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Top myths and facts about Russian hookups: Best sex tourism info

There are two categories of stereotypes about Russian girls. Some men think Moscow women are hard to conquer and the long courtship is needed. While others think they’re all easily after foreigners.

The balanced opinion is always more fair. Slavic females are really different and so is the perfect approach to them. If you learn more, you will see it’s easy and pleasant to get laid with Russian models.

Myth 1. All beautiful girls are gold-diggers

Of course, such a statement comes from men’s insecurities only. It’s true that most Slavic girls are model-looking, so, can the whole genotype consist of the scammers? Facts are the opposite.

Russian brides wouldn’t be that popular if they didn’t carry the whole set of family values. Positive examples and success stories severely prevail, and not all of those beauties are trophy wives.

Moscow girls, particularly, earn pretty well and can even play a cougar role in sex. Some relocate to the West by selling their homes or continuing their studies abroad. Their survival instinct is high.

This stereotype is as hard to break as the same pattern concerning Filipina women, but Russian models are much better provided. Often, they do not need a man’s assistance for traveling the world.

Lowcost flights and freelance jobs are growing really popular in Russia, which makes Moscow beauties more flexible and open-minded. It’s the old fashion already to count on a boyfriend only.

One can hookup safely in St. Petersburg or any other big city of Eastern Europe, without any risk of the fraud. Just use well-checked and high rated adult dating apps, to get what you want.

hookup girls

Myth 2. Russian chicks jump on foreigners

It totally depends on their social level, environment, urban or provincial upbringing, and many other factors. If you dislike too cheap girls, be aware it’s easy to avoid them by sticking to classy ones.

Visit best nightclubs in Moscow

It’s obvious the nightlife is very active in capital cities. There are escort-focused places with monstrous securities, but there are also popular student nightclubs, usually 4-star rated.

Last ones are more trustworthy, since the girls are genuine and weight their choices. There is some healthy competition and natural pickup process leading to mutual interest and hookups.

Use free dating sites

If your concern is gringo-oriented girls fixed on foreigners, just chat online on Russian dating sites meant both for locals and westerners. Then you’ll attract more sincere chicks who want sex only.

Mamba, Loveplanet, and Badoo are some of the examples. Single girls there are surprised when a foreigner contacts them there since the majority of members are Russian. Put some efforts and conquer them.

Myth 3. Long courtship without sex

This fear is frequent but not based on facts. In average, Eastern European women are surely very cultured and require more patience than western girls. But there are ways to overcome that difference.

hookup russian women

Top hookup sites

When the platform is dedicated to quick sex, it’s only natural to meet like-minded personals there. The number of possible disappointments decreases, and singles show their readiness to get laid.

Adult dating sites, anonymous hookup apps, sugar dating & sex platforms, they are all meant for casual sex without undesirable responsibilities. These sources gradually grow popular in Russia.

There’s a considerable difference between cheap personals and mature position regarding free sex though. Girls must agree to hook up because they want to, not because they are easy to get.

Night game pickup

On Friday night, even serious-minded singles turn to flirtatious ones. Meet them at the right places like nightclubs and street bars where they seek some fun. It’s the shortest way to hookups in Moscow.

Nearly all single women in St. Petersburg and similar big cities like spending their evenings in bars and pubs. Surely no courtship is needed to pickup them and invite to the closest hotel.

Myth 4. Russian girls prefer local boys

Some do, but it certainly shouldn’t be generalized like that. Russian men are sadly famous for their hard drinking, domestic violence, and unstoppable cheating. Lots of women have the high self-respect.

Plus, it’s always intriguing for many females worldwide to talk to a stranger from abroad. They also have stereotypes about us, and one of the patterns is that westerners are more generous and polite.

Just like the girls in the third world countries, they believe in western men’s superiority and get very curious about their culture, laws, lifestyle. They adore viewing pictures from the guy’s phone.

If a girl is provincial or from the patriarchal family, there is a possibility she will be more cautious with a foreigner than with locals. But that’s a rarity in modern Moscow and you can overcome it.

Fine drinks, a nice sweet conversation, your overall charm and charisma will quickly break the ice. Her curiosity will win, and your attempts to seduce her will most probably lead to great results.

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Myth 5. They want only your Green card

This particular negative belief is way too common among single westerners. Many try not to get involved with Russian brides at all, fearing that a hot model will just take an advantage of them.

It’s true that Slavic women have plenty of reasons to escape from their everyday reality. But they have their own ways to do that, starting from well-provided fathers in Moscow who send them study abroad.

As it was said, more and more girls in Russia choose to be freelancers and distanced IT workers. It allows them travel moderately and rent something decent in affordable countries if they want.

Finally, what exactly are you risking if you hook up at one of the Moscow nightclubs or even order Russian escorts? No one will force you to get married after, so you’re completely safe and protected.

It would be a pity to lose a chance to get laid with beautiful Russia chicks because of silly fears. So, take a chance bravely.

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