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How to take better photos for your profile on top Russian dating sites?

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You may have the most winning profile on top Russian dating sites, but without a superb photo it’s not going to work. It’s no secret that women love with their ears, so you may think that a picture is not so important. But on a dating site it doesn’t work that way – your photo is the first thing a woman sees when browsing men’s profiles, and it gives her an idea of what sort of person you may be.

That’s why women tend to skip profiles without photos. Having blurred, pixelated and low quality pictures is of no help either. If you want your online dating experience on an international dating site to be a wonderful success, having a good photo or two is a must.

What is a good profile picture on top Russian dating sites?

You may wonder what sort of photo is considered acceptable on dating sites. These are some of the things you should pay close attention to when selecting a photo:


First of all, you should make sure your face is clearly visible. According to statistics, women on dating sites are more likely to respond when they see a smiling friendly face on a photo. A stern or gloomy face is a big turn off for a woman, so if you don’t have a single photo with a smile, it’s highly recommended to take one or two. With a smiling picture, it will be easier to find a Russian wife.

Modern technologies allow taking countless photos in no time, and from dozens or even hundreds of them you’re sure to choose a good one. It sounds like a lot of effort, but in the long run it’s totally worth it. If you are still unable to get a good shot, ask your friend to photograph you or use the services of a professional photographer.


Also, it’s important to choose the right sort of clothes. First of all, make sure our clothes are clean and tidy. Something casual like a pair of blue jeans and a shirt or a stylish t-shirt will do perfectly well. However, if you’d like to appear more elegant, go for a formal suit or a white shirt with a pair of slick trousers. Give preferences to colours of a positive, cheerful spectrum. Make sure your shoes are clean and neat, too.

Men’s profiles photos on top Russian dating sites


If you take photo at home, your room should be tidy and inviting. Make sure to tidy it up before your improvised photo session. Remove everything that could potentially distract from you on the photo. Select the most favourable location in your house: bookcases usually serve as a good background, as well as walls with solid colour wallpaper.

If you have a tidy and beautifully done kitchen, it’s worth trying to take a photo there. A man who cooks always gains a few extra points when trying to catch a woman’s attention. A garden or a backyard is another good location for taking photographs for your profile.

What sorts of photos are absolutely unacceptable on dating sites?

If you’d like to know what photos repel women on top Russian dating sites, here are some of them:

  • Selfies in a bathroom mirror. A lot of girls find these pictures laughable.
  • Topless photos demonstrating you six pack abs (or belly fat, which is even worse). Women think that photos like this could be uploaded only by very self-centred men who can’t stop admiring themselves.
  • Pictures with a woman’s hand around you. This is one of the biggest no-no’s when choosing a picture for a profile on a dating site. Even if it’s one of your best photos where you look exceedingly charming and irresistible, photos with another woman cut off are not going to work. What is this kind of photo is supposed to signify, anyway? That you can potentially get a girl? Or that you’re so popular among women that you don’t have a single photo of you alone?
  • Pictures in front of your car (no need to show off).
  • Picture of your pet as your mail profile picture. If you’re extremely fond of your cat, dog, bunny or iguana, show them as secondary photos in your profile.
  • Photos demonstrating a mess in your room.
  • Photos where you look miserable, irritated, angry or upset.
  • Pictures where you wear sunglasses or a helmet.
Men’s profile pictures on international dating sites

Why is it ridiculous to have a bathroom selfie as your profile photo?

Well, the answer is absolutely obvious, but there are still a lot of photos like these in men’s profiles on top Russian dating sites. Don’t be like them.

A selfie in a bathroom mirror, often with a basin or a toilet in sight, is not going to charm anyone.

It decreases your chances of getting positive responses as anything. When women see such photos, this is what they usually think:

  • He doesn’t have friends who would take a good photo of him in a better location.
  • If this is his best photo, he doesn’t get outdoors.
  • He has very little experience with women if he thinks this photo is acceptable as a first introduction.
  • He is not very intelligent if it’s not obvious for him that a bathroom selfie is going to destroy his chances on a dating site.
Wrong choice of profile photos on top Russian dating sites

Is it acceptable to upload an old photo?

One more thing you should keep in mind when choosing a profile photo on top Russian dating sites is to upload only recent pictures. If your picture was taken five years ago, you don’t look like that anymore, and it would be misleading to post this photo. If you think that you still look as great as five, ten or fifteen years ago, what’s the problem with taking a new set of pictures? With modern technologies, it won’t take long to click a few photos

It’s absolutely understandable that you want to appear younger when posting old photos, but this sort of strategy will only do you a disservice.

When a woman see an older man than she expected, she’s bound to be disappointed, and all your efforts of winning her heart will prove to be futile.

It’s best to keep it realistic when dating online. After writing a few mails to each other, a woman may want to see you on Skype, and then you’ll have to make excuses in order to void showing your face in front of a camera. If you don’t want such complications, simply take a good photo and don’t forget to replace it every twelve months or so.

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Should you hire a professional photographer?

Using the services of a professional photographer is not a bad idea. In fact, this is the right thing to do if you find yourself unattractive. A professional photographer will keep it realistic, but the picture will be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. These are some of the advantages of hiring professional photographers for taking a profile photo:

  • They know their way around with modern equipment.
  • You’ll get high resolution photos.
  • All the details will be taken care of (background, clothes, overall image and so on).
  • You can use these pictures for a number of purposes.
  • A woman will be able to make out that you take online dating seriously. If you look through women’s profiles on top Russian dating sites, you’ll see that 90% of their pictures were taken by professional photographers. This is because these women are not there to play games – they are serious about finding their life partner and ready to make an effort if required. Do the same, and you’ll increase your chances significantly.

On the other side, it’s not advisable to focus on photos alone. The verbal part of your profile is equally important. Make sure to fill all the fields and make it interesting and engaging. Provide as much information as possible, but keep it simple and easy to read. Photos and profiles text should complement each other and give a clear idea of what sort of person you are.

These are only a few recommendations on how to take better photos for your profile on top Russian dating sites. The bottom line is, it’s hard to underestimate the importance of a good profile picture. Make sure our photo is nice and presentable, and observe the women’s responses to skyrocket as you contact them!

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