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Top secret fears of a Russian female

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If you’re talking to a beautiful and intelligent Russian female on a dating site, it might be a bit intimidating to actually have a romantic relationship with her. Her stunning beauty, wit, intelligence and natural grace may give you an idea that she’s way out of your league. But the truth is, she may feel the same way about you.

An average Russian woman, just like any other human being on the planet, has her own fears and insecurities. If both of you are hesitant about making the next step and bringing your relationship to a whole new level, it’s highly unlikely you have a chance for a future together.

So perhaps you should learn about typical fears of an average Russian female in order to understand her better and make it easier for the two of you to feel more comfortable and relaxed in the company of each other. Let’s have a closer look at the top secret fears of Slavic women.

Russian woman’s insecurities in relationships with men

She considers herself too old or, on the contrary, too young

Generally speaking, women are very sensitive when it comes to discussing their age. The moment they start feeling less attractive when they were at the age of eighteen, they consider themselves too old. At the same time, young girls may feel self-conscious and not sophisticated enough when talking to an older and more experienced man.

Speaking of an acceptable age gap between couples in Russia, if a man is up to 10 years older, it’s considered alright. If a woman is a bit older than her husband, no one will frown upon either. In international relationships, Russian women are comfortable with men who are fifteen or even twenty years older. Due to healthy and active lifestyle, western men tend to look and feel younger than their Slavic counterparts.

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She’s worried about being overweight

With the number of overweight people rapidly increasing worldwide, it’s obviously a matter of concern. Yet Russian women tend to carry it a bit too far when it comes to keeping in shape. Some of them keep scales at home and measure their weight every single day, sometimes twice or even a few times. Even an extremely thin girl may consider herself too fat – it’s all in the mind.

A Russian female works very hard towards having a beautiful, model like appearance.

Pretty Russian girl searching for love on dating sites

After all, she has to compete with equally beautiful girls for the privilege of having a man in her life. Yes, with the male-to-female ratio badly imbalanced, it’s like a badge of honour for a Russian woman to have a boyfriend or a husband.

Lots of contemporary Russian girls don’t fall into this trap; after all, our planet is growing increasingly smaller due to the advent of the internet, and no longer one to limit themselves to their immediate surrounding when searching for a partner. Even though, the trend to look as slim and beautiful as possible is still alive.

She doesn’t feel attractive without makeup

Needless to say, there is an abundance of beautiful Slavic women’s photos on every international dating website. All of them have bright yet tasteful makeup. If you visit any Russian city, you’ll notice that a rare woman on the streets wears no makeup.

Even early in the morning girls’ faces are perfectly done, and one would think they head to a wedding reception rather than to universities, colleges and offices. An average Russian female doesn’t feel confident and attractive without makeup, and lots of them think going out without makeup is equal to going out naked.

She’s afraid of appearing silly

Even a well-read, intelligent and brilliantly educated woman may be afraid of appearing silly when talking to a man. Sometimes it’s just a question of being shy. She needs some time to get used to a person and feel more comfortable in his presence. But sometimes it’s her childhood trauma speaking – lots of parents of the previous generation tried to raise perfectionists and were never satisfied no matter how brilliant their daughter was.

She’s afraid of appearing too smart

Yes, a typical Russian girl is smart and witty, intelligent and humorous. She’s a pleasure to talk too! You’ll never get bored with a Russian female you’re talking online or in real life. However, a beautiful woman may consider her intellect and high IQ being a curse.

Men tend to get intimidated in the company of a smart woman and avoid her out of fear of appearing inferior. A women doesn’t like to be treated like a geek , and if she thinks it will be beneficial to decrease her smartness when talking to a man, she’ll do it without any hesitation.

She thinks men see her only as a sex object

Lots of Slavic girls were raised by mothers who were convinced that men only wanted one thing. When men are generous for compliments based upon a girl’s look alone, they only confirm this belief. But an intelligent woman who has some self-respect wants to be appreciated as a personality, not merely as a treat for the eyes.

It’s pleasant to know you have a pretty face or attractive body, but no one likes to feel like a sex object without any brains or admirable character traits. That’s why girls don’t favour “hi beauty” messages from man on international dating sites.

If you’re trying to impress her and attract her attention, make sure to read her profile and refer to things she said. By doing this, you’ll stand out of the crowd and increase your chances of getting a positive response.

Russian lady searching for love on an international dating site

She’s scared of living a lonely life till the end of her days

It’s no easy task to find a compatible partner for a romantic relationship based on mutual love and respect. It’s even harder in a country with a lesser number of men. Even the most beautiful Russian female is not sure whether she’ll be lucky to find a husband or will have to end her days alone after a string of short and unhappy relationships.

Not getting married is one of the biggest fears for someone who is obviously family oriented and appreciative of traditional family values. Russian women are the most devoted wives and mothers, and they would always chose family over career. They are excellent homemakers and cooks.

Needless to say, when a girl with all these qualities fails to find a partner, she can’t help feeling wasted.

Because of the fear of being alone a Russian female may jump into a relationship with a guy who is obviously not worthy of her.

Lots of intelligent, beautiful and honest Russian girls prefer to stay in abusive and toxic relationships rather than staying alone.

She’s worried of not being a good mother

If a Russian female you’re talking to has a child from a previous relationship, it’s likely that sometimes she expresses concerns about not being a good mother. Even if she’s the most devoted of mothers, she’ll still worry about her child not getting enough love, attention, time, toys, branded clothes, gadgets and what not. If she’s a working mom, she always feels guilty of not spending enough quality time with her little one.

If she’s a stay-at-home mom, she’ll worry about not giving her child material goods. There are lots of variations to mother’s guilt. Try to say something encouraging to her – she’ll definitely appreciate that.

These re only some of the typical fears and insecurities you can expect from a Russian female. It’s important to remember that even the most beautiful woman who appears to be so confident has her own problems to deal with.

Don’t avoid a stunningly beautiful woman on a dating site. Read her profile and see whether you have something in common and whether you’re looking for the same thing when it comes to a romantic relationship, love and marriage. If you feel you two have a chance for a happy future together, send her a message by all means. There is no harm in trying, after all!

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