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Why Russian Women Dating American Men

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The USA is considered to be one of the richest and most developed countries in the world. That is why it is not usually a great surprise that many Russian women are dreaming to live there. Today it is possible to find a great amount of various Internet resources, where you can meet wonderful Russian women online. However, why are Russian women dating American men? Why do they find them attractive? Are the guys from the USA really different in family relations from the local Russian ones?

Sexy Russian Women Dating You

The Set of Traditional Surprises

As a rule, initially Russian women get really surprised to find out that it is impossible to single out a typical man among the American men. In general, the USA is a multinational country. There the ladies can find a man, who is very similar to the famous actor and heartbreaker Richard Gere, who has Irish and English ancestors, an Indian, whose skin color may vary from light to very dark, dark-skinned man from Hawaii, or, for example, a bearded Asian, who wears constantly a hat and waistcoat like a Texas farmer from popular Westerns. And all of them are Americans.

Beautiful Russian Women Dating

It turns out that even the existence of the American passport doesn’t imply certain mentality and definite attitude towards women. These features of character are usually determined by the ethnicity and family upbringing of the partner. Actually nowadays there have been Latin American, Russian, Nigerian, Ukrainian, Arab, Indian, Irish, Egyptian and, of course, many other Americans. The place of living is also very important. For example, an ordinary Texas farmer is dramatically different in his appearance, behavior and lifestyle from a typical resident of Manhattan in New York or Los Angeles. Whatever the traditions of the groom’s homeland, everything usually depends on his upbringing and social status.

How the Americans court the ladies

Perhaps the secret of successful relations between American men and Russian ladies is in the similarity of traditions and the manners of courting the women. Here is the list of the most typical ones.

  1. The similarity of the traditions. In Russia, it is quite customary for a male partner is to pay for all the expenses. The Americans usually do everything like the Russian men. They are able to present a bouquet of flowers on the first date, to open the door in front of a woman in a restaurant, a cafe or a taxi. Sometimes they can even kiss a hand. After a communication and correspondence he often becomes sure that the relations are really serious. Under these conditions they come to a meeting with a wedding ring in a pocket. By the way, very often there are cases when they ask to marry them on the second date. However, it happens only when they find the relations serious and don’t want to have fun.
  2. Helpfulness. If a contemporary American man finds out that his Russian lady has poor English, he wants to pay for their English courses at a language school. He understands quite well that the woman will feel herself uncomfortably without this ability.
  3. Trusting relationship. American men are so attentive and careful that they are ready to give a treat to their beloved ladies even in the smallest things. This is the explanation why they adore giving small gifts like, for example, toys, teddy bears, perfumes, gold or silver rings, tasty sweets even on the first date. On the first or second date with a potential candidate they begin to talk about his works and money affairs, to show photos of his American house, favorite car or bike, home animals or children.

The Peculiar Features of the Family Life with the American in the USA

The answer to the question “Why is Russian Women Dating American Men?” sounds easier than it may be seemed at the first sight. Mostly it happens because of the particular features of American male character, which are quite or almost always absent in the Russian one. The contemporary ladies from Russia want to feel themselves protected, calm, desired and loved in this bustle world. They look for stability, both psychological and financial one. Would you like to know what you need to know before dating a Russian woman? And here is the short list of the traits, which attract the Russian ladies most of all.

Sophisticated Russian Women Dating
  • General Kindness and Inner Politeness. As a rule, these are exactly the main features of character that most Russian girls appreciate in Americans during the very first data. American people are smiling constantly. All in all you can hardly meet an American man with a gloomy face. And they are ready to take pleasure from everything around. Besides the optimism, their manners are also great. – For example, it is of common practice for an American to open the door not only to his lady, but also to others, letting them pass in public places. And he does it not because he has to behave like this, but because it is a pleasure for him to be polite.
  • Tidy Appearance and Good Shape. Of course, we should mention that the existence of these factors depends much on the male social class. However, most part of modern men in the United States usually takes care of themselves. The popular in Russia McDonalds restaurants are usually the favorite places of poor or average Americans. Men of a higher social level pay much attention to their health and give preference to mostly healthy products. By the way, men after 40-50 years old often take hormone replacement therapy. It helps them to look better and to be in perfect shape.
  • Stable job. It is of common knowledge that men in this country work a lot and they usually prefer to rely only on themselves. In the US, you save yourself for retirement. Under the condition you are working overtime, you will get more money. Therefore, having a good business or position usually means taking care of your future.
  • Own house or apartment. Almost everyone in the USA has the house here. -Someone has bought it. Someone has already taken a mortgage. The difference between an American and a Russian man is that the first one has no idea how it is possible to live together in his parents’ housing, waiting for the inheritance. There’s no such thing. Everyone looks for opportunity to start the own life from about 16 years old.
  • Independence. It is this character trait that defines American as a real man. In general, Russian lady appreciate American’s desire to be independent. It is very important for him to achieve everything on his own and to do it better than others. Tender Russian girl will feel total protection being together with this man.
  • Natural respect for the woman. Are Russian girls too good to be true? – Frankly speaking, they really are. And as a rule, the American understands that it is a real happiness to have such a woman in his life. In the USA it is believed that if a man has a girlfriend or he has already got married, it means that he is a successful person. Otherwise – a loser. And the man understands that a woman comes into his life, and his life is taking a new shape. He gives resources, and she transforms them. He gives money and she creates comfort. With a woman, his life usually becomes full.
Russian Women Dating in Cozy Place
  • An American treats his lady as a small child, always trying to please and to impress her. The American mentality is built on the principle: a man should conquer a woman, and not vice versa. Unfortunately, the Russian man most often on the contrary considers himself a so-called precious gift in the life of any woman.
  • Budget and financial responsibilities. It is necessary to understand that a woman in the United States is protected by law. Her husband can’t leave her without any penny. Otherwise she will go and submit to spousal support. If the American man marries, he is ready to take the responsibility. The government encourages this behavior.

And finally it should be mentioned a lot of American men are looking for a Russian lady as a life partner. They have a special attitude to them, appreciating her appearance, features of character, moral values and a strong desire to create a strong family.

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