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Hereby, you can read the Terms of use (the “Terms”) that regulate the juridical relation between you as the user, and the site Russian Woman Dating as a provider of informational services. It is highly recommended that you study the Terms thoroughly in order to avoid possible misunderstandings, misuse, or violations.

In case you don’t accept the following Terms, we suggest that you close this page and keep from joining the site.

The site may contain articles, posts, essays, and other text and photo materials of entertaining / educational character. Since some of the materials may reveal the frank (adult) information, we strongly insist that all users should be of 18+ age and not under. Former or current violators of the rules or direct business competitors of the site also have limited access to viewing it.

  1. Updates and additions
    The Terms can be updated or changed without a prior notification. Taking this into account, we recommend to check the Terms regularly or before each use. All these modifications are normally partial and are made with the sole purpose to improve the service. In case of unexpected situations or emergency response, we may remove some parts, discontinue, or change the Terms completely.
  2. Languages
    The meaning of the Terms may slightly differ due to the automatic or manual translation from English to other languages. Any translations and interpretations are made for the users’ convenience keeping the primary sense.
  3. Intellectual property
    The main and most important regulation of the Terms indicates that any content published, posted or placed on the site, except users’ comments, is treated as the Intellectual property of Russian Woman Dating team and the official licensors.
    It includes texts, pictures, videos, audios, overall design, infographics, trademarks, names, titles, logos and any files called all together the Materials. The Materials are protected by the international copyright and other applicable laws and rights.
    The site states that users are allowed to copy, download, save, or print the Materials only for the personal use but not for sharing, distributing, altering, adapting, selling, reselling, republishing or misuse of any kind. There’s no exception and such allowance cannot be granted under any circumstances.
  4. Use of the site
    Russian Woman Dating provides the informational services and guarantees their quality. In return, the user treats this information, other users, and administration respectfully, in a non-harmful way; optionally, contributing and improving the service with his comments and suggestions.
    The user provides his personal information in case if it’s requested or he’s interested in sharing it, for example, through the Contact form.
    If such an information should and can be provided, it must be truthful and non-harmful.
    The user’s personal information or contacts will not be published or passed to the third part without the user’s allowance.
    The user is aware that he may be charged for particular services if such paid services appear and get listed or described within the Terms / Policies / Pricing section of the site. In case of payments taking place, all charged are authorized and non-refundable.
  5. Certified experts
    Russian Woman Dating states that certified experts’ materials prevail in the site’s content. “Certified”, means their personality is verified by the administrators and they attended the themed workshops, courses, or seminars unless they are the authors of such workshops themselves.
    The themes of the workshops shall be connected with psychology, relationships, international dating, healthy nutrition, fitness and beauty care, etc.
    The materials of amateur authors may also be used on the site but in a smaller volume and along with the specialists’ comments or quotes.
  6. Explicit/Straightforward materials
    The site may contain the revealing and sexually straightforward materials for adults only. None of them are intentionally abusive or harmful. However, teenagers or vulnerable people may avoid such pages of the site or the whole site because of presence of such materials. The site still keeps the right to post them.
  7. Feedback
    The user is able to express his opinions openly and leave the feedback by one of the available means: by the contact form, by email, in comments, etc.
    Those opinions can contain the critics, appreciation, suggestions, ideas, samples of the users’ materials, requests, demands,
    but nothing that breaks the rules and regulations of the site, breaks the humans’ rights, harms the user’s interests, other members’ interests, or the administrators / owners’ interests in any way.
    The user is also aware that some of the posted materials are of an entertaining or illustrative character so they cannot be removed, replaced, or edited on the user’s demand.
    The user isn’t allowed to include into his feedback the commercial advertisement, personal insults, racist or other discrimination expressions, fragments of materials of the third party.
    In case if this happens, the user will be temporarily or permanently banned.
  8. The user’s materials
    Being posted or published, the user’s materials are equally protected by the international copyright and will not be misused by the site team in any way.
    At the same time, we keep the right to remove, reduce, censor, or comment the user’s material at our own discretion.
  9. Disclaimers and liability limitations
    You fully accept and realize that all materials and data presented on this site, have a form and looks defined by the authors and administrators. It will not be modified or removed on the user’s demand. Objections and complaints, if any, should be well-grounded and sent in advance.
    Russian Woman Dating isn’t responsible for any force majeure events harmful for the content or functionality such as natural disasters, global or local electricity failure, transport failure, connection failure, war, political changes, accidents, breakdowns, virtual or physical attacks.