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Russian women culture and how to find common with them

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Beautiful Russian brides are very popular in the West countries where a standard of living is high. There are all the conditions for foreign potential suitors to a safe life with a woman from Russia. Nevertheless, every man would like to have not just a beautiful girl next to him, but also a patient, sensitive, tender wife who will take care of him as a child, love and be faithful. Russian brides are famous for all these qualities.

When the bunny phase passes, it is time for a real relationship. International couples sometimes have difficulty. A different mentality does not always allow living without controversy.

Russian women are increasingly valued in the global marriage market. Why?

Modern women in the United States are very independent. They live their lives and do not care about their husbands. Moreover, men want a housewife who will stay at home, raise their children and wait for him in the evening. Similar desires have many men from Europe, where the vast majority of women are fascinated by the ideas of feminism and focus on career.

It seems that in a couple of years, there will be absolutely no one to give birth in developed countries; everyone will disperse on personal growth trainings and business conferences. Russians are mostly not so progressive. While others are trying to get out of the notorious “comfort zone”, they just go there with all their hearts and lacked this comfort all lives, which is why we appreciate it and create it in every possible way. There is still a belief in Russians that a woman is inferior without a husband and children. In addition, in the list of “must do” marriage is almost immediately after graduation.

The family is the most important thing

For a Russian woman, the family is often the main achievement in life. Therefore, having married Russian women are ready to devote themselves entirely to the husbands to the children. Career most often stands in last place. In the US and Europe, men are used to having enough personal space. A Russian woman who decided to devote herself to her husband is trying to control his life. She is offended if the bridegroom goes to a bar with friends on Friday and does not take her with her. After the corporate party can arrange an interrogation and try to find out everything about female colleagues.

According to current statistics, the first child of Russian women today give birth at age 25. In Great Britain – in 29, in Spain – in 31, in Italy – in 29, in Canada and the USA – in 30 years.

In contemporary Russia, many women use all the opportunities to get the best education, then get a job and build their careers. However, family and husband always remain the main priority for most women.

Russian women have a unique beauty

Russian women don’t “whine”

A few years ago, the expression “fashion for Russian wives” appeared with the light hand of journalists. The tone set Hollywood. Adrian Brody, Ronaldo, Mickey Rourke, Mel Gibson, Jim Carrey, Benedict Cumberbatch brought a girlfriend or a Russian wife …

In the Russian fall in love, despite the anti-Russian propaganda on TV and horror stories that we all work in the KGB …

Before meeting with Russian women, most Western men believe that Russians are cold and dark women who drink only vodka. Nevertheless, after meeting they understand that Russian women are always in a good mood, they also supports men in difficult times. In each situation, they see something good: the rain has gone – the grass will grow better, the money has run out – well, let’s take a light diet … Western women are more demanding in comparison with Russians. Moreover, the Russian crowns do not. They have time to work, and bring up children, and do not whine all day.

Women in Russia cook a lot

At first glance, homemade food is no reason to leave, even if there are too many dishes. The point is not that the Russian wife cooks badly. The main thing is how much it does. If cooks soup, then certainly in a five-liter saucepan. Before the New Year, the amount of food reaches an astronomical scale. Paradox: foreigners love Russian cuisine, but how much time Russian women spend on cooking dishes annoys them.

A distinctive feature of Russian women is an incredible, comprehensive and all-conquering emotionality.

Is it good or bad? Neither bad nor good. Just like that. These features make us very attractive for men, because the emotional is much more interesting than the indifferent or closed.

Save at the wedding

It is believed that marrying a Russian woman is a great way to save money on a wedding. Like, they are often not fundamentally magnificent celebration for 300 guests, limousines, expensive gifts and elegant dress. Russian women rush into the pool with their heads, often putting their own property on the altar of love. In addition, Russian relatives are far away and parents come to the wedding.

Save at the wedding – myth or reality?

Moral qualities

In addition, Russian women are hardworking, loyal; they are the best mothers and reliable devoted wives.

The Russian woman is simple, sincere, modest, and cheerful; she is a good hostess, faithful friend.

Of course in all the rules there are exceptions, but still most of them are Russian women.

Rationality in the minds of Russian girls gives way to emotionality. Can she go to the beach at night? With pleasure! Can she get ready for an hour on a trip? Easy! Can she open her own business? Yes, it is possible! The Russian girl is ready for bold changes, and while the foreign suitor assesses the benefits and risks, she is already beginning to act. Brave deeds are not a hindrance to a strong marriage. Russian women can inspire, and the practicality of a foreign husband will prevent unpleasant consequences.

Russian brides are very beautiful

Relationship with a Russian woman

Russian women do not have strong feminist views; they are more delicate in communication than foreign women. They value family and home, are economic and love to cook. “The path to the heart of a man lies through the stomach” – means that the stronger sex appreciates home comfort. In addition, Russian women remember this and their economic skills willingly demonstrate.

Russian women are good-looking, looking after their appearance and clothes. Moreover, if a short skirt, immaculate proportions and stiletto shoes for Russian men are often the subject of stinging remarks, foreigners sincerely admire this. Many Western women treat themselves quite casually; do not refuse to eat for the sake of figure. Even French women rely on the notorious charm, not worrying about maintaining it.

Russian woman is programmed to please the eye of her husband. She is well groomed and combed in the morning, shopping is carefully dressed. Cosmetics and elegant clothes are used for walks and meetings with friends, whereas even French and Italian women wear spectacular dresses exclusively for receptions.

Understanding russian women

A Russian wife hires a servant only in extreme cases, keeping her house from the presence of a stranger woman. Comfort and warmth are not only good furniture and a comfortable spacious apartment: the design is thought out carefully – with taste and love.

Still Russian women are romantic, admire the presented flowers, and rejoice in compliments. Expectations of expensive gifts for them are generally atypical.

In addition, the winter weather they are not afraid. When a snowstorm rages outside the window, it is so pleasant to drink tea with homemade cookies and look at the beautiful housewife dressed in a bright home dress. Moreover, how can you not fall in love with this if it is always a holiday!

Restrained Norwegians and Swedes prefer foreign wives, because their compatriots do not burden themselves with household chores. The beauty of the bride is pleasant to them, but not paramount.

Practical Germans love order in the house, but also fall in love with the beautiful Slav women very often.

Italians fall for Russian women of any age, especially those who have been married to mercantile compatriots. Talking heart to heart and showing tenderness, in their opinion, only Russians are capable to do it.

A Russian woman will always support her husband, sometimes even to her detriment.

In addition, Russian women consider Spaniards and English as the best European husbands. However, many unions are concluded with citizens from the former socialist camp, sometimes not the most affluent.

Russian women also marry Muslims, Indians. In addition, taking local customs and rules, most often quite happy.

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