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How to be successful in finding Russian women for marriage?

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In the era of the Internet, the opportunities for every user to get in touch with people from different continents have risen considerably. This also refers to the cases connected with marriage when foreign men are in search of good wives from abroad.

There is a range of dating websites that help overseas guys to find future brides. Social media and a variety of applications running on smartphones also make this process much easier in comparison to the period of a decade ago or a bit earlier when it could last many weeks or even months.

Why Russian women are popular with foreign guys?

Many American, Asian, European men often look for Russian women for marriage. The reply to the question, why girls from Russia are very popular with foreign men, can at first seem pretty easy. Men appreciate their sense of humor, emotionality, dedication to the family, ability to be very practical in their housekeeping and taking care of children. The list of positive personality traits typical of Russian ladies can be continued.

Some stereotypes and the truth about Russian women

Those men, who are willing to find Russian women for marriage, have already heard a lot about their difference from the fair sex in Western countries. Some of the characteristics often described in mass media are true. Many foreign men, who consider Russian girls to be the most attractive at least in Europe, haven’t reinvented a wheel. It’s been a long time since overseas fellows appreciated the beauty of women in Russia.

Beautiful Russian women for marriage

It’s actually easy to see plenty of attractive stylish women and girls on town streets, especially in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Large Russian cities also keep up with the two capitals. Nevertheless, as a tourist, while going for a stroll down the main street somewhere, do not get surprised at coming across ladies vulgarly dressed or with too bright makeup.

Foreigners believe that Russian women are careful housewives, devoted to their children and husband on whom they depend financially. However, the number of ladies who are focused on their career and even start their own business increases every year. On the other hand, there are more and more girls who dream of a well-off foreign man to get married to. So overseas men should watch out for them.

Are Russian women only good housekeepers?

It’s doubtlessly wrong when foreign guys consider Russian girls to be first of all housewives. The number of businesswomen is growing up in Russia, especially in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk, and other rapidly developing cities.

Russian women running their own business

Education is also quite important to girls. They tend to get admitted to a prestigious university. This gives them an opportunity to get a quality education and to build a successful career in the future. Contemporary Russian women are quite often up to speed on modern technologies. They feel comfortable with devices, gadgets, and appliances without which it’s now really hard to imagine our daily life.

Family life: traditions and new tendencies

Traditions still are quite vital in Russia. It refers to family life as well. The man still remains the head of the household, makes decisions and resolves family matters. Russian wives are often described and shown in Western mass media as obedient, timid and submissive. However, Russian women tend to increasingly get involved in deciding important issues. They defend their point of view, actively discuss family matters and sometimes work more than their husbands what makes them financially independent.

“A Russian proverb says about the equality of spouses: a husband is the head of the family whereas a wife is the neck”

There is another widely spread stereotype that says as if most of Russian women dreamt of getting married to a foreigner to leave their motherland. The truth is often the opposite. Many Russian women would rather live close to their relatives and get married to a local guy. They wouldn’t mind their future husband from Europe or North America staying in her motherland.

Contemporary Russian women

Stylish Russian women for marriage

Every nation is famous for its both achievements in culture, science, economy and typical characteristics. Women in different countries also have particular personality traits that distinguish them from the fair sex in foreign states. Most of the contemporary Russian ladies have managed to preserve old traditions but they also constantly change in terms of character, interests, viewpoints and even their attitude towards men.

Personality traits

Those foreign men who have already been lucky to get involved in an intimate relationship with Russian girls rarely feel disappointed. They emphasize the women’s personality qualities that don’t often occur in Western ladies. First of all the list includes such traits as the following:

  • Reliability
  • Passion
  • Responsibility
  • Consideration
  • Carefulness
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Thriftiness
  • Loyalty
  • Creativity
  • Hard-working nature.

Foreigners should take into account these attributes if they sincerely want to succeed in their search for Russian women for marriage. One of the first personality traits typical of Russian ladies is their dedication to family and first and foremost to kids. Most of Russian women can even sacrifice their work, career, and ambitions without any regrets for the happiness of their family.

If her beloved husband has gotten into trouble at work and feels upset or low-spirited, she won’t remain unaffected and will surely back him up. The same concerns her kids if they face problems at school. She will be bound to give them a saving tip on how to get out of trouble.

