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The advantages of meeting a Russian woman through a marriage agency

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Russian women are considered a wonderful wife material, and that’s for good reason. They are famed worldwide for their stunning beauty, shining intellect, irresistible charm and traditional values. Men from all over the globe come to Russia in order to find someone special, someone to share their life with. As a rule, their searches start on an international dating site. They go through women’s profiles, select someone seemingly compatible and send them a message. Very often these initial steps lead to a burgeoning long-distance relationship. A couple keeps dating online, using all the means of communication – mails, messages, phone calls, chats, SMS, video sessions, snail mail letters and so on. After a few months a man makes a trip to a woman’s home town, they meet face to face and see where their relationship will take them next. However, a local marriage agency can offer you an alternative way.

If a man chooses to make a trip to Russia and stay in a chosen city for a while, he won’t experience a lack of dating options. It’s a great way to find out what Russian women are like in reality. Beautiful women will be virtually everywhere – on the streets, in cafes, restaurants, banks, medical stores, post offices, public transport and so on. But it’s a bit clumsy to approach women randomly hoping they want to date a foreign man. Some of them might be married or in a relationship, others are simply not interested in romance. Yes others would like to go out with you, but their English is not enough to hold a meaningful conversation. Going to a local marriage agency and asking for a professional help is a far better option.

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What is a marriage agency?

Local marriage agencies are kind of like dating clubs, but instead of the frivolous word “dating” they use a more serious one – “marriage”. People who use their services usually have serious intentions to meet their potential life partner, to get married and start a family together. Services of these dating agencies are designed to bring local Russian girls and foreign men together. Some agencies also work with Russian men who are interested in Russian or foreign women.

But why would people go to an agency like this in the world of today, when you can simply fill an online form, upload pictures on an international dating site and start corresponding? The thing is, lots of women prefer a personal approach. They would rather involve professional match makers and translators than search for man abroad on their own. They help girls set up an attractive profile and select the right photos.

Professional consultant in a Russian dating agency

If a woman doesn’t have suitable photographs, marriage agency will offer her a special photo session. Have you noticed how beautiful and artistic the Russian women’s photos are on dating sites? It’s because they’re taken and edited by professional photographers. An experienced consultant will talk to a woman and trying to figure out what kind of men will suit her best. After that they will offer her to contact the most suitable men from their database. If her English is not sufficient to hold a conversation, the translation services will be provided, too.

Advantages for men

When you come to a new Russian city, a reputable marriage agency can assist you in finding a woman of your dreams. With professional local matchmakers, you won’t have to waste your time approaching random women and trying to get to know them.

The staff will allow you to go through the database of their women and select seemingly suitable girls. They’ll l also give you some tips on how to be successful in finding women for marriage. Then they will contact the chosen ladies and ask whether they would like to meet you. If they agree, the staff of the marriage agency will help you set up a date. Other services include:

Professional translation services

If the women you’ve selected speak only minimal English or don’t speak it at all, marriage agency will offer you the services of a professional interpreter. This way you will be able to get to know a girl you like and ask her all the questions that are important for you. Also, you’ll avoid misunderstanding and laugh at each other’s jokes. An interpreter will accompany you no matter where you’ll decide to set up your date – in a cafe, in a local park, on a skating-rink, in a museum, art-gallery and so on.

Consultants in a Russian marriage agency

Apartment rent or hotel booking

When you’re in a new country, finding a suitable place to stay may appear a bit complicated. There are plenty of options in every Russian city, including hotels, hostels, guest houses, apartments for rent and even couchserfing homes. However, finding an affordable and comfortable place may take lots of time. And you can’t spend so much time searching for a place to stay because you’d rather be engaged elsewhere, doing something more pleasant and productive, like meeting women, of course!

Well, there is some good news for you – a local marriage agency can arrange a nice place to stay for the whole duration of your visit. Realtors are often collaborate with marriage agencies, asking them to offer their properties to foreign men who come to Russia in order to meet local women. These properties are usually well furnished and beautifully designed. In a rented apartment, you’ll find everything what’s needed for a comfortable stay, and that’s for a reasonable price.

Friendly employees of Russian marriage agencies

Sightseeing tours

If you’d like to diversify your activities in a new city and to see its sights with a woman you like, a marriage agency can arrange a sightseeing tour for you. If you’re a history buff, they’ll take you to the local museums and monuments, if you’re an architecture enthusiast, they’ll design a walking tour along the city streets. Also, depending on the city, you can go for a boat ride, explore the old city, or opt for a culinary tour. Make sure to taste lots of dishes of the Russian cuisine in local restaurants – it’s a sure way to please your taste buds and get to know Slavic culinary traditions.

Gifts and flowers

Marriage agencies also collaborate with flower and gift delivery services, and if you’d like to prepare a nice surprise for the woman you date, they’ll be more than happy to assist you. With the help of a consultant, you’ll select a lovely bouquet that your girlfriend is going to love. Usually men for red roses, but you may choose something more original and exotic. There are all sorts of orchids, frangipanis and even lotuses to order, and you can also choose some interesting accessories.

As for gifts, it doesn’t have to be anything pricy and showy. It’s the thought that counts. Try to express your affections by selecting a meaningful and original gift.

 If it sounds too complicated, a plush teddy bear will do perfectly well.

Airport transfers

A local marriage agency will also help you ordering a reliable airport transferring service. A comfortable car with a reliable driver will pick you up in time and deliver you to the airport well in advance. You won’t have to bother ordering a taxi and worrying about catching your plane.

These are only some advantages of using the services of local marriage agencies in Russia. They will make your experience so much more rewarding. Whatever problem you experience during you visit, you can let the agency’s staff know about it. They’ll do their best to help you out. Perhaps it would be useful to contact them even before you make a trip – this way they would plan on how to assist you more efficiently.

Just make a quick search before your visit and get in touch with a few marriage agency. Figure out which one would be the most helpful and give them a try. In any case you won’t regret visiting Russia and dating local woman – this will be one of the most unforgettable experiences in your life. All the best with your searches!

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