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Top 10 things you need to know about Russian brides and wedding

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Despite the different opinions about Russian brides among foreign men (positive or even negative), they are still dreaming to marry one of them. It is not a secret anymore that Russian brides are perfect choice if you are a looking for a perfect wife and careful mother for your kinds. A simple Google request “marry Russian brides” shows 4 million results. It means that the interest is still extremely high and it is growing.

Why they are so attractive?

Russian women are not only more kind, caring, pleasant in communication and interested in a family. Another important aspect, although not the most important one – their beauty. Do not expect that the Russian brides will say, “Love me the way I’m”, none of them will do that. She appreciates all nature gifts, but she will definitely stay pretty and good-looking even at home, cooking something delicious or cleaning the house. Russian women is a great example of the combination of nature and smart implication (make-up, fitness etc.) She understands that the inner world is more important than the perfect body.

How to behave on a date?

Russian brides do not expect that you will immediately charm them: they do not live in a romantic film, where everything is perfect. It will take a long time to gain the trust of a Russian woman, so be very careful and do not take the wrong steps. If you show her Casanova attitude on the first date, she will cool off and will be very suspicious of you. The magic word is seriousness. So, be careful and not make mistakes, showing obvious sexual intentions or watching the charming girl who passed by your table. Always maintain a respectful and gallant attitude to your lady.

The Mentality of Russian brides

To understand the mentality of Russian brides there is no need to come back in Soviet time and history, just watch how behaves their mothers. As the rule – man is the head in the house. However, in last decade, the shift happened and women got the liberty and equality with men in getting a post or choosing the career. Each women has a right and possibility to become a teacher, a doctor, a politician or president. Therefore, the philosophy of mixed family life with professional career predominates among Russian brides.

The happiest moment of every Russian bride

My friend, if you finally met the right girl, the love of your life, the only one – one in a million and it is time to plan a big party for everybody. However, if your woman is a Russian bride you need to know more details before the wedding. You do not need to worry, nothing bad or criminal just a couple of advices and specific details that you probably have not heard before.

Wedding as the greatest feast

A wedding is such a wonderful celebration that every Russian bride looks forward to it with great impatience. A wedding is especially desirable for unmarried girls; they are waiting to put on a luxurious white dress, a veil over the head and such a beautiful ring on her hand. It is the moment when you can hear so many congratulations in one day in the honor of a future family.

Contemporary traditions at the Russian wedding have a lot familiar with the traditions of past decades, even centuries and for the most part with the pattern of Soviet Union time. Moreover, young people are trying to change the established traditions and it is a lot of hard work.

Modern Russian wedding

The modern Russian wedding has preserved the traditions of the old Russian wedding and included the customs of other nations.

A modern Russian wedding begins with an engagement ceremony. This tradition came to us from the West, since in Russian traditions only relatives of the groom or matchmaker were supposed to come to the Russian bride’s house. Now the groom most often offers to marry him in person with the future bride, and, having received an agreement, comes to the bride’s house to ask her parents for blessing.

The ancient tradition of bachelorette party remained, but became freer. If earlier sad songs were sung at bachelor party, now it has turned into a joyful, cheerful celebration.

Wedding in the church today does not coincide with the official registration of marriage, so it is carried out at will, most often, after the state registration of marriage and obtaining a certificate. It is not necessary for the ceremony in church to occur on the day of marriage registration. You can choose another celebration on this subject after some time.

The perfect day to remember forever

Why is the color of the wedding dress – white?

A wedding dress in antiquity is clothing for the bride to go through initiation, which determines its color. However, what color was considered appropriate for the girl to be reborn in the new quality of a married woman? White was considered such a color in antiquity among many peoples, including the ancestors of the Russians, since the snow falling in autumn symbolized the euthanasia of natural vegetative forces. People usually take the colors of nature as a matter of course and use these patterns in their culture. To wear a white outfit throughout the wedding day was introduced into the world and Russian fashion by the English Queen Victoria, who married in 1840.

The celebration of love, family and happy-ever-after

10 Unique Russian traditions

Do not think that we are done with the list of the things that you need to be ready for on this day, let us continue with the top of Russian traditions.

  1. Initially, it is necessary to ransom the Russian bride. The bride redemption procedure symbolizes the beginning of a Russian wedding. This is the most funny and exciting stage. The meaning of the ransom is that the groom not only came to the house for the bride, but also went through a series of tests that will show his willingness to get married.
  2. Then you need to go through the wedding ceremony in a church. This is an old Russian tradition. The bride and groom are married in a church. The priest reads certain prayers, asking, thereby God to fasten the newlyweds together with strong bonds, give them true love for life.
  3. It is called the betrothal – the unique part of a traditional Russian Orthodox ceremony. The bride and the groom stand in front of the church and the priest blesses the couple. During the whole ceremony they hold candles.
  4. After that come the official registration of the marriage. According to Russian tradition, the Russian bride and the groom must come to the registry office separately from each other in different cars. Both cars are accompanied by a large motorcade, which consists of cars with parents, matchmakers, relatives, friends, colleagues and so on.
  5. Now you need to conduct a wedding walk. After all the tense events that the newlyweds and their guests had to go through, you need to relax a bit. However, the main purpose of the wedding walk is to create beautiful and unforgettable photos and videos.
  6. Already in conclusion, the newlyweds and guests are sent to a wedding banquet. This is an integral element of a Russian wedding. This tradition appeared for natural reasons – after a busy day, the newlyweds and guests are very hungry. In addition, everyone wants to congratulate the young family, celebrate this event and get to know everyone better.
  7. Well, what a Russian wedding is held without a magnificent banquet and a fun feast?! The newlyweds are greeted with a wedding loaf of bread and salt, and the young ones take turns biting off the loaf. If you follow the belief, then the one who bites off a large piece – and will be the master in the house.
  8. Wedding toasts are often accompanied with a shout of “Gorko!”- means “bitter” in Russian. This is a signal for the Russian bride and groom to kiss. Guests will also count aloud for how long the kiss lasts for, thus the young family shows the strength of their love and respect to each other. The longer the young people kiss, the stronger their marriage will be.
  9. Back in time there was a custom during which unmarried girls asked the bride to try on her shoes. The girl, who fit the shoe, kept it for herself and demanded a ransom from the groom. This ceremony was a test of the solvency for the future husband.
  10. In ancient times, people believed that breaking bread with a person means that you become close to each other people, thus appeared the tradition to cut the cake. The newlyweds cut the first piece of cake together, but with one knife.

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