (in their eyes, all Russian men are endowed with negative qualities). Some women like foreigners because they don’t like Russia, and they consider emigrating or believe that all foreigners are a priori more financially wealthy. Another interesting detailed explanation is that only male foreigners are able to admire a woman sincerely and as if “just like that”, that is, without implying or demanding anything in return. Moreover, to admire in this way for quite some time. But Russian men are “squeezed” by the expectation of deception on the part of women, greedy for giving their resources “just like that”, all the time they seem to imply or even directly ask: “what in return? Will there be sex?” etc., which contradicts the beliefs of women about how a real man should be.

What attract foreigners

Among those girls who have or had relations with nationals of other states, 58% started a relationship during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

More often than others, girls between the ages of 18 and 23 meet with foreigners (78%).

When asked about the qualities that attract Russian girls as guests abroad, 67% indicated the prospect of becoming a foreigner’s wife and moving to another country. 26% noted the appearance of visiting men and their openness. 7% of girls said that they were attracted by exotic.

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