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How to select a Russian marriage agency before your visit?

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When you’re planning a trip to Russia in searches of the woman of your dreams, it’s always nice to get prepared well in advance. Choosing a Russian marriage agency is essential if you’d like to make the most of your visit. If you don’t feel like starting a romantic relationship with a Russian woman via an international dating site, it’s possible to simply arrive to a chosen city and start meeting women locally.

However, approaching random girls on the city streets is not the most effective way to get a date. Some of those gorgeous women turn out married, engaged or simply not interested, others will not speak sufficient English for any connection to be established. A local marriage agency’s staff will assist you in setting up dates with local women who are definitely interested in marrying a foreigner.

When you select an agency before your visit to any Eastern European country, the factors you have to pay close attention to include a database of women, list of facilities and prices. Lets’ discuss these things in more detail.

Check out a database of women when selecting an agency

It’s no secret that Russian women are stunning both in terms of intellect and beauty. In any large city or small town you’ll be spoiled for choice. However, if you have a particular agency in mind to help you out with the whole dating scene, it’s important to check out a database of their women. The way a Russian marriage agency operates differs from international dating sites.

Beautiful girls in a Russian dating agency

On a dating site, women get registered on their own. As for a marriage agency, local girls usually come to their office in person. Needless to say, their database is much smaller than a number of members of an average dating site. You should make sure that they have enough options to make your visit worthwhile.

Sometimes a Russian marriage agency is favoured by women by a particular age group –some of them work predominantly with young girls in their late teens and early twenties, other focus on mature ladies in their forties.

You can browse through the women’s profiles then contact the agency’s manager and ask well in advance whether they would be interested in meeting you. If you feel there are enough options to make your visit a wonderful success, use the services of this agency by all means.

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List of services

The more services a Russian marriage agency provides, the more fruitful cooperation with them you may expect. By using these services, you may save a lot of time and avoid unnecessary frictions during your stay in a new country.

Apartment rent

Instead of booking a hotel in a Russian city of your choice, try renting an apartment instead. This option is cheaper, more convenient and less restrictive. A marriage agency’s manager can offer you a great choice of apartments to suit any budget. Usually these are completely furnished one or two bedrooms apartments with a kitchen and all the appliances for a comfortable stay. Real estate agents often offer their services to marriage agencies’ owners, expecting that foreign visitors will make use of the apartments they provide. You can ask a manager for recommendation based upon your budget and personal needs.

Services of a professional translator/interpreter

If a girl you date speaks only some basic English, you can still make it work by using electronic translator and various software. If she’s genuinely interested in you, she’ll progress very quickly. It will also help if you pick up some Russian or even during your stay or even take a few classes prior to your visit.

However, if you need to discuss something really important with your woman and it’s absolutely necessary to eliminate any sort of misunderstanding, it’s recommended to use the services of a professional translator or interpreter. Every Russian marriage agency either has their own translators as staff or hires freelance professionals when needed. They’ll help you discuss all the important questions with your girlfriend.

One thing to remember, if you invite an interpreter to join you on a date in a cafe or a restaurant, you don’t have to pay for their meal, but offering a cup of coffee and a little dessert wouldn’t be out of place.

A city guide

It may become a bit lonely in a new city where you don’t know anyone and everyone speaks a foreign language. A marriage agency can arrange a city tour for you in order to get a better idea of a place here your potential partner has spent their youth. Apart from historical places, monuments and beautiful nature spots, a city guide may give you a good advice as to where you should invite local women on a date.

Ask them to recommend some of the cosiest cafes and atmospheric restaurants with delicious and affordable dishes of the local cuisine. Note down some parks and gardens for a long walk with someone special hand in hand. Ask their advice for an original place to visit on a date, like a planetarium or a contact zoo.

Car rental services

If you’re planning to move a lot around the city and the thought of using Russian public transportation makes you shudder, perhaps you’d like to rent a car. A marriage agency’s staff can arrange a car with a trustworthy driver for you, so travelling around the city wouldn’t be a problem. They can also pick you up from the airport upon arrival and take you back to the airport when your stay is over.

Renting a car through a Russian marriage agency

Further correspondence with women you met

If you ‘de like to stay in touch with women you met in order to get to know them better, one way to do so by correspondence through the marriage agency. Just make sure you don’t have to pay for every letter you send or receive – pay-per-letter services have proven to be the least effective in the whole international dating scene. Instead, go for a fixed price membership, especially if you’re going to write to more than one woman.

Gift delivery services

Sending gifts to a woman you like is an exciting part of a long distance relationship. It’s also a great way to keep the fire burning when dating online.

You don’t have to send anything expensive or showy, but a small souvenir or something sweet and pretty would show your girl that you care.

It goes without saying that a gift from your country would be much more preferable, but if you’re short of time before a particular day, use the local gift delivery services.

Every Russian marriage agency provides these services, cooperating with various gift shops around the city. Use them by all means. As a rule, they offer a wide range of presents, including plush teddy bears, perfumes, boxes of chocolates, fruit baskets and what not. If you feel like sending something they don’t have in their catalogue, just talk it over with a manager and most probably they’ll arrange it for you.

Russian women receiving presents from a western man

Average prices

Prices in all the Russian marriage agencies are pretty standard, and their nothing an average person from the USA, Canada, Australia or Western Europe couldn’t afford. Just look through the price list of an agency you’re going to visit and see whether it’s acceptable for you. If something seems to be slightly too expensive, you can always talk it over with a manager and ask for a discount. They may or may not give it, but there is no harm asking.

Some final words

If a Russian marriage agency appears to be trustworthy and decent, don’t hesitate using their services. It will make your life much simpler once you’re in Russia. You don’t have to make silly mistakes and then suffer the consequences all through your visit. A thoughtful guidance and readiness to help can make a difference between a disastrous failure and great success. After all, you’re interested in finding your soul mate in another country, and love matters are never easy.

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