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The Most Widespread Truth And Myth About Russian Women

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To be honest, I myself am happy to talk abroad about the beauty of Russian women, being one of them. However, recently, looking around at the vulgar dressed ladies with a searching look of a bounty hunter, I begin to doubt the truth of this stereotype.

First, I’m confused by the sense of style. Most of the women in our country, it is absent at all, unless, of course, not to consider the style of a mixture of panel whores and poor provincial. After studying for a year in France and returning home with a master’s degree, I was still at the airport and was amazed at the amount of makeup applied by our women on the face as plaster, and the length of skirts, slightly covering the panties. As we were joking at the time at the University, don’t be underwear, under skirts be stuck rope from the swab.

I have nothing against mini-skirts, the woman herself, love herself, but it should be: a) measure; b) appropriate; and b) to look good. And these “rules of three” in Russia are fundamentally ignored. Yes, French, of course, is also not ideal. Rarely wash head, loudly blow their nose on humans, prefer to wear the absolutely not emphasizing figure robes or baggy sweaters. But at least they look in them organically, and they do not want to immediately or undress to the end – just not so much left, or wear something else on top to cover sticking out in all directions naked body. Open the bottom – close the top, bared legs – cover the neckline, everything is simple. But somehow it does not for Russian women, dreaming to have time to get married before 21. Otherwise, it will not take, will remain a spinster. And because the brain does not show immediately, it is necessary, apparently, to demonstrate what can be seen immediately: legs, ass, and Breasts. And the purchasing power to buy a sea of cosmetics.

Sex Queens or like all others

Second, the availability and sexual liberation. There are a lot of women in Russia, much more than men, there is no need to open America. Naturally, the competition is increased. A lonely woman in our country is still not perceived as “independent and self-sufficient, loving yourself” and “unfortunate and unnecessary”, it is a pity almost the same as my grandmother, living on a pension. And the material level has nothing to do with it, whether it is at least three times a partner of the company. One means unhappy. So we have women to forgive a lot, more to afford and to much to close my eyes. What we just do not have: courses of professional Blowjob, revealing yourself as a woman, the awakening of sexual energy… No European woman will not pay as much attention to the orgasm of a man as Russian. Sex is the Olympic games: if the medal, only the gold, if, it was only the first. Winners, as they say, are not judged. Austrians, for example, who were lucky enough to sleep with a Russian woman, never forget them and then go all my life puppies, waiting for handouts. Most Austrians in this sense are cold and conservative: sex only in the dark, with curtains drawn, eyes closed, in a missionary position, in a strictly allotted time. The list of taboos is updated every year. Having learned about it, my classmates and I even thought to organize a rescue mission to Austria. After all, the fact that the Red cross provides medical care is normal, and no one has any discussion about why sexual assistance is not provided…

However, for each plus there is a minus. The fact that Russian women are so sexually uninhibited, scares Europeans – it seems to them that from looseness close to promiscuity, and from promiscuity to infidelity. Scary! My good friend, an Italian, for a year can not find a wife in Russia (of those who are “the best in the world”). Then I got caught in Gum in the clutches of a girl from escort services, very beautiful, but very bad speaking English. And finally and at all history for Arthouse cinema: the next passion on the fourth appointment told it that she is married, she has a child and in General she is pregnant. But are willing to continue the relationship if it does not bother him. He was confused for some reason.

The man pays for everything?

Third, money. I think it’s normal for a man to pay for a woman. But what it contains it entirely just because it is all so beautiful and flawlessly doing a Blowjob is already too much. A woman is not an attachment to a man. She is an independent person who, even if she does not work, at least is engaged in her own education, has a hobby, prepares, cleans, brings up children, knows how to support a conversation and, if necessary, support a man, putting her fragile shoulder.

Our few wealthy men spoiled Russian women. No self-respecting foreigner will buy his companion a car, a fur coat, a necklace, a house and an annual service in the Spa simply because she is a woman, and he is a man and makes money. No, it’s not that simple. Here and division budgets, and the marriage contract, and parsimony (products in stock, strictly shower 5 minutes to Unscrew the bulbs to pay less for electricity), and other important nuances that are able to protect Europeans from the hangers (if, of course, is not quite lost his head). You can’t just walk away. That’s right. I have a lot of friends-businessmen who fully support their wives (often picked up in strip clubs), and those turn up their noses, get up at two o’clock in the afternoon, run around the beauty salons and are not even engaged in the education of their own children, not that home. For what such merits before the Fatherland? The European will never tolerate such a thing. A year or two, and then – “so go well and I will dance”, a short conversation. Our women have a lot to learn.

It is up to you to decide, of course, but it seems to me that the title of “best women” should be matched, and many representatives of the weaker sex of our country clearly do not reach it.

Russian wives are in many ways superior to Europeans,” say Europeans husbands of Russian wives. In connection with this statement, I really became interested, and what is wrong with Europeans women and how we differ from Asian representatives of the fair sex.

For purity of experiment we choose two girls of the great powers: me and my Europeans friend Keri. With obvious external differences in the rest we are similar as two drops of water: both in equal weight and age category, both married.

Round 1: Princess and Cinderella

First, speaking about the differences and the wife of what nationality is better, you should start with a story about the average family in which future brides were born.

Everyone heard the slogan: “One family – one child.” Europe has followed this policy for 36 years. Therefore, born in a Europeans family, we can say that Keri pulled a lucky lottery ticket. She, being the only child in the family, was loved to the point of impossibility by all grandparents, gifted with all sorts of gifts. The family indulged her whims, it was necessary only to stamp a small leg.

From an early age Europeans women grow princesses are exempt from all household duties, whether cleaning, Ironing or washing.

As for me, born in the 90s in a military family, my sister and I grew up real soldiers. Dad said, “no Servants here.” So from childhood we were taught to help my mother around the house, wash socks and tights every evening to put on clean in the morning. And to darn clothes and take care of all things, because in difficult years for the whole country we had to wear clothes one after another. No whims were out of the question.

Round 2: Independence

Such guardianship, of course, leaves an imprint on adult life. According to Keri, Europeans girls grow up completely unfit for life. They become sluts who can’t do anything, but most importantly – they do not want to do anything. Because they know for sure that behind their backs is a powerful army in the form of parents, grandparents, who will cook and order, and, if anything, will now look after her little Princess.

Russian girls, becoming adult ladies, all also remain completely independent. They rarely make any decisions without 24-hour consultation of relatives. And it was like it was all written off by Cary. For her, her mother and husband are two people with whom she is in touch 24 hours a day. Without them, it is not something to relax one will not go, it is without them, even noodles in the restaurant will not order.

As for me, my husband often reproaches me for excessive independence. And that’s actually true. While he was in the army, I almost independently moved from the student hostel to our own nest. I moved most of my stuff by myself. His brother and best friend helped drag only the refrigerator and sofa. Nothing, of course, that his hands were shaking then because of the weight… Then I was terribly pleased with herself, and then went with the girls to Egypt for three weeks to rest. “Single lady on the beach”! After a while I certainly understand the resentment of a spouse.

Being independent is good. But I think there is a limit to everything. We assume that the Europeans team leveled the score.

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