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Why are Russian women so beautiful and what you will definitely find appealing?

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It’s no secret that Russian women are considered incredibly beautiful, and it’s one of those widespread stereotypes that actually happen to stand true. Take a stroll along the street in any Russian city, and the chances are that you will see more attractive girls than you’ve met in your own country during your entire life. Well, maybe it’s a bit of an exaggeration here, but only a bit. In this article, let’s try to figure out why are Russian women so beautiful and what makes them so.

Misconception or truth?

Even the most “prepared” foreigner who visits Russia is inevitably surprised by the number of pretty girls he meets on the street, in buses, metro, shops and roadside cafes. It looks like all of them take an immense pride in looking as picture-perfect as it’s humanly possible, and that’s irrespective of day of the week, occasion and weather conditions.

In spite of the undoubtedly appealing visual effect, at first you may think that Russian ladies are kind of overdressed and their bright, vivid makeup is out of place. The truth is, most of the women in Russia are accustomed to a different style of dressing and grooming up, and this is one of the factors that make them so attractive. But of course, it takes much more then clothes to look absolutely breathtaking.

Why are Russian Women so beautiful

There is a lot of grey area in labelling female section of one nation as more attractive than that of the other, but according to various sources, Slavic women are really considered the most beautiful in the world. This is absolutely true. If you happened to watch a beauty contest at least once, you will know what to compare the streets of any Russian city with.

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Historical theories about world famous beauty of Russian women

There is a couple of theories that attempt to explain the secret behind the phenomenal attractiveness of Slavic ladies. One of the most popular of them states that it’s due to the subtle blend of different racial types that has been formed on the territory of present day Russia over the many centuries. The mixture of western and eastern distinctive features resulted in that we call a remarkable Slavic beauty.

A typical pretty girl in Russia or Ukraine has a lovely face (either round or oval), sparkling eyes (hazel, blue or green), clear white skin and radiant smile.

Apart from that, in searches for answers behind the secret of Russian ladies’ astonishing beauty, many researchers point out the Soviet Union’s enormous manpower loses in the Second World War. With the male-to-female sex ratio severely imbalanced, women had to compete ferociously for the potential mates who were still around. It resulted in young women trying to look as attractive as possible even in spite of harsh economical conditions. They used to dress up nicely, take some extra care of their nails and hair, put makeup and, most importantly, talk sweetly and lovingly to men.

In the long run, such line of action caused a lot of horrendous outcomes which persist till today. For example, Slavic men are generally considered overly spoiled and self-centred. But this is exactly what increases your chances with a gorgeous, beautiful and stylish Russian girl!

Favourable climatic conditions

Climate is one of the factors that explain why are Russian women so beautiful. Due to distinctive change of four seasons, mild summer and prolonged winter, the skin of Eastern European ladies remains fresh and elastic for a considerable period of time. In a number of western countries women’s skin starts to show the signs of aging much earlier due to the uncontrolled exposure to the sun. Add to that the fact that Russian and Ukrainian girls are taught to look after their skin since a very young age, and you’ll know the secret of their radiant looking faces!

Beautiful Russian girl

Appreciation for external beauty

For many Russian women, external beauty is a potent way of expressing themselves. Attractive looks, including pretty hairstyle, makeup, slim and fit body and fashionable outfits, are as important for a Slavic girl as having a great personality, vast intellect and beautiful inner world. That’s why an average girl in Russia cares way more about her appearance than an average girl in Germany, Britain, Netherland or any other western country.

Of course, any woman likes to look attractive irrespective of what part f the world she is from, but in Russia and other Eastern European countries it’s more common. Slavic girls have a great appreciation for glamour and charm. With their pretty dresses, high heels and fur-coats, their long, carefully polished nails, curled hair and seductive make up, they tend to look incredibly doll-like, glamorous and fashionable.

Beautiful Slavic woman

There may be various reasons for this: some women do try to be more appealing to the opposite sex, others just make a statement, and still others keep up a certain public image. Besides, isn’t it pleasant to actually like your own reflection in the mirror? Whatever the reason of all those efforts is, the fact is, you will hardly find a Russian girl who would appear in shabby clothes in public.

Active lifestyle

Juggling a career, hobby studies and social connections, an average Russian woman lives a very active lifestyle. With all that, many people in Russia use public transport on a daily basis, which means ladies get a lot of exercise while walking to bus and train stops. Some of them even prefer to reach their workplaces on foot. And yes, high heels are not an obstacle here!

Also, not only women of the older generation, but also young girls truly enjoy gardening and often spend their weekends working at dachas in the suburbs. That’s why you can hardly find an overweight young woman on the streets of Russian cities.

Besides, physical fitness and good health are held in high regard among Slavic women. Many of them attend a gym or workout at home. Lots of girls practice samba, Argentinean tango or belly dance trying to keep their bodies in shape.

Other qualities that amplify the external attractiveness

It’s not only external beauty that you will find particularly appealing in Russian girls. Their charm is a combined result of the whole set of factors. Let’s point out some of them:

Slavic women are extremely family oriented

If you have a serious intention to get married and start a family, you’d better consider finding a life partner in Russia or Ukraine. Traditional family values are no longer a priority in most western countries, with young people of both sexes being preoccupied with other things. Statistics show that modern men and women are in no hurry to settle down and tie a knot, let alone to have kids.

After all, there are so many other exciting things to do:

  • building a successful career;
  • pursuing a time-consuming hobby;
  • enjoying yourself in a company of friends;
  • fulfilling all sorts of dreams and so on.

However, women in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are still rather conservative in their life choices. The majority of young girls in Eastern Europe consider getting married and having kids their true calling.

Romance and being courted by a man is still of value

It’s no secret that the feminist movement has dramatically changed the relationships between men and women throughout the world. Many girls in western countries would find it inappropriate and even insulting if a guy starts courting them. They value their newly reclaimed freedom and try to prove their equality with men at every opportunity.

If you consider yourself an old-fashioned kind of man would really enjoy courting a girl he likes, dating a Russian girl is the right thing to do. A Slavic lady is highly unlikely to get insulted if you open a door in front of her or give her a hand when getting off a bus. Russian women like all sorts of romantic things:

  • getting flowers, chocolates and small surprises;
  • listening to romantic songs;
  • texting each other and exchanging sweet words;
  • walk in the moonlight hand-in-hand.

Russian girls are educated and intelligent

It’s considered a negative thing in Russia if one doesn’t have a degree. Girls do study hard in order to get a degree, but it’s not the only thing that makes them smart and interesting to talk to. Many Russian women have a genuine appreciation for literature, art, music and worldwide events. You’ll never get bored when taking a Slavic girl out. Make sure to revise your knowledge of expressionistic paintings and Dostoyevsky’s characters before courting a Russian woman!

As you see, it’s impossible to say in just a few words why are Russian women so beautiful. It’s a combination of various factors that makes them so attractive and truly irresistible!

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