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The best-looking Russian women: who are they?

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Hardly can you find anyone who would deny the generally acknowledged fact that women from Russia are indeed extremely popular with overseas men. The number of foreign lads who dream about at least a romance with a gal from Moscow or Saint Petersburg is increasingly and constantly popping up.

Some guys even consider that most of the best-looking women worldwide are from enigmatic and vast Russia. Whatever nationality the foreign man could be, he would definitely value the natural Russian beauty.

Why are overseas guys fond of Russian women very much?

Some experts give various explanations of the causes of the attractiveness typical of gals from Russia. However, a lot more interesting question is how come men take to Russian women so much.

Due to mass media, we are overwhelmed with the information. Men see women from Russia showing off their attractiveness in different ways. Many of them have Instagram accounts and post a lot of provoking pics with themselves. In that way, they successfully draw the funky blokes’ attention.

Foreign lads often compare Russian gals with their Western counterparts and notice that the latter lose the undeclared contest. Girls from Russia look a lot more stylish, fresher, more natural and appealing rather than American or European ladies. Therefore, that quite a big interest for young Muscovites or Petersburgers characteristic of overseas lads is rather explainable.

Russian female celebrities

The best-looking celebrities from Russia

First and foremost, overseas lads keep an eye on famous Russian fashion models or female athletes. Their names are worldwide known a lot better than the names of politicians or businessmen. The list of celebrities that draw guys’ attention can be too long:

  • Natalia Vodianova;
  • Anastasia Lupova;
  • Sasha Pivovarova;
  • Tatyana Navka;
  • Kate Grigorieva;
  • Maria Sharapova;
  • Nastya Sten, etc.

When men look at the fashion models or athletes from Russia and value their natural attractiveness, they expect common women in that vast country to be not worse if not the same. Moreover, that is a given that quite many world-famous Russian celebs originated from remote places, towns or villages.

Therefore, guys expect provincial girls in Russia to astonish them with their looks, intelligence, education as well as kind personality. Seasoned lads even encourage new daters to pay a lot more attention to women not from capital cities but from provincial towns and townships.

Ordinary Russian women

Attractive ordinary women from Russia

Common-place girls are trying to keep up with their famous counterparts among celebs. Moreover, some of them especially those who live in capital cities successfully manage to achieve their dream target.

Just take a glimpse at gals strolling in parks or down town alleyways. To lads’ astonishment, most of the urban girls look flawlessly. They are always in perfect shape starting with slight makeup and finishing with trendy gear.

Perhaps, provincial young women still are a bit or sometimes a lot behind their capital cities’ counterparts. Yet the alterations are also going on there. It happens increasingly less when in Tver, Oryol or another provincial Russian town you can come across a gal dressed scruffy, tastelessly or in kind of an off-turnish way.

Some helpful advice to overseas guys: Do not scared of getting to know Russian girls from provinces, they often are as intelligent, good-looking, and well-educated as their counterparts in capital cities.

How important is the image to Russian women?

If you belong to those lads who find exciting to compare and contrast Russian girls to American or European young women, you will soon face the fact that gals from Russia quite frequently win the contest. That concerns both looks and personality.

Remember that for a Russian girl it’s impossible to leave home for work, a date or just a sauntering without several minutes spent in front of a mirror. To trim the hairdo, fix lipstick properly or check how bright the eyes glitter it’s like an extra work.

The women take care of their image so carefully since they are aimed at men. They are 100% sure their efforts to look perfect will help them to wake up men’s interest to them.

A Russian proverb says: “The man is the flame, the woman is the glow.”

What personality traits do guys appreciate about Russian girls?

However, the image is quite vital for girls though, their personal attributes play a lot more significant role in drawing guys’ attention if the latter are serious in their desires, aims as well as wishes.

Contemporary Russian young women are actually complicated natures with a variety of enthusiasms and interests. It influences their character a lot. Present-day girls are more energetic, determined, ambitious than their peers used to be two or three decades ago.

Lads need to make some efforts to correspond to the requirements of modern gals as well as their personalities. The contemporary fair sex looks down on physically and morally weak guys with a few interests restricted with, for instance, catching fish or just watching soccer on TV.

What are Russian women’s interests actually like?

Interests of Russian women

Hardly can you find a modern young woman who would remain just a housewife. The contemporary fair sex tends to be actively involved in a tremendous array of occasions, events as well as deals. You can see gals in a variety of spots and venues:

  • Gym halls
  • Cycle tracks
  • Park alleys
  • Skating rinks
  • Swimming pools
  • Stadiums
  • Embankments, etc.

How socially active are contemporary Russian women?

Russian women involved in social activities

For several recent years, Russian girls have altered into politically friendly activists. Often can you come across groups of women involved in different special occasions:

  • Political rallies
  • Election campaigns
  • Neighborhood clean-up
  • Rap and rock gigs
  • Protest marches, etc.

Where to meet up with the best-looking Russian women?

If you ask yourself how easy it is to get to know the best-looking Russian women, the reply won’t be definite. Of course, if you’d like to get to know one of the female celebs from Russia, you would bump into oodles of obstacles. In addition, you’ll sooner fail than manage to result in something positive.

If you are going to find the best-looking Russian women among commonplace girls, you will definitely have a lot more opportunities to succeed in that. The most common and accessible places are the following:

  • Recreation parks in warm seasons
  • Movie theaters during premiere evenings
  • Stadiums where public events take place
  • Town ski resorts in the wintertime
  • Shopping malls and theme parks throughout the year
  • Fitness centers and sports clubs if you don’t mind getting involved in sort of a physical activity.

The main advice sounds like that: You ought to be active in your quest for the best-looking Russian women. In this case, you have far more chances to achieve the desired result.

Russian women on international dating websites

Women from Russia on dating sites

Another opportunity on long-distance relationships to get in touch with Russian beauties is just to sign up for a reputable international dating website. Online dating will obviously give you as an overseas guy an astonishing array of advantages:

  • Video and ordinary chats
  • Sending virtual gifts
  • Video games
  • Swapping messages and emails
  • Seeing your future soulmate beforehand
  • Practicing in socializing with a woman of another nationality, etc.

Dating Russian girls in real life

However, you, surely, know that the best way to understand each other is offline dating. Moreover, even if your website communication goes on successfully, unfortunately, it doesn’t ensure that your relationships will end up seeing each other in person.

Therefore, try not to drag on your online dating. Real life expects both of you and it has prepared some special tests. You need to get ready for socializing in life. The success mostly depends on how sincere and active your website communication was.

In conclusion: Another helpful advice

The list of tips can be infinite. The main advice has already been given above. In addition, some guys just recommend avoiding such situations when both of you feel embarrassed and confused. Try to explain each moment that can seem blur.

If everything is honest and clear among you and you don’t have such points that bring on a lot of extra questions or doubts, your online or offline socializing is doomed to success.

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