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Tips on using a Russian mail bride order catalog

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If you’ve finally joined a Russian dating website, you’re probably excited and overwhelmed with new perspectives and possibilities. There are plenty of gorgeous women on those website, and there is no reason why one of them couldn’t become your soul mate. However, sometimes having too much of a choice is as bad as having no choice at all. There are plenty of men who failed to find a partner using matchmaking services. Instead of moving towards their goal, they simply wasted time browsing through a Russian mail bride order catalog.

Needless to say, it’s easy to get carried away with so many photos of beautiful women. But if you want to get back from Russia with a bride, you’d better do you best to stay focused. Here are a few tips to make it all easier for you.

Use Russian mail bride order catalog to find a woman for dating and marriage

Use the search tool

There thousands and thousands Russian women on dating sites, and if you read every profile you come upon, it will take you ages to find someone compatible. You can spend some time browsing through the women’s profiles just to get the feel of what these ladies are like, but eventually it’s recommended to go for a more determined search. Respectable dating sites provide a sophisticated search tool to make your dating experience more rewarding. Use it by all means.

Find Russian brides on dating sites for love, romance and marriage

It will help you narrow down your searches and increase the chances of finding someone you have lots in common with. The more criteria you can specify the better. Make sure to point out a woman’s place of living – go for big cities to start with: they are easier to reach and live in. Tourist infrastructure leaves much to be desired in smaller cities and towns of Russia, so you’d better aim for Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Sochi or Novosibirsk. These are some of the cities with most attractive women. Besides, there are more chances to meet English speaking people in larger cities.

Also, specify your ideal woman’s education and profession. Generally speaking, Russian girls are educated and well read, and their professional achievements are nothing short of astounding. As for religion, most women in Eastern Europe are Orthodox Christian, but very few of them are actually religious. You should also decide what your future girlfriend marital status should be – there are lots of divorced women on dating sites, and it’s recommended to include them into your searches as well.

Girls in Eastern Europe tend to get married young, and in most cases it ends up with a divorce just a couple of years later. Also you should specify whether you want a childless girl or a woman with kids. When you filter out all the options you don’t consider acceptable, it will be easier to make a final choice.

Don’t go for the looks alone

When you look through a Russian mail bride order catalog, it’s not difficult to notice how attractive all those women are. However, beauty is only skin deep. This proverb makes perfect sense when you’re looking for a wife.

Make sure both of you look for the same things in marriage and a romantic relationship. You should also pay attention to her hobbies and interests – if you like to stay indoors and read books and she likes to travel around the world, the chances for a happy future together are very negligible.

Avoid catalogues with too many explicit pictures

If you see too many lingerie and bikini shots in the Russian mail bride order catalog, it’s definitely a warning signal. Russian women like to demonstrate their attractiveness, and they do post rather appealing photographs taken in a photo studio, but they always know the limits and keep it tasteful l and respectable.

If you see lots of photographs of women in explicit poses and alluring outfits (or rather their absence), you’d better start searching for your happiness elsewhere. You should be especially careful on free dating sites – they are often set up as hubs for scammers of all sorts.

There is no verification procedure on these sites, and a fraudster can upload dozens of profiles of model-like women with stolen pictures. It’s not hard to guess what a scammer wants from you – their only goal is to make you shell out some money. And this is not what you are on a dating site for.

Mail order bride catalogue on Russian dating websites

It’s also possible to find Russian girls in your home town

May be it sounds too good to be true, but it’s also possible to find a Russian wife in your home town by using Russian mail bride order catalog. Go for a large and reputable website and make a search. It’s not excluded that you’ll find quite a few Slavic girls living in your city. Russian students often come to study in the universities and colleges of the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Western Europe or Canada.

They stay in a country on a student visa and spend lots of time travelling in order to learn more about the local way of life and see the world. Try contacting them and ask them out. This way, you will be able to start a romantic relationship with a Russian woman without even leaving your home country.

This option is especially attractive to those who don’t grasp the idea behind the online dating. Long distance relationship is not for everyone, and if you feel you can’t handle something like that, it’s better to focus on searching for your soul mate locally.

Apart from students, there are also Russian Au Pairs. Girls come to work in families, helping them looking after the kids and doing chores. This way they have a chance to attend a local language school, travel on weekends and make friends in a new country.

Russian women excel in different professional fields, so you can check out whether some companies in your city have Slavic employees. And last but not least, there are also divorces Eastern European ladies who used to married to local guys, but now they are not anymore. As you can see, you can really put a Russian mail bride order catalog into good use when searching for a soul mate in your own country.

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Visit a local marriage agency when in Russia

If you happen to come to Russia, it would be a waste of time trying to approach women in the streets. Some of them will not be interested, others won’t speak a word in English. To make a better use of your precious time in a new country, we would suggest visiting a local marriage agency and asking them to help you out.

Marriage agencies in Russia are geared towards helping girls find a decent husband abroad. Rather than working over the internet, they encourage women to come in person and fill in the form. This way they know each of their customers personally. They will be able to help you find a girl according to your specifications.

One of the biggest advantages of using matchmaking services in a marriage agency is a solid database of women’s profiles and targeted audience. Every girl who come to the agency is hundred percent sure she’s ready to start a relationship with a foreigner and make a shift to another country. The agency’s staff will show you a Russian mail bride order catalog and contact the girls you’re interested in.

If they agree to meet you, go for a few dates and see whether there is a chance to start a relationship with one of them. Generally speaking, marriage agencies in Russian cities offer a vast array of services, including translation services (in case a girl doesn’t speak English), airport transfers, rental services and so on. Use these if needed, too.

These are only some tips on how to use a catalogues when looking for a life partner in Eastern European countries. There are lots of success stories, and you can start a story of your own, too. Just trust you guts, listen to your intuition and use your common sense. Finding a soul mate is no easy task in the world of today, so make sure not to give up too easily. The woman of your dreams is waiting for you somewhere, all the best in your searches!

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