Loyalty is considered to be one of the most significant attributes of Russian women. When they are in love, this feeling is unconditional as a rule. Women often forget about themselves and prioritize her beloved husband’s interests and peace of mind.


It’s essential for any foreign man who looks for Russian women for marriage to share at least some of their interests and activities. Young girls wouldn’t mind an invitation to a stylish night club, a posh restaurant or a French café. Yet a middle-aged woman is often far more interested in arts, literature, cinema, theater, classical music, ballet or opera. She will surely appreciate your choice if you invite her to a museum, art gallery, drama or opera theater.

With a Russian woman in a theater

Why not to discuss an exhibition of contemporary art that you visited together? Alternatively, to share your impressions of a new stage production or a movie premiere by famous directors. It would be great if you managed to surprise your Russian date with your knowledge of art. Yet it’ll work if your interest is sincere.

Russian girls increasingly tend to take an interest in sports and physical activities. The majority of gym rats are guys, but most of the regular visitors to fitness centers are girls and women. If you belong to a numerous group of sports enthusiasts (bike riders, runners, joggers etc.), you will definitely go up in the woman’s estimation.

What do Russian women usually appreciate in men?

After having learned what contemporary Russian women are like, the next step for foreigners, who are in search for Russian women for marriage, will be the desire to find out what sort of a man can succeed in his quest for a wife. The list of personality traits ladies in Russia appreciate in mates can be long. The first ten attributes are the following:

  • Masculinity
  • Honesty
  • Determination
  • Courtesy
  • Vivacity
  • Charisma
  • Assertiveness
  • Reliability
  • Romantic quality
  • Intelligence.

As a rule, girls instinctively focus on male appearance while seeing him for the first time in the photo, on a computer screen, or face-to-face. The latter is a lot more preferable for ladies to appreciate his looks as well as personality. Ladies almost always are attracted to physically strong mates. Of course, nobody expects a man to look like a male model out of a guy mag with a cast-iron physique. Yet a manly behavior as well as features will ensure your success.

“The man with the most social status is like a prehistoric hunter who brought home food. Nowadays it’s the same: women appreciate powerful, dominant and determined helpmates who are capable of making their life safe”

Russian women are attracted to different men

However, it doesn’t mean that slim, svelte, lean and subtle guys are doomed to fail. It’s indeed more important to be well-groomed, smart, stylish and good-looking. Sense of humor, wittiness, resourcefulness, striking personality, and optimism will help you to succeed in impressing your future wife. If you are also firmly established, you are more likely to draw Russian women’s attention what can eventually bring about profound interest in your personality.

Some final advice on how to be successful in your quest for a Russian wife

Popular male mags, dating websites, and experienced guys can give a world of tips on how to achieve success on your way to a woman’s heart. Not all of them are indeed worth following. Yet there are some simple tips, which will definitely help you to succeed in your quest for Russian women for marriage:

  1. Always remain honest when you create your online dating profile, take a woman to a date, make friends with her relatives and so on
  2. Try to be sociable but not too talkative; as you know girls find chatty lads windy, boastful, and feather-brained
  3. Stay in different situations a gentleman who’s ready to hold the door for a woman or to help her with her coat
  4. Keep surprising your date with unexpected gifts, offers to spend time in unusual places like an amusement park or anti-movie theater
  5. Respect your date’s interests but do not pretend to share them if it’s not true
  6. Remember that any Russian girl adores romantic gestures when the mate gives her jewelry, bouquets, candy even there isn’t any special occasion
  7. Try to be assertive but not aggressive while discussing issues, suggestions or plans with your future life partner
  8. Do not avoid getting to know your date’s relatives if she suggests going to see them
  9. Get dressed simply but presentably to impress your future helpmate; well-fitted shirts, shoes, and pants will be appreciated by the woman
  10. Try to be always accurate and not to get late for dates; delays due to emergency situations and traffic jams are exceptions.

While following clever tips, every man should remain true to yourself without forgetting about his interests, hobbies, friends and workmates. The final tip for a guy who is in search of a Russian woman for marriage sounds like that: “Your advantage will be the knowledge of the Russian language, at least some phrases to stick up a conversation with your date”.

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