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How Safe Is It to Travel to Russia in a Search of a Bride?

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Many men, who are looking for a partner online and in reality, want to find a woman from East Europe or Russia. Russian women have class. The Russian girl is educated, confident and beautiful. And she works hard, but she also looking for a man who knows how to appreciate her. If you chose a Russian woman as a partner, there are a lot of things to consider. Cultural differences distances can be a huge stone in your path. Better understanding of Russian culture starts with a journey to the homeland of the woman of your heart. This article gives an overview how to organize a journey to Russia safe as possible and how to act in a right way in a new cultural environment.

Visit the capital of Russia in search for a pure love

Why a Russian bride?

There are many reasons to date a Russian woman. You can read about it in this article.

Decades ago, women in Russia use to work as hard as men. And in addition, they also took care of children and household. This has changed little today! Sometimes they look hard and cold, but they keep their vulnerable soul hidden under a solid shell. Often, Russian women they do not find anyone who cares about them the way they would like, wooing them, and sharing the tasks of everyday life with them. Because the Russian men they still see the ladies are just women, as them mothers and grandmothers were.

The embodiment of femininity

Russian and all other Eastern European women are considered especially beautiful. But why is that? And only the Slavic? These certainly play a role. But more important is her awareness of her appearance. In most Eastern European countries, it is a duty for the woman to look perfect in any life situation. That’s why they attach great importance to hairstyle, make-up, often tight-fitting clothing, fingernails, perfume, and of course high heels. It’s not cheapness “to sell themselves” as some western emancipated woman mock now. No! Slav women are proud of their femininity and want to present it.


There is a theory, especially with regard to the western men’s search, is that Russian women like to be the dear housewife at the hearth and want to be completely dependent on a man. It’s a big mistake! Never underestimate the strength of the Russian woman and her quest for independence.

Travel to Russia

Russia is a country of fascinating history and culture. Here both nature and city lovers get them gratification. Many are still wondering if the holiday’s in Russia is dangerous. This question can clearly be answered with, NO! But you need a sense of adventure here already. A trip to Russia is always an experience but one you should be well-prepared for. Especially if you are on holiday in Russia for the first time and still know too little about the country and its people, it is worth reading on.

Northern capital of Russia is especially beautiful in summer time

These facts you should know, when dating a Russian woman

There is a lot of information about what you need to know, when searching and dating a Russian woman.

  • Give away only an odd number of flowers! An even number is only intended for funerals and therefore has a very negative connotation
    Yellow flowers horrible choice!
  • Never forget the 8th of March! International Women’s Day has a higher status in Russia than Valentine’s Day.
  • Be always a gentleman! Whether to stop doors, refill water, help over a threshold or bring them safely home: decency is the be-all and end. The Russian woman wants to be taken care of.
  • Do not shake her hand! That’s a male thing in Russia. A breathy cheek kiss is a fitting greeting for a lady.
  • If you are invited by her family: always bring a small gift and always take off your shoes in the apartment!

One thing you should be aware of in any case: the man always pays! There’s no way around it. Even if you have forgotten your purse, she rather gives you inconspicuous money from her than she pays herself. It would be very embarrassing and unpleasant if that happened.

Enjoy atmosphere of love in Russia

Use safe airlines and airports

Most newcomers to Russia are likely to arrive by plane in Moscow. When entering Moscow, the airport situation is unfortunately a bit confusing, as there are three international airports: Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo. When flying to Russia, it is important to note at which airport you are landing. If you want to fly within Russia, you should choose an airline belonging to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) such as Aeroflot and UTAir and for safety reasons choose a Class 1 airport.

The way to your love

Safely store expensive items

In principle, the centers of Moscow are considered to be and even a trip to St. Petersburg is no longer dangerous, but pickpockets exist everywhere. Passport, cameras and other valuables should always be safely stowed away. Expensive items that you do not need at the moment are best left in the hotel safe or preferably at home. Especially those who travel long distances with railway should minimize their luggage anyway and prefer not to take valuables with them.

Discover Russia, open your heart!

Know the dangerous neighborhoods

Most cities in Russia are more likely to be safe, be careful. In every city there are areas that you should avoid as a tourist. Just outside the center and in the evening you should exercise caution. If in doubt, ask your local friends or hotel staff for advice.

Difficulty traveling in Russia

unfortunately, racism and anti-Semitism are still a problem in Russia, although much has been done in recent years. Especially visitors of African and Asian descent are sometimes welcomed less than friendly. On days like Hitler’s birthday on the 20th of April you should stay especially vigilant on the way.
Even homosexuals can still go down on a trip to Russia. Even though homosexuality is not illegal, it is frowned upon and must not be shown openly. Meanwhile, Moscow and St Petersburg have a more or less open LGBT scene, but gay travelers should still be careful.

Don’t be on the road without registration

In hotels, you will automatically be registered with the registration office and get a stamp on your migration card. If you are privately accommodated, you must make an effort within three days at the registration office. Especially in Moscow, passport checks are frequent on the street. When leaving the airport, there are rarely any difficulties, stricter are the controls on the Russian border. Mostly, the problem can be solved by paying a smaller fine — which is often at the discretion of the official.

Don’t be slightly dressed in the church

Even if it’s still so hot: When visiting churches and monasteries, make sure that your shoulders and knees are covered. Shorts are frowned upon, the faithful could offend. Women are usually encouraged to wear a headscarf.

Beware of tap water

You should stay away from tap water in Russia better. When showering or brushing a little water to swallow, should not be a problem, but to drink you should buy better bottled water in the supermarket. The locals do that too. One of our travel tips: It is best to do without plastic bottles and bring a filter or cleaning tablets and your own bottle. You can safely drink the cleaned water out of the tap and not only save money, but also protect the environment.

Don’t make photos of everything

Avoid photographing bridges, train stations, military or border installations. Or at least do not open it — it is forbidden without permission. And not all prohibitions are expressly indicated! Foreigners were interrogated for hours because they had photographed railway stations or factories.
Russia is not a closed book, but one that wants to be opened and read carefully. Traveling to Russia is not that dangerous, if you get prepared for the trip. Understanding of a dangerous situation will help to avoid them! Also, studying the cultural differences will help to act correctly in different situations. Make an effort and your love happiness is nothing in the way!

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