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How to Spot Honest Russian Girls for Marriage

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Some men consider Russian wives scam. They mean that women from Russia are dying to get away from their country they hate, and gain residence in their foreign husband’s country and then divorce him and live happily abroad.

It’s true that this worry has reasons to exist. Russian women are different, some of them are scam, some of them are honest. Right here you’ll find out how to tell honest Russian girls for marriage from dishonest ones.

The Source of this Idea

But before let’s find out where this myth of dishonest Russian women ever comes from. As you know, mass media loves scandals and scams. That’s what Internet, TV, newspapers tell about. But it’s not a good idea to trust mass media, sometimes they become the source of scam themselves.

The real life differs from scandals, shown on TV. There’re thousands of men from the U.S., Australia or Europe, who live happily with their Russian wives, but mass media don’t tell about them. The reason is quite clear: happily ever after stories are boring, no one will ever read it!

Sometimes it happens that a foreigner falls in love with a hot Russian girl and wants to marry her as soon as possible. He doesn’t want to know her better, and then, after a couple of years he finds out that it’s not the woman he wants to live with all his life. Something about her habits, personality is far from him and the only way out there is divorce. The man will never accept that he made a mistake, and was too fast to marry. He prefers saying that he was scammed! The truth is that the Russian girl was scammed as much as her ex-husband was. She might be lied to, betrayed, but no one ever thinks about this possibility. It’s much easier to blame the girl for being the scam than to find the real reason for divorce.

When a woman from Russia marries a foreigner and comes to live in his country, she’s considered a scam, because she gets a possibility to leave her own country. But the truth is that this woman can leave her country unwillingly, just in order to stay together with the man she loves.

So, if you want your Russian marriage to be long and happy, you should learn about your girl as much as possible. It’s better to find any personal incompatibilities before marriage, isn’t it? Everything about educational and cultural levels, social interaction, pace of life, life values. For example, if a Russian girl is educated enough, used to working in a large and respectable company and talking to a thousand of people a day, she won’t be happy to marry a man, who lives on a farm and the only creatures he ever talks with are his rabbits. The love can be strong, but social incompatibilities can be stronger.

Do you want to date a hot Russian honest girl?

Another thing you should learn about a hot Russian girl before marriage is the way she reacts in some critical situations. You’ll never know this while dating her online, so you’d better move to some real conversation! Does she solve problems or just raise her voice and does nothing? Is she open for discussion or mad and crazy? The way you solve troubles should coincide with her way. If you can’t stand loud sounds, but your girlfriend is all about screams and emotions, that’s the thing you should take into consideration before marrying her. After marriage you’ll have to cope with her character traits or … divorce her. But don’t call Russian marriage scams, because you’ve been warned!

It’s clear that you don’t have to divorce after the first quarrel with your Russian wife. When the both partners want to keep their marriage happy and long, they concentrate on their common points and try to ignore and discuss their differences. The international marriage doesn’t differ much from a local one. But still, there are some complications, because a husband and a wife come from different cultures.

The first thing that you should know about Russian women is the fact that their culture differs greatly from Western one. If American mentality is based on capitalistic system, then Russian people want to get something more in their lives, they think about souls and happiness. Some of them don’t want to compete and win, they just want to lay back and enjoy the things they have.

How to tell Honest Russian Women from Scam

We’ve prepared a long list of things, common for honest Russian women.

  • Plans. Serious and honest Russian women don’t die to marry a foreigner and leave their country as soon as possible. The only thing they need is a partner. They need someone to love and care about, and they expect loving and caring in turn. If you want your hot Russian wife to come to your country, she’ll probably agree, but not willingly. She’ll miss her parents, and other relatives, and friends. Maybe she’ll even have to sell her property, if she’s going to stay in your country forever.
  • Gifts. Honest Russian women don’t accept very expensive gifts. They think that they awe you something in this case. That’s all about Russian mentality, something you should deal with. So don’t try to impress your Russian bride with your richness giving her something extraordinary. If you want to make her happy, then take her to trip: Russian girls love to travel, they’re hungry for impressions.
  • Money. It’s not right to think that all hot Russian women for marriage are poor and willing to take all money of their foreign boyfriends. It’s only partially true, not about every girl from Russia. If a Russian girl is ready to pay money for you, it means that she’s honest and really loves you. When she buys you train or flight tickets, you don’t have to return her the money. But if you want to find an honest Russian girl, then you should be honest too.
Russian girls make good wives
  • Traditional family values Honest Russian girls are all about monogamy, loyalty, respect and duty. They’re ready to dedicate themselves to their family with foreigners, if they’re sure that they’ll get love, affection and respect from them. They need a stable life; they dream about having happy and healthy kids and raise them together with their husbands. Again, it’s all about Russian mentality: the Russian society only respects married women, and marriage gives them something like a worthy status. That’s why an honest Russian girl wants to get married with an honest man, no matter what country he is from.
  • Family over career. Russian wives don’t mind becoming housewives and dedicate all their time to raising their kids and working about the house. It doesn’t mean that Russian girls are lazy and don’t want to go to work. They do, actually they aren’t afraid of any hard work, they can earn money. But when they have to choose between family and career, they choose family. If you have the same traditional family values, you’ll be happy with your Russian girls for marriage: you’ll always enjoy amazing food, cooked by her, coziness of clean house and all other little things that only Russian housewives can do.
  • Feminity. Honest Russian women want to remain women. They don’t want to become men or compete with men. Of course, they want to have the equal rights with men, but they don’t mind caring about their husbands and letting them care about them too.
  • Future. Honest Russian women think about future. If they don’t have anything against international marriages, they want them to last forever. They’re not interested in divorce, because they understand that it’ll be hard for them to survive in a strange country alone or with children. Of course, they can come back home, to Russia, but some women prefer staying abroad after divorce.
  • Age. Honest Russian girls don’t mind marrying foreign men, who’re 10 or 15 years older than them. There’re several reasons for it. First of all, even young Russian brides are clever enough to have a long and interesting conversation with their elder husbands. Secondly, they want to have a happy and stable marriage, they want to be the only one for their men, they don’t want to be betrayed. And they hope that elder men are wiser and won’t fall in love with some other young girls.
  • Financial situation. It’s not true to say that Russian women are not at all interested in financial situation of their foreign partner. No matter how kind and caring a Russian girl is, she’s no fool. If she wants to create a happy family with you, she’s interested in your income. It’s normal. It’s evident, that she’s ready to put her own income into your happy family life, but she needs your support.
Honest and beautiful Russian brides for marriage


Well, now you see that honest Russian women exist and not all of Russians are scam. Marrying any woman is a responsible decision, so don’t be too fast here. If you get to know your hot Russian bride well enough, you’ll be able to understand whether you’ll be happy together with her or not.

